Thursday, 22 September 2016

Higgs Boson Insulation (13)

The insulation which I am interested to talk about in this post has 2 meanings; the first is Higgs boson insulation to matter fro, dark matter and the second is Higgs boson insulation to dark matter fro, matter; these insulations seem ridiculous but in reality both insulations are obligatory to the transformation of dark matter to matter then the decay of this last.

At the first place Higgs boson insulation to matte is made at the subatomic level; and this is the swallowing of Higgs boson to particles then separating them from the outside world and this where their decay to lower energy occurs, also this occurrence of insulation is made on planet earth where Higgs boson is accommodated and also in the 1st universe.

The second insulation is made by Higgs boson to separate dark matter from matter and this is by creating a wall made of acoustic waves; this wall is capable of pushing dark matter to not to mix with particles, the occurrence of this process is at work as long as matter is is still is at it's highest level of energies, but this kind of insulation will drop once the process of turning dark matter into matter, and at this stage our universe starts to emptying itself from it's particles.

Maybe someone will ask how come that 86 per cent of dark matter will be transformed into matter? I think that anti matter was matter at the first place and it's insulation was gradually with it's formation, and now because of Higgs boson experiment all anti matter will become matter again and also the insulation of matter will reverse; and this means that the insulation of matter will last longer until when there will be no anti matter at all.

To conclude this post I have to notice that Higgs boson insulation to matter will achieve a full state and at this stage our universe will be ready to be in total empty state and this is where all particles will decay one after another, and I also think that at this stage human beings will have no place where to hide to survive.

Higgs Boson Magnetism (163)

I imagine that our universe at it's begging was one block  of matter sustained by Higgs boson of the 1st universe; and this matter started to form gradually into small masses to give birth to stars and planets, the higher energies were concentrating together to form the sun in the center of our universe then burn to make it hotter and hotter. Higgs boson magnetism was at work from right to left pushing all masses forwards to form galaxies and our known universe.

I think that Higgs boson particles after it's breaking landed on earth to hide inside Rugosa Corals, and it's by chance of 1 in 1 billion that Rugosa Corals discovery was made and another 1 in 1 billion chance to discover Higgs boson inside Rugosa Corals; I am sure that both discoveries were made through my visions otherwise there will be no chance to write in this blog.

Higgs boson in it's solid state looks like a cup ; once its filled with particles it does break into so many parts and each part becomes a baby cup to swallow particles and grow to become larger and larger and to break again, again and again and after hundreds of millions of years this growth and breaking stopped because of the level of dark matter which became more dominant than matter and this is what made Higgs boson of planet earth standstill. Now the process of breaking is reversing due to Higgs boson experiement which is making Higgs boson awake again due to Higgs boson magnetism of the 1st universe.

Many people heard about Higgs boson symmetry breaking and in reality that was in the beginning of the formation of our universe; and this means that Higgs boson broke into 2 parts then into another 2 parts then into another 2 parts to become equal to 8 parts, and these parts simply became fibers to integrate into Higgs boson magnetism. Now I have to say that after Higgs boson experiment the incarnated Higgs boson inside the Rugosa Corals can work at it's full process to intrigue Higgs boson of the 1st universe and to create a full Higgs boson magnetism puller to reverse all particles rotations and to make their movement backwards instead of forwards.

Higgs boson has found the right conditions to build again inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and to start it's communication with Higgs boson of the 1st universe in order to create Higgs boson mechanism mechanism; as we already know this mechanism is built on Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves and Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and these are what make Higgs boson magnetic field fully completed.

I think that what it has been said in this post is the closest analysis to the theory of everything; this theory is live and it has 5 years old.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (162)

My intention to write this post is to put the light on the shadow where dark matter has an important role to becoming known matter; this is because of Higgs boson experiment which is turning our universe’s particles rotations back and in the other sense from left to right. The

Monday, 19 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (161)

Higgs boson magnetism power of pulling is becoming obvious in many scenes on planet earth. I would like to describe five scenes which have good image of explanation to Higgs boson magnetism in order to bring good proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson and it’s experiment, and with the hope to convince some people whom are decision makers.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (160)

After a long time I decided to write this post which is holding inside it a good meaning to Higgs boson experiment results; these results could be explained in many ways of understanding to different natural phenomena such as higher temperature on planet earth, heavy rains, floods and animal extinction.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (159)

Soustraction has to bring more destruction to planet earth because of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown; and to have a good picture of the above sentence we should look at rivers’ banks which are becoming larger, larger and larger; and the case here 

Higgs Boson Magnetism (158)

My interest to write this post is to show five effects made by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth. The effects which I would like to talk about in this post are real and true and rest to scientists to have some attention about them to match my explanation and think again about Higgs boson discovery.