Sunday, 17 May 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-9)

Higgs boson syndication (13-9) is about earth contraception to waters; the combination here is between heat, earth and water. An idea just came to me concerning the interaction between earth and waters; this interaction is based
on earth rejection to absorb waters and this is what causes water accumulation which leads to floods. In today’s post I am interested to talk about five causes which make the earth refusing to absorb waters.

The first cause leading to earth for not absorbing waters is soil accumulation; soil accumulates in all existing cracks inside earth due to it’s decomposition because of many causes cited in earlier posts. The more soil grains become smaller the more they are able to stop water to penetrate and their building up inside cracks is easier and this makes water accumulation on the top of them obvious.

The second cause leading to earth rejection to waters is heat; heated earth doesn’t accept waters because evaporation dominates absorption and that makes earth more dry than wet.

The third cause of the earth non absorbing waters is agricultural debris; agricultural debris are all dead trees, dead grasses and dead animals which decompose and become as holes' blockers on earth. Simply waters can’t find their way to the bottom of earth because of agricultural debris.

The fourth cause of earth's rejection to waters is Higgs boson insurrection five which is saying that water level on earth will rise to the Mont Blanc Mountain level; this rejection of absorption of waters from earth is because this last becomes fully irrigated due to the abundance of the water molecule on earth which is resulted from Higgs boson extraction.

The last cause of earth denying waters integration is syndication (13-4) which indicates seawater rising; because seawater is rising very fast that makes underground waters full to the top and occupying all empty spaces under the earth’s surface; the cooling water from above can’t penetrate anymore, and this makes the earth refusing to absorb waters visible.

Concluding this post by an image of floods especially on the northern part of planet earth; this image is true and realistic and the world has to prepare for it.   
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