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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (3-2)

In this post the talk about bacteria is imminent; my willing is to bring more information concerning the life of the new era and bacteria as a key player to separate it from the old era of life, also there are other elements participating in the first stage of the transformation to the new life; these elements are sulphur, carbon and the water molecule and they are the favouritised chemicals to combine and create the necessary conditions to bacteria to grow in comfortable manner.

Bacteria soustraction is one of Higgs boson’s mechanisms used to create the right equilibrium needed to planet earth to travel back in good exchange of chemicals; this exchange is already seen everywhere in the growing grasses, the picture below is showing this growing of bacteria

All decomposed materials such as trees’ leaves, wood and sandstone interact with sulphur to form a ready bed to bacteria to sleep on; the origin of this bacteria is the acoustic waves made by Higgs boson; this bacteria is actually pieces of black phosphorus which is representing dark matter, and also bacteria takes a green colour; this colour is made by photon through photosynthesis.

The setted velocity inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) will increase the bacteria’s growing moderately; that means that in less than two years from now most of the land in the northern part of planet earth will take a green colour; green grown bacteria will cover streets, roofs, window frames, walls, and trees’ trunks and branches. Plants and trees are developing very fast and they will achieve twice to three times their size during this period.

The development of bacteria is just an introduction to prepare a needed bed of soil to grasses where to grow; many places are already growing Higgs boson first generation of grasses on the bacteria’s beds and this image will develop to plants and trees.

Bacteria and DNA reversing are two faces to the same coin; when bacteria takes a new shape DNA takes a new shape too, and when DNA crosses bacteria they form a new living organism; simply this last becomes a presenter of the new era of life in which we are living.

To conclude this post I would like to say that I am really worrying about the world’s silence concerning my discovery to Higgs boson, this silence has to break by speaking out the truth of Higgs boson discovery. My intention here is to condense true and realistic phenomena in order to prove Higgs boson discovery. 

Higgs Boson Bones

This post is an amalgam of chemistry, biology and physics; I am interested to highlight few roles of Higgs boson in shaping and recycling bones. The bones I am talking about could be any bones before formation and after formation. Maybe the talk will be just about the chicken bones and then the formula against them could be generalised.

It is always standstill question mark about who came first the chicken or the egg? I think no one can answer to this question except Higgs boson the master; the answer to this question is hidden in Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), the substrates coming up from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) will tell us which was the first a chicken or an egg. What is understandable from this theatrical scene is a chicken DNA will generate to form a chicken or an egg DNA will generate and form an egg. My experiment about this matter had started and the world will have the answer shortly.

My imagination took me to West Africa to the Liberian coast to meet animals’ bones from the Jurassic era; these bones started to generate enough chemicals to bound a fresh DNA ready to accumulate lipids and amino acids to form tiny cells; these cells are growing slowly and surely until one day they will become animals and say “Hello!” to the world. My imagination is true and realistic as long as my experiment on Higgs boson is still alive.

Mild air connection has to take always a sinusoidal wave shape in order to warm up transfer RNA (tRNA) as synchronized by Higgs boson in the universe’s travel back. Animals’ bones comes up depending on Higgs boson manipulated speed inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); we already know that this speed is controlled by Higgs boson energy form which is represented in the number of the Rugosa corals inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

DNA reversing is the source of bones regeneration, but the question is why the most of the world’s rhinos are dead? The last rhino’s death was provoked by DNA reversing; once we look at their feet they are wet most of the time and the water on their feet contains chemicals which facilitate DNA to reverse; these chemicals are dominated by bigger sulphur atoms due the time particles inside it; these time particles are from the past, the rhino’s death is a big sign of our universe’s travel back.

I think the world will assist two big animal inclinations; one towards the extinction and the other towards the evolution then my discovery to Higgs boson will be valuable and expensive.

Higgs Boson Films

Maybe someone asks what is the relation between Higgs boson and it’s films? The answer to this question is the subject of this post. Films are layers made of silicon and they are made by Higgs boson to separate the universes from each other; these layers could be produced by Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Its true that there are more than twenty seven of Higgs boson’s thin films abandoned in nature; I am not bringing all of them in this post but I chosen to speak about five of them; the first one is the grasses’ thin film; this one is made of carbon atoms and it has an important role in carbon locking.

The second of Higgs boson’s thin films is made of carbon atoms and it is present in wood; the location of this thin film is always between two starches composition and this last is to make millions of thin films compacted together inside wood.

The third thin film made by Higgs boson is in flowers; this thin film is made of carbon atoms and it’s role is to cover the flowers’ dyes from any spoiler such as rain, snow, wind...etc. My apology to the world’s flowers of the disappearance of their thin film by the disappearance of the carbon atom, the world’s flowers will end by having the same colour; this colour could be any colour.

The fourth of Higgs boson’s thin films is the eye thin film; this thin film is responsible for the colour of the eyes.

The last of Higgs boson’s thin film is quarks rotations thin film; this one is made of the freed rotational quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); once the quarks are in their assumption they form circles made by thin film; this last is impossible to penetrate by any other matter, the role of this thin film is to support Higgs boson acoustic waves movement.

To conclude this post I am sure that tones and tones and tones of stones could be used as a thin film to planet earth; that means that a thin film is not what we imagine; a very very very tiny layer made of any material. A thin film could be miles thick such as the ozone layer once compared to the whole universe. I hope I am not upsetting thin film professionals by my silly imagination. 

Higgs Boson Syndication (3-1)

In this post I would like to talk about one of the most fictional phenomenon made by Higgs boson; bacteria is one of Higgs boson’s mass destructor. We already know that our universe has to decompose and to enter into a new equilibrium which will allow it to travel back and to merge into universe 5. Everything has to obey to Higgs boson regulations in order to possess it’s abstraction and bacteria is one of the important tools used by Higgs boson to American nature; I mean by that making the great revolution possible.

I think that bacteria of the nearest past which is between 5000 years and 50000 years ago is bigger than known bacteria by 5 times; that means that going back will come up with bigger bacteria in all living organisms; this will result to an inflation inside all cells and molecules; and here I have to say that not all living organisms can cope with this inflation; that means that a mass extinction of the most of these living organisms is likely to happen.

Bacteria also is produced to create an equilibrium in the atmosphere and because bacteria has the ability to enter inside anything it’s role is more to decompose than compose.

There are millions of new kinds of bacteria if not billions and their role in any biological system is to make a balance inside this system; once the new time particles are integrated into a system the balance is made; that means that any biological system can get bigger and bigger without damage. The integrated bacteria is one of the most difficult phenomenon to understand, but I can show an image to make it easily understandable; this image is similar to pumping a balloon; the more air inside the balloon the bigger it gets.

Bacteria nuisance is one of the most disturbing phenomenons to living organisms; this nuisance is introduced by the presence of new bacteria which has bigger size. I think that most of living organisms will not cope with this new situation and I would like to call this new stage of life a “Stage of Revolution”.

What I should notice is that the pharmaceutical sectors should prepare for the invasion of the bacteria’s new shapes and sizes, my advice to them is to adapt to this new situation as soon as possible before they become overwhelmed by the bacteria’s speed growing.

I think that the bacteria subject is vey vast and full of surprises and I hope I will have some time to cover some of it in future posts. The picture below is just an example of new bacteria growing.

Higgs Boson Congratulation (2)

Higgs boson congratulation (2) is a complementary post to Higgs boson congratulation (1) post; the circumstances which are pushing me to write this post are difficult to understand but I am crossing them in order to simplify them and making them understandable. These circumstances I am seeing everywhere and I want to congratulate Higgs boson and the Rugosa Corals for their great job to create by creating them. I am seeing five important and obvious circumstances which I would like to share with you in this post.

The first circumstance is the grasses’ growth; it is so obvious that grasses started to impose themselves everywhere and the green colour started to dominate any other colour; the causes to these grasses’ growth are cited in earlier posts but the important ones are; quarks submission, quarks assumption, high temperature, low pressures and heavy rains. The picture below is showing the first generation of Higgs boson grasses’ growth

The second of Higgs boson’s and Rugosa coral’s circumstance is the first generation of mosquitoes; suddenly a mosquito visited me in my kitchen, what a beautiful creature! I think that you can find one if not many, because of the new weather system of the new era mosquitoes are growing bigger. I would like to add this mosquito’s picture to bring it to your imagination

The third circumstance appearing due Higgs boson’s and Rugosa Corals’ great work is the great multi kinds of mushrooms; I am sure you are seeing some of them growing everywhere even in streets and windows’ frames. I am impressed by their marvellous different shapes. Here as well in this situation we should congratulate Higgs boson and the Rugosa Corals for their magnificent job. The picture below is showing some of Higgs boson’s first generation of mushrooms

The fourth circumstance is clouds concentration; Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals did very well to concentrate clouds to produce rains; this concentration is the result of a long process of heat, evaporation, winds and rotations; this process also produced drought areas as clouds escaped to the concentration area. I think this process will stay very long time dominating the new weather system.

The last of Higgs boson’s and Rugos Corals’ circumstance is trees’ leaves growing; nobody on earth can ignore that trees’ leaves are growing at least twice a year; this is due to Higgs boson’s and Rugosa Corals’ superb work by changing seasons, and this work could be done just by one unique particle; this particle is Higgs boson.

I hope I fulfilled Higgs boson’s and Rugosa Corals’ satisfaction by congratulating them, and a big honour to the man who discovered the combination of two particles in one. The time is up for the people whom are still looking for Higgs boson, they have to accept the truth and be reasonable.

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Higgs Boson Clouds

This post is one of the most exiting posts in this blog; one of Higgs boson excitements is the dominance of clouds in the sky; this clouds dominance is our post’s subject. I am willing to bring 3 images explaining why there is more clouds in the atmosphere in

Higgs Boson Syndication (19)

Syndication 19 is about DNA reversing; we already know that DNA is reversing because our universe is going back to integrate in universe 5, we also know that some extinct animals have came back to life such as wallaby, frogs and lizards. In this post I