Thursday, 11 August 2011

Higgs Boson Discovered

1- Introduction

This blog was created to share my knowledge with you, a knowledge about 4 lost treasures, but today's post is about my discovery of Higgs boson, how I created the Higgs electromagnetic field, My experiment on Higgs mechanism, watching the  Higgs Super-Symmetry, and how Higgs boson becomes massif.

Physics is a tool to understand matter within the space at any moment, and one of the physics aim is to know about the formation of the universe. Once Higgs boson is understood in full then the comprehension of the universe history formation is better understood, understanding history of the universe is the master key to physics and any other science.

No one can imagine that one day Higgs Boson will be found on earth and all of us know that it is hidden somewhere, my great news to the world is that from now Higgs Boson is available to all scientists and researchers it is hidden within the stony Rugosa Corals which are in my possession and shown on the photographs bellow.

The second news is from now anyone will understand Higgs Boson in a very easy way. My creation of the Higgs electromagnetic field will show you how this field look like; a good and easy explanation of Higgs mechanism is into your hands.

New understanding of physics formula will give us the ability to understand the standard model (SM) of elementary particle in physics and it's correctness and the three generations of matter (fermions) their formation and how they acquire mass.

Just the third news to finish my introduction is that this kind of Corals which are Higgs boson are very beneficial to our planet earth; by resolving the problem of the atmospheric CO2 level, by purifying the air and the sea water, and by forming it's mass all around land to protect it from sea level rise, also is a keystone to sea forests, these are just few examples of many.

2- Systematics:

Higgs boson (THDM) shown on the photograph bellow, I describe it and identify it as: An object which looks like a lentil with 1 cm of diameter.

Rugosa Corals

Photograph showing similarity of the Universe Shape

But what's this object? Is it an animal, is it a plant? Is it a stone? To answer to these questions a systematic study is needed.

By comparison to other similar objects, I can classify this object as; a Coral from the Rugosa Family also called the Tetracoralla; are an extinct order of corals that were abundant in Middle Ordovician (488-251.4) Million years to Late Permian seas, and exactly during the Carboniferous geologic period which is (359.2–299) million years ago.

"Tetracoralla" from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904.

What is the Rugosa family meaning; (Paleon) An extinct tribe of fossil corals, including numerous species, many of them of large size. They are characteristic of the Paleozoic formations. The radiating septs, when present; are usually in multiples of four.

Now we have an idea about our object in focus, but the question is: what is the relation between this kind of Corals, the Minimal Super symmetric Standard Model and the Higgs Boson?

Let's say that this Corals are Higgs boson and make an experiment on them by applying other sciences.

3- Biotechnology:

Creating Higgs Field: To create Higgs electromagnetic field we need:

  • 3 corals represent Higgs bosons W+, W-, Zo
  • A black plastic container 18 cm long x 6 cm wide x 6 cm high
  • A quantity of sand to fill half of the black plastic container
  • Sea water to fill the other half of the black container
  • A fridge at 4 degrees with no light
Each coral will have the space of 6cm x 6cm and placed in the middle under the sand, now Higgs field is ready in this black container, we have just to leave it in the fridge for 21 days; this is a Higgs field life time. We will see what will happen in 21 days and before this date we have plenty time to talk Mathematics and Physics.

4- Algebra Mathematics, Physics and Geometry

I am not a professional in All of them; Algebra Mathematics, Physics and Geometry but It is so easy to understand the Higgs boson once is in front of you; so by using functions and theorems it will be more easier to understand.
An important note before starting with numbers and graphs it is important to know that this analysis is based on Two-Higgs-Doublet Model; means some numeric results are subject to be doubled under the abbreviation (THDM).

4-1 Higgs boson Description:

- Electromagnetic characteristic
- Colour: Red to brown
- Weight: 2 grams
- Diameter: 1 centimetre

4-2 The First Element

4-3 Higgs Fourth Dimension:

I would like to introduce you to the fourth dimension of the Higgs boson field which is the “AIR”. It's known that the stony Corals absorb CO2 and they exude O2. Simply Ve and e+ become air.

4- 4 Velocity or Rapidity

Experimental particle physicists often use a modified definition of rapidity relative to a beam axis:

    4-5 Radiation

    Higgs boson radiation is as follow: C12 = 0,   Mg12 = 0,      Helium =12

    g = - a / + b / + w / = 1/2

4-5-1 Alpha Decay

4-5-2 Omega Decay

  • 4-5-3 Gamma Decay

  • 4-5-4 The Four Rays: Alpha, Beta, Omega and Gamma

 4 -5 -5 Higgs Boson Third Generation

    4-6 Plank's Constant
    E= hv
    E= mcc = 2cc
    h= mcc = 2cc
    h= 2
    as we know that Higgs boson mass = 2
    cc = 1, and v = 1

    This is a very important moment for Higgs mechanism as it is at it's end, means it's time for transition from electromagnetic weak interaction to strong interaction, and this happens once Higgs field is not in dark anymore; means when Higgs boson meet the first frequency of the electromagnetic wave (v), The Higgs weak electromagnetic symmetry becomes real.

    5- Photographs of Higgs Boson in Massif Form

    Single Rugosa Corals representing Higgs Boson 

Unique Rugosa Corals with acquired Mass

6- Conclusion

The world is looking forward to understand the formation of the universe much better, as the Higgs boson will put the light on many obscurities of the formation of the universe.

Just I would like to say that I had not any reply from historians or any comments about my writing concerning “Constantine's The Great Treasure”, I hope that comments will be posted from Physicists of all specialties, Ecologists, Biologists, Geologists and all readers to this post.

I totally agree that Higgs boson is in the air for half billion years and possible 4.5 billion years or more, and I feel that I am very lucky to find it within the Rugosa Corals and they are Higgs boson itself, I welcome everybody who is interested about the subject to come forward to look at the Higgs Boson from close distance.

Finally I do apologise for my drawings, I know they are not perfect but hope they are meaningful and with the right idea.


TAREK said...

First of all, I apreciate that you are the first person who made the first comment about my discovery. just explain why it has nonsense? until now you don't know that those who understand physics believe it or not. My discovery is right til when it is disproven.

Anonymous said...

I found it quite entertaining. A good few laughs. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to take into account the perihelion of mercury...

W.Gmc. said...

"Breeder of the Year" award nominee.

This is not to be mistaken with the common use of the word 'breed', but instead it refers to an anachronistic form of the root bredan, which means "to cherish, keep warm", as reference to Promethean fire and generation of knowledge.

Thank you for your contribution, rest assured you have my vote.

Anonymous said...

In science for convenience we place the burden of proof on the person making the claim. This has proven to be the more useful approach. In science most cutting edge ideas are wrong (initially, for a given value of wrong). It is therefore rarely useful to allow people to publish an untested idea, instead people are required to justify their claim. Even then many will still turn out to be wrong (for a given value of wrong), but these are the ideas with more merit.

Your discovery is not 'right til when it is disproven'. If your claim is true, then it is true regardless of whether or not someone has attempted to prove or disprove it. If your claim is false, then it is still false no matter what interest people have taken in it.

If however you want other people to believe you then the onus is on you to prove it, by the scientific method: prediction and experiment. And then communicate that discovery to those other people in a meaningful way.

While a physicist simply can't do useful cutting edge physics without maths skills, having good maths and physics is useless without the good communication skills to share the idea.

That said it is a load of nonsense sorry :P We have said what we mean by the Higgs boson, if it exists, and that is a subatomic particle. A coral is not a subatomic particle, and so your claim is semantically wrong by definition even before the dubious pseudo-physics.

Anonymous said...

Also your maths has to be wrong - the dimensions aren't right. You can't add energy and a 'force' (which you haven't clearly defined anyway).

Anonymous said...

No, we don't believe it. Electromagnetic field = 2pi? sinx = cos y = 3/2???? What do these random equations have to do with anything? Did you just cut and paste pictures from all over the internet?

CERN physicist said...

Tarek, you are CRAZY. Get a doctor!!

Premchand Cheriyath said...

... after 21 days what happened? How much boson you got in your black bucket? ...


Anonymous said...


Above you have asked a previous poster to explain why your theories are nonsense, although he has not, I will. I have not read your entire paper but have read enough to see that you have almost no understanding of physics. Firstly, a gram is not a unit of mass it is a unit of weight, there is a distinct difference, weight is only relative to a particular gravitational field. An object that weighs 1 gram on Earth does not weigh 1 gram on the Moon - yet it will still have the same mass at any location in the universe.

Secondly, the size and WEIGHT you give as characteristics of a Higgs-Boson are simply proposterous - we are talking about sub atomic particles here!

Thirdly, as I have just pointed out that we are dealing with sub atomic particles i.e something smaller than an electron - how do you propose that one could create and electric field??

The TRUTH is Tarek that you read a paper on the internet published by credable scientists from CERN, had no understanding of it, and cut and pasted the figures into your blog along with a load of stuff you made up.


Phone St. Mary's house, Upper Avenue, Eastbourne and make an appointment to see the phsyciatrist, he is a very nice man and will help you. Show him your blog.

Good luck :)