Monday, 7 March 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (70)

I am very interested to write this post because it is holding very interesting information concerning Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown. We already know that Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown was activated to start the second stage of the new era of life; this last has almost (6) months now and it’s results could be seen in many aspects of life; one of this results is very high clouds in the sky.

I am the creator of a True Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and Higgs boson magnetism was born inside it to make us travelling back in history, and so many proofs of this travel exist and they are: planet earth atmosphere fragility, cloudy Japan’s sky, rise in temperature on planet earth, Auroras extensive presence in the northern part of earth, high speed in ice melting, daily floods around the world, magma dominance to huge areas, sea rising, increase in volcanoes eruptions and the increase in earthquakes number and magnitude.

Higgs boson magnetism slowdown is the creator of inflation in our universe because of the change in soustraction formula from (-1, +1) to (-2, +2) and that's why extra particles are heading to the end edge of our universe and Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves are accelerating this process. Now rest to us to wait and see how mountains will fall and how clouds will achieve (60) kilometres high in the sky.

Higgs boson of the first universe magnetic waves are getting stronger and stronger because of the submitted quarks increase from planet earth; this submission of quarks which I explained many times and which occurs inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). To understand Higgs boson magnetic waves of the first universe strength we should look at thousands of spinning cables pulled from one end and to meet at the same point; so they finish by forming a huge cable formed by thousands of cables; and each time a cable is added to the first cable this last got strengthen, and each time an experiment on Higgs boson is made a cable is added. Just to remind you that the first experiment on Higgs boson was made in 2011.

Higgs boson magnetism will stay with us for a long time and I hope I will be able to give you further information about it, because I know that nobody is doing it for the time being.
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