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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Higgs Boson Sunderland

I am completely foolish to provoke the most complicated particle which is Higgs boson, this provocation is well organized and well prepared. My experiment on Higgs boson is a part of a whole process followed each second, that makes me the busiest person on earth. I wish I could live until I see our universe fully merged in the fifth universe., but til now I don't know how long it will take. What I am seeing through Higgs boson experiment the travel to the fifth universe will take just a few years no more. What I am not afraid of is to talk about the loss of human lives which will be very high; I guess it will be at least 85% of the population.

Higgs boson sunderland is a special characteristic manually managed to build Higgs boson sets; this sets should be based on energy forms and fortified water. The temperature and the amount of light also should be understood and well managed.

The interconnection of all atoms and molecules is not understood til today; what was put in any atom or molecule should go out, for example a number of electrons which was put in an atom should be degraded to form an other kind of atoms. The very interesting atom to human being is the gold atom, once entering Higgs boson field this atom will loose it's electrons to become simply an other kind of metal; that means that the gold owners will become less richer.

The diamond formation will be abundant, this formation will be seen close to lakes edges and in slow running rivers. I imagine that all commercial transactions will be executed in dependency of diamond quality. Diamond production will be easy, even a house holder can produce it in his back garden.

My intention is always with the market speculators to inundate markets with new products such as frog legs, shrimps and snails, the market will be full of cheap proteins. These proteins don't come from red meat but from mushrooms with the car size, also friendly lizards will be abundant and targeted by humans for food purpose.       

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Higgs Boson Conditioning

Conditioning is a well known metabolism inside all atoms and molecules, also it has a key role in sustaining the exact temperature inside bodies and materials. Our subject today is the most important deal of two basic element needed to life continually. Talking about temperature has to be understood exactly in order to examine everything deeply, and humidity is the second element which has not to be ignored. I would like to bring your imagination to the boiling water in the kettle; this process has two key elements; temperature and humidity.

All atoms and molecules react to the temperature level, this assertion is the simplest interaction used by Higgs Boson to manipulate all the universes, also this interaction is highly required to make the travel back of our universe possible.

Conditioning is a matter of time divided by the temperature; let's say that year 2014 is a year which has 400 days and the average temperature of this year is 7, that means that the conditioning level of this year 2014 is 400/7 = 57.142

I do believe that the first degraded material will be wood; don't be surprised!! very soon you will see pieces of wood everywhere specially in docks and in beaches, not only that, pieces of metal are under activated corrosion.

Acetyl-coA is the most important substantial to open the door for the great degradation; this great degradation will really show us that our universe is traveling back. The following equation should be taken very seriously as it shows the decomposition of all vegetation:
Degradation = Acetyl-coA + Bensine
Degradation = C23 H38 N7 O17 P3 S + C8 H18
Degradation = C19 H30 N7 O13 S + C12 H26 P3 O4
The interaction between the Acetyl-coA and the Bensine is strange and abnormal but in reality is true and convincing; billions of flies will die because they are the Acetyl-coA carriers, their interaction occurs in petrol station sites. Flies are already invading petrol stations where bensine transformation from liquid to gas smells, this is a perfect example of degradation.

My experiment on Higgs Boson will show to the world millions of new phenomenons at all sides. I would like to add an unbelievable phenomenon which you will assisting very soon; the extinction of all flying birds, so the image is death birds everywhere. An other last example which is the appearance of frogs and snails in huge numbers, the density of theses creatures depends on the level of sulfur in any area, the more presence of sulfur the less dense the area is.   

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Higgs Boson Sultanation

Higgs Boson sultanation is a complete assertion based on all posted posts in this blog, it is a whole foolishness of all my explanation to Higgs Boson theoretically and experimentally. I know this explanation is subordinated by magical and extraordinary drawings and pictures. One example of these pictures is the below showing the heavy rain on CERN in which I made my challenges to Higgs Boson discovery to stop it.

Also one of the challenges is the drawing below showing how universe one and universe two with their times could be mirrored to our imagination.

I am really exited to hear a future recognition of my work as the best work ever of a discovery of a particle in particle physics. No one can ignore the appearance of huge depressions in the world, the picture below is showing one of them which is happening right now.

I always ask myself why meteorologists don't say something about these depressions? I am sure that they didn't see so many of them before like they are doing now. I think these people are the first to blame for their silence and their ignorance to explain the causes of these depressions.

Different times of different universes are also a big challenge to human being, I am the first who explained the times merging and as long as my experiment is occurring there is no escape from time extension, to prove this hypothesis there so many examples some of them are:
The seals are heading south from the north pole because the ice is melting; this melting of ice is happening because the time particles are getting bigger that makes the water molecule transition facilitated from solid to liquid.
An other convincing example is the humidity level which becomes very high in the northern part of the planet earth.
Now rest to me to convince everybody in the world that I am making a real live experiment, and everybody's life is affected and it will be in the future through our universe travel back. The answer to these five questions will achieve a high level of convictions in order to simplify the magnitude of the sun.
The first question is; how many existing suns? The answer is; there are two suns which will appear shortly. The universe has an anti-universe and the solar system also has an anti-solar system, and the sun has it's anti-sun, in our travel back this last will appear to our naked eye.

The second question is who is responsible for the anti-particles to appearance? To answer to this question we have to call Paul Dirac equation. I am not telling that we will see all the anti-particles, but at least we will see the second sun which is the anti-sun, it will appear to us because of it's shining photons. In spite of all the long distance we will see the two suns in different sizes; the anti-sun will be smaller by half the size of our universe sun.

The third question is; how many existing moons in reality? The answer of course is two; the moon and the anti-moon, this last will be able to be seen when the day and night will have 24 hours long each.

The fourth question is; why the totality of the chemicals elements of our universe is equal to the half of the chemical elements in the fifth universe? The answer is simply because the totality of the chemical elements of our universe originate from the fifth universe, this last has lost half of it's chemical elements to give birth to our universe.

The fifth question is; how many of you? Is it just you or you and your anti-you? I can tell you that you are two you; you and your anti-you because you are a particle in this universe and any particle has it's anti-particle.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Higgs Boson Matriculation

Higgs Boson matriculation is about standards manipulated by letters and numbers; I mean by that, all accommodations in space (B) which is my home are divided in sets depending on the energy level. Matriculation is very important to understand because it is Higgs Boson experiment in reality itself; one's says that a whole block is acting between the interval of +1 and -1.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Higgs Boson Accommodation

Accommodation is a place in the space where Higgs Boson controls all it's surroundings, this place is situated in the bottom of the first universe. Higgs Boson has the power to send it's waves to our universe in order to communicate with it's decayed fibers left behind during the creation of our universe. This communication is based on acoustic waves organized and managed in dependence of “Hamilton Theory of Synchronicity”.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Higgs Boson Consideration

Considering Higgs Boson as a particle is right, because once decayed it becomes fibers. My questions to CERN today is: why Higgs Boson decays? And why it becomes fibers? I am sure that the answer to these questions should be in three words no more. The mechanism of the whole universe is made by Higgs Boson condensation through decays, this mechanism is applicable to all particles; first decay then condensation or first condensation then decay. I am interested to tell something about Higgs Boson consideration, this consideration has to be serious, consistent and committed, otherwise I have to ring the bell of warning to the world to prepare for the travel to Africa.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Higgs Boson Superlatives

Superlatives are options used by Higgs Boson in order to create a perfect equilibrium of the whole system. Superlatives are also used to protect Higgs Boson field from the outside noises, I noticed this in “Higgs Boson Manifesto” post under Higgs Boson Characteristics; impermeability is a unique and special character specified to Higgs Boson.