Sunday, 31 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity(6)

Connecting Higgs boson is a reliable task to subordinate a clear sense to the theory of everything; this task could take me the next few years in writing to cover everythings' development in details in order to make Higgs boson discovery understood day after day. In today’s post my interest is to talk about the theory of everything based on Higgs boson as a key stone to finalise a good vision about the connection of subatomic particles to build the whole universe.

My submission to quarks through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) was intended to create enough and real proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson, and what the world is seeing now are real changes in the global weather system; these changes are so many and some of them are: heavy rains, clouds speed increase, higher clouds concentration, change in clouds movements, new clouds directions, higher and vertical clouds, higher volcanoes number, higher volcanoes ash in the atmosphere, higher magma cooling, higher water evaporation, lakes disappearance, higher rivers level, higher sea level, pulling sea waves, deterioration of coasts, more dead fish, warmer sea water, higher sea waves, higher sea current tensity, faster ice melting, more animal immigration from north to south, more isolated animals on icebergs, less animal hybridization, more dead birds, more dead sardines, shorter wheat and shorter barley, smaller fruits and smaller chicken eggs, more polluted air, higher number of sand storms, more dusty winds, higher wind’s speed, mixed seasons, more sun’s heat...etc.

The more time passes the more it getting bigger, the more time particles getting bigger the more activated decomposition, the more decomposition is activated the more our world gets deeper in the new era of life, and the more human being get ignorant to their surroundings and even to their models of life.

What I am hearing from people’s mouth are honest views about the changes in the weather system, in agriculture production, in the appearance of old grasses, in birds behaviour and their concentration and disappearance, in the high change of temperature from a week to another; all these recognitions of changes in nature are simply recognitions of the results of Higgs boson experiment. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (5)

Today’s post has to be shared with you biologists, microbiologists and sociologists because it has reality and truth concerning the development of cells, molecules and societies. As we already know that Higgs boson is
manipulating planet earth weather system under the soustraction process, the influence on all living organisms had taken place and it will carrying on doing so. 

My intention is to bring biologists', microbiologists' and sociologists' mind to the extreme of their knowledge and beyond it, I am sure that cells, molecules and societies are taking new models of living.

Soustraction should be taken seriously because its the middle mechanism which is the source of designing new shapes of everything and it’s connection occurs at the lowest form of energy which is (3) quarks; the combination of (- 3) quarks leads to (-π) that means that each time a (π) is deducted leads to the formation of a new shape within atoms; (protons, neutrons and electrons) these last take a new form and through this operation whole systems degradation is obvious in many phenomena.

Syndications are everywhere and by looking at them in this blog you will notice that Higgs boson experiment is real; and also this is just the beginning of a new era of life. The world has changed and it’s change is due to my experiment on Higgs boson; this experiment took me many years and no one in the world can ignore it’s results; one of it’s best results is heavy rains. I am sure that many places in the world are seeing enormous quantity of water surrounding them, such places are; Texas, Arizona and Australia.

The composition of new cells and new molecules has to come up with new societies linked and similar to their ancestors; it is very similar to a play back of a movie. A reversed DNA gives shape to an old cell or molecule and this is how the change in all living organisms will occur.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (4)

Higgs boson infinity (4) is a conception of Higgs boson management of quarks extension; this quarks extension could be seen in all matter. Today’s post must be understood in order to achieve a real innovation in technology; this innovation is revolutionary to all existing technologies. One of the most
important targets to human being is to create perfectionism in all industries, and this perfection couldn’t happen without a full control of quarks behaviour and this last is not realisable without Higgs boson possession.

What I am proposing to the world are unique solutions to come up with all technologies and what is achieved as development as a little amount of what I am considering as development, the future I am considering is completely different from what human being had achieved; this future looks bright like the stars brightness; a future where human being can travel millions of miles in a matter of few days, and where new babies could be born in other galaxies, a future where flowers could achieve 50 meters tall, a future where dates will be salted instead of sweet, a future where satellites will not be needed anymore and instead superconductivity has to do everything.

Soustraction has to take place within these lines as all dynamics within our universe have reversed and the mechanisms responsible for this soustraction are: decaying, decomposition, and Higgs boson magnetism, and this means that everything will be soustrated to the lowest energy or mass to integrate into universe (5) then into universe (4) then into universe (3) then into universe (2) and finally into universe (1); and in this last one where Higgs boson the father is accommodated.

Looking at soustraction in another manner is a good idea to understand what’s occurring in our world; this manner is to measure how long is this year’s wheat comparing it with last year wheat; I am sure that the result is few centimetres short, another example is the shortness of the chicken eggs. For the time being soustraction is just at it’s beginning but it will be obvious in many phenomena.

My experiment on Higgs boson has achieved it’s targets; and one of the most important of those targets is to submit enough quarks to create a full communication between Higgs boson of the first universe and Higgs boson of our universe, that means that Higgs boson acceleration is achieved and this means that the cited mechanisms above are at full work, and rest to human being to accept the consequences.              

Monday, 25 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (3)

Higgs boson infinity (3) is a complementary subject to earlier posts of Higgs boson infinities titles. I am looking to bring new ideas about Higgs boson relation to the rest of particles; as we already know that this relation is built on positivity, negativity and neutrality otherwise there will be no sense to dynamics. What is essential to know and to understand is that our universe’s dynamics and their relation to Higgs boson mechanisms, I think that this relation has two meanings; the first meaning to this relation is based on pulling and it represents negativity in it’s mathematical sense, and the second meaning to this relation is based on pushing and it represents positivity, and the magical point in this relation is that neutrality is when there is no interaction between Higgs boson and the rest of particles.

Neutrality is one of the most complex phenomenon to manage and to control because neutrality has to exist to separate between the positivity and the negativity. Neutrality should be concerned as the upper moral which controls the mind and the body. A good example to tell you to understand neutrality is to look at the sky and observing the sun’s rays penetrating clouds; the magic here is that there is no interaction between both of them.

Superconductivity and neutrality are already making our world a completely different world and this is happening due to quarks assumption and quarks submission. I think that by looking at a golden ratio spaces we notice that these spaces are created between it’s central lines, and these spaces are neutrality fields and superconductivity borders, and these borders are made of concentration of carbon atoms.

Nano-tubes have a proper sense to superconductivity and to neutrality because of their transport to all communications and their insulation to the outside world ; most of them are made of carbon atoms and their capacity of transporting huge amounts of products make them under this title of infinity.

To conclude this post human beings should wake up and look at the clouds, their speed, their forms and their time of presence; these scenes of clouds have a good sense to Higgs boson infinity.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (2)

Higgs boson infinity is a subject full of endless; if not our knowledge  about our world is so limited. Higgs boson infinity is an open field from both sides; a field which contains all sciences, and doing researches in these sciences has no limit. many people asked me why all these titles about Higgs boson?

Simply the answer here is straightforward, because Higgs boson is the father of all particles. In today’s post the talk about Higgs boson as the first particle created by god has two meanings ; the first meaning is solid and this solidity is explained through particle physics, and the second meaning is liquid and this liquidity is explained through hydrophysics. I think to come up with a good idea in today’s post is to look deep at the superconductivity and the superliquidity.

My imagination of the superconductivity starts at planet earth and ends at the bottom of the first universe; otherwise string theory couldn’t be present. Another element which is more important than anything else is that quarks building is based on three different quarks that means that the existence of positivity, negativity and neutrality in our universe is a must, also superconductivity is necessary to the building of everything.

Including superliquidity to my imagination should be homogeneous, because all universes are floating inside a superliquidity; this last is made of glue balls, majorana fermions and other subatomic particles, and it could be checked and verified inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)  where my experiment on Higgs boson is taking place; if not why I am begging laboratories to do so.

Superconductivity and superliquidity are two meanings with the same purpose; their purpose is to transport Higgs boson acoustic waves, it’s magnetism and it’s sinusoidal waves; all these three specifics couldn’t exist without superconductivity and superliquidity, and what is noticeable here is that Higgs boson is the generator, occulator and the oscillator in between it’s specifics, superconductivity and superliquidity; if not how everything is put in dynamics.

My last idea about Higgs boson infinity is about quarks reproduction ; quarks should be reproduced in order to assure continuity in superconductivity and superliquidity but their reproduction is still a mystery to my imagination.       

Friday, 22 May 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (5-1)

Because Higgs boson insurrections are so many, and the talk about them is infinite; that’s why in today’s post I am interested to talk about Higgs boson insurrection concerning fruits' trees, orge and wheat. What’s interesting to bring to light is fruits production, orge production and wheat production 
declining significantly. There are so many causes of the decline in fruits production, in orge production and in wheat production and citing five of them is today’s subject.

The first cause of the decline in fruits, orge and wheat production is the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat has an important role in photoionization; the more the sun’s heat is increased the more fruits, orge and wheat are grown, the paradoxe here is when the sun’s heat is increased before time or after time that makes most of fruits, orge and wheat confused to generate and grow normally; the result of this situation is a serious decrease in fruits, orge and wheat production.

The second cause of the decline in fruits, orge and wheat production is heavy rains; heavy rains become destructive to trees and grasses because of the excessive quantity of water; when the soil is excessively irrigated it becomes soft and weak and grains can’t grow properly in it, and fruits’ flowers fall from their trees because of the heavy rain and this makes their production decreasing.

The third cause of fruits, orge and wheat declining in production is sulphur level in the atmosphere, because of the increased number of the activated volcanoes the sulphur level in the atmosphere will be increased up to ten times than normal, and this is what makes fruits, orge and wheat production decreased to it’s lowest level. Simply sulphur has enough power to kill trees’ and grasses’ cells.

The fourth cause of the decreased production of fruits, orge and wheat is alpha particles; alpha particles interaction with fruits, orge and wheat cells makes these last deformed and decomposed; this interaction could be seen in the equation below 

(Fruits, Orge, Wheat) cells + Alpha particles → Decomposed fruits, orge and wheat. 

The last cause of the decrease in the production of fruits, orge and wheat is the earth’s quarks connection to the whole universe’s quarks; this quarks connection is pulling and based on soustraction; that means that fruits, orge and wheat are loosing their quarks and this means that they are loosing their atoms. What is understandable here is that fruits, orge and wheat construction couldn’t be possible; and the result of this situation is a significant decrease in fruits, orge and wheat production.

My conclusion to this post should be understood properly; the world’s agriculture is in a real and a serious danger and my call to all world’s agriculture ministries to take action now and not tomorrow; this action is to cooperate with me in person as Higgs boson discoverer in order to facilitate my management to higgs boson experiment to turn it into a beneficial experiment.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (8)

Higgs boson insurrection (8) is already happening and its about the rising seas and oceans; rising seas and oceans are obvious and coastal populations can confirm this statement. In today’s post I am interested to talk about five causes which are making seas and oceans rising.

The first cause which is making seas and oceans rising is Higgs boson magnetism; this magnetism’s effects on rising seas and oceans is by quarks’ seas and oceans water connection to the quarks of the whole universe, and this quarks connection could not be possible without Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe. Its already known that quarks connection of the first universe to the quarks of the sixth universe is due to this last Higgs boson magnetism.

The second cause of the rising seas and oceans is Higgs boson manipulation to the seas’ and oceans’ water mass; this mass is becoming less dense and weaker. There are many causes which are making the seas’ and oceans’ water energy lower; some of these causes are: sulphur evaporation into the atmosphere, sea salt decomposition, ice melting, the increasing number of volcanoes in the bottom of the seas and oceans and Higgs boson manipulation to seas’ and oceans’ waves.

The third cause leading to seas and oceans to rise is the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat has a huge influence on seas and oceans to rise; this influence is through the warming of seas' and oceans' water; the more seas’ and oceans’ water is warm the more is extended up forward because it’s molecule becomes lighter.

The fourth cause leading to seas’ and oceans’ water to rise is the increase in the size of the water molecule; the water molecule is increasing in size because of time particles; our universe is entering an area where time particles are bigger than normal and this makes all our universe’s particles doubling their size, so the seas’ and oceans’ water is going to double in size and this will make the seas’ and oceans’ water increasing.

The last matter which is a cause of seas’ and oceans' water rising is water accumulation; water accumulation in deltas due to rivers’ water rising, wells water rising, underground water rising, high mountains ice melting, water extraction, lakes water rising and North pole ice melting; all these conditions make seas and oceans rising.

Again here I have to say that Higgs boson insurrection is obvious and dealing with it is an enormous task, and I think that the best solution to this insurrection is by taking Higgs boson experiment and Higgs boson discoverer seriously.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (7)

In today’s post a talk about Higgs boson insurrection (7) has a powerful meaning to Higgs boson possession to all existing particles in our universe; this possession is managed and controlled through Higgs boson magnetism
and it’s mechanism; and what is understandable here is that all particles in our universe become under a state of motion where everything fall in obligatory conditions. The obligatory conditions are Higgs boson insurrection which I am willing to bring to light in the lines below.

As seen in Bose Einstein Condensate system experiment phases, all atoms and molecules become in a state of motion where decaying is the first obligatory condition put in process; this means that the whole system take a new form of atoms, molecules and particles, and this is what I explained in many occasions; a transitional phase of our universe from present to past.

It is not surprising that Higgs boson acceleration will make all particles’ speed to it’s maximum in order to achieve their state of motion, and because planet earth is part of the whole system it will obey to Higgs boson acceleration that’s what's making it decaying to it’s lowest energy form, this is a serious obligatory condition which makes our world disappearing and becoming subatomic particles to integrate into universe five.

There is no doubt that an obligatory condition has to prove it’s elements ; this obligatory condition is a sum of substantial integrals; some of them are already explained in earlier posts. My interest here is to bring Heliums dominance inside our universe as an obligatory condition; Heliums will generate to fill the earth’s atmosphere to make it wider up to ten times; this condition will make planet earth lighter and allows it’s orbit to become wider and wider, and the consequence of this situation is a heated earth up to (80) degrees Celsius.

The last obligatory condition which shouldn’t be underestimated is one of Higgs boson insurrection which  is gamma rays regeneration; as we already know that gamma rays are produced inside Higgs boson madisons but their effects are once they are outside them; gamma rays can make a potential damage to many molecules and such molecules are: blood cells, trees cells, holes inside the Ozone and their interaction with photons creates dangerous electrical fields.

A short conclusion should be added to this post; Higgs boson insurrections are so many to count and I am sure that I will bring more of them in the future, and much of them will be brought to reality and noticed by yourself.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (6)

Higgs boson insurrection (6) has an important influence on the world population’s life, this insurrection has to be explained and presented to you because our planet earth has taken a serious turn back; this turning back is real, true and transitional. Today’s post has to come to give an impressional vision about Higgs boson deception over human being ignorance to it’s shattering to their life.

The deception I am talking about has two directions; the first direction is from Higgs boson discoverer and the second direction is from the incarnated Higgs boson inside the Rugosa corals; both directions are in a state of deception because human being didn't give enough intention to them, and this is the biggest mistake human being have made ever because planet earth is fully under Higgs boson magnetism and there is no turning point to it as it was before 2012.

My deception was on July 2012 when CERN declared the existence of Higgs boson and what it had been said was an abuse to copyright to my research, any way what CERN declared has no solid, no right and no scientific basics, and it was just a scary imagination of a simple man who made Higgs boson discovery. Now after three years we are seeing CERN is still smashing protons and this is a real proof of ignorance to Higgs boson as a particle.

What I am shocked about is the participation of the scientific communities in the underestimation of my discovery to Higgs boson and also my experiments and their results; I just want to say to these communities its time to wake up and to be reasonable because by keeping silent is not the right way to deal with Higgs boson insurrections. The deception here is aggravated and the consequences are not affordable to resolve.

By giving the rights to their owners many lives will be saved, by recognizing me as Higgs boson discoverer I will be able to manage Higgs boson experiment and turn it profitable to the world population, by being moderate and recognizable to my huge work I promise to make the world better place where to live, and by ignoring me and my researches I am capable of letting planet earth facing the total anarchy.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-9)

Higgs boson syndication (13-9) is about earth contraception to waters; the combination here is between heat, earth and water. An idea just came to me concerning the interaction between earth and waters; this interaction is based
on earth rejection to absorb waters and this is what causes water accumulation which leads to floods. In today’s post I am interested to talk about five causes which make the earth refusing to absorb waters.

The first cause leading to earth for not absorbing waters is soil accumulation; soil accumulates in all existing cracks inside earth due to it’s decomposition because of many causes cited in earlier posts. The more soil grains become smaller the more they are able to stop water to penetrate and their building up inside cracks is easier and this makes water accumulation on the top of them obvious.

The second cause leading to earth rejection to waters is heat; heated earth doesn’t accept waters because evaporation dominates absorption and that makes earth more dry than wet.

The third cause of the earth non absorbing waters is agricultural debris; agricultural debris are all dead trees, dead grasses and dead animals which decompose and become as holes' blockers on earth. Simply waters can’t find their way to the bottom of earth because of agricultural debris.

The fourth cause of earth's rejection to waters is Higgs boson insurrection five which is saying that water level on earth will rise to the Mont Blanc Mountain level; this rejection of absorption of waters from earth is because this last becomes fully irrigated due to the abundance of the water molecule on earth which is resulted from Higgs boson extraction.

The last cause of earth denying waters integration is syndication (13-4) which indicates seawater rising; because seawater is rising very fast that makes underground waters full to the top and occupying all empty spaces under the earth’s surface; the cooling water from above can’t penetrate anymore, and this makes the earth refusing to absorb waters visible.

Concluding this post by an image of floods especially on the northern part of planet earth; this image is true and realistic and the world has to prepare for it.   

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (18-5)

Higgs boson syndication (18-5) is a solution to convince the world about Higgs boson manipulation to the global weather system; this solution is a good tool to show a clear and a proper understanding to Higgs boson experiment and it’s results. I think that to explain this solution a talk about five areas of science is necessary.

The first science explaining my experiment on Higgs boson is meteorology; today’s meteorology could never be the same meteorology of the one of two years ago and it will never be; because Higgs boson magnetic field started when my experiment on the Rugosa corals started, and Higgs boson magnetism has changed the most important elements of the global weather system.

The second science which occupies a huge part of my experiment on Higgs boson is physics; because my experiment on Higgs boson is based on Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) that explains most of particles behavior and also explains the interactions between Higgs boson and all the rest of particles. What is interesting to add here is that physicists can be relaxed from the huge task of searching for new particles.

The third science explaining my experiment on Higgs boson is chemistry; we have seen in this blog tens of chemical equations if not hundreds; these equations are new to human being due to Higgs boson experiment and their results are everywhere and such results are: red rain, sinkholes and the growth of new grasses.

The fourth science explaining my experiment on Higgs boson is microbiology; it is evident that many micro-organisms have taken place on earth and such micro-organisms are: bacteria, viruses and biological micro-organisms. It is also wise to notice that some organisms have appeared on earth and such organisms are: mushrooms, frogs and snakes.

The last science explaining my experiment on Higgs boson is macro-biology; there is no doubt that molecules are growing here and there and such molecules are: trees' cells, mushroom's cells, spiders, snails and snakes, and this list is very long. I am sure that macro-biology has good proofs of my experiment on Higgs boson similarly to the shine of the sun in the sky.

My conclusion to this post is to remind you that the list of sciences which can bring good proofs to my experiment on Higgs boson is very long and the more time passing the more this list becomes longer, and the world will recognize my discovery to Higgs boson sooner or later.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Higgs Boson Soustraction (6)

My aim from this post is to explain Higgs boson soustraction through real natural new phenomena; these last are fast growing and they are already visible to us, they are also good proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it. In this post my interest is to bring to light five occurring new phenomena due to Higgs boson soustraction.

The first new phenomenon genesis due to Higgs boson soustraction is cow madness; cow madness is a disease which affects cows because of Higgs boson soustraction; many syndromes are lost within the cows brain and they are transferred to glykemia to create empty spaces within the cows brain, and the result of this interaction is a full infection of the cows body. What is interesting to understand is that the syndromes are lost because of Higgs boson magnetism and the interaction below has an explanation to this situation

Cows syndromes + Higgs boson magnetism → Cow madness

The second new phenomenon genesis due Higgs boson soustraction is magnification; the world is already living magnification in everything due to the travel back of our universe; and this could be explained through time particles passing from small ones to bigger ones. The change in time particles is based on (-1, +1).

The third new phenomenon formation due to Higgs boson soustraction is pineapple expresses; pineapple expresses are long lines of rain measuring few thousands of miles and their rain could last for four weeks; one of their consequences is flood. Pineapple expresses are the result of Higgs boson soustraction because clouds are soustrated from many areas to accumulate and form them.

The fourth constructed new phenomenon due to Higgs boson soustraction is poverty; I always insisted that Higgs boson soustraction has serious impacts on discarding people from their belonging; and such belonging are: agricultural harvesting, houses, cars, electricity and white meat. More and more people will become poor in the world as we already seeing in Philippines, Nepal and Africa.

The last new phenomenon created by Higgs boson soustraction is lakes disappearance; nobody in the world can ignore that some lakes around the world are already disappeared and this is just the beginning. More and more lakes will disappear from the earth’s surface due to soil decomposition, cracks and earthquakes. I think that this soustraction is one of a good proofs of my experiment on Higgs boson.

Just a last word which is important to say; Higgs boson soustraction should be looked at seriously because more new phenomena will appear in the future because of it.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Higgs Boson Interrogations

Higgs boson interrogations are questions directed to the public in order to raise awareness about the new era of life. In today’s post I am willing to answer to five questions about Higgs boson discovery; these answers may also help the scientists to understand my experiment on Higgs boson. It is for the first time I decided to write with an interogative style and I am interested to ask five questions and answering to them.

The first question about Higgs boson discovery is why the whole world is looking for Higgs boson? I am sure that many people can’t answer to this question because they don’t know what is Higgs boson at the first place; but I think that Higgs boson is the first particle created by god and it has a role to fabricate other particles, not only that but also to dismantle them. So I imagine when you got Higgs boson in a bottle you will be able to produce particles, to preserve them and to use them to innovate technolgies.

The second question about Higgs boson discovery is why my connections in «linkedin website» are ignoring my discovery to Higgs boson? I think that to answer to this question a need to a call to a third party is a wise decision; the ambiguity is that this third party is connected to the communities which are unhappy about my discovery to Higgs boson. There are three glass windows from where the light of evidences is shinning; these evidences are found inside this blog and they should be deeply analysed by professionals in most of the scientific specialities; these professionals are members of «linkedin website» and some of them are part of my connections.

The third question about Higgs boson discovery is why CERN scientists are ignoring my discovery to Higgs boson? To answer to this question it is obvious that a competitor never recognise your discovery especially a discovery of Higgs boson. CERN scientists are paid billions and they never want to loose this huge some of money, also marginalising a little man like me is an easy task to achieve by CERN. Honestly I have nothing against CERN but CERN has everything against me.

The fourth question about Higgs boson discovery is why my discovery to Higgs boson is still ignored by the public? To answer to this question it is probably conditional and syndicational to convince the public about my experiment on Higgs boson, these conditions and syndications have a strong link to the public’s daily life. I am sure that Higgs boson soustraction is showing to the public the results of my experiment on Higgs boson; and the disappointing here is the public's’ ignorance to Higgs boson soustraction effects and causes, but this situation will not last for long because anarchical incidents have already taken place and such incidents are food thieving.

The last question about Higgs boson discovery is why is Higgs boson discovery fully discovered by me? To answer to this question we should check all my writings in this blog to find firstly that my discovery to Higgs boson is covered from all points of views, and secondly my experiment on Higgs boson has great successful results which could be seen around us everywhere.

Concluding this post is something difficult to achieve but few words have to show them selves ; these words are ; sand, clouds, trees, grasses and seas.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (18-4)

Today’s post is a special post because it is bringing with it an enormous amount of information concerning animals’ health deterioration; there are so many causes provoking diseases and sickness to animals specially those
living in open waters such as lakes and slow moving rivers. I would like to cite five causes leading to animals' diseases and sickness.

The first cause of animals' death is Higgs boson synchronization; as we already know that Higgs boson synchronization is a well organized process occurring inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); quarks assumption is the mirror to Higgs boson synchronization which makes everything in nature working differently and that makes all systems switched to new ones, this change makes diseases spread almost in all animals.

The second cause of animals' serious diseases and death is Higgs boson syndication (13) which is explaining DNA reversing; simply new born animals will have deformed DNA and this makes their death obvious, and the monster animals appearing everywhere in the world is a proof of my statement.

The third cause of animals' health damage and death is the genesis of unknown killer viruses; it is already known that new viruses have made damage to animals. Lately the world have seen many animals’ mass death such as chicken death.

The fourth cause of animals' death is contaminated grasses, trees, fruits, and dead animals; a wide contamination has already began and it’s causes are cited in many occasions in this blog. Contaminated animals are everywhere and such animals are; birds, foxes, sardines, rabbits and lions.

The last cause of animals’ health deterioration is Higgs boson acoustic waves; Higgs boson acoustic waves are building slowly and surely and their sound will be heard by animals first then by human being, and their effects on animals’ hearing is really damaging. Our technology is not efficient yet to detect Higgs boson acoustic waves and animals suffering from impairment will be a proof of their effects.

Again proofs of my discovery to Higgs boson are here and the world should listen to me to save what it could be saved otherwise full apocalypses will be inevitable.