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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (5)

It is totally impressive once we look at a satellite picture of the moving clouds in the world. Syndication has to come to its full demonstration to come to get noticed, through this post I love to put the light on some new phenomena which are making effect on our world and I am using them as alibis to prove that my experiment on Higgs boson is real and just.

In many countries rabbits are really struggling to survive because of the food they are eating, grasses became poisonous because they are receiving a high level of sulphuric acid.

Interactions between white clouds and black clouds are seen much of the time, I am sure that the old fashion clouds is gone. The mixture of clouds is due the rotating depressions; it is easily to see built clouds in north Australia mixed with built clouds in Canada.

We recognised in earlier post that fallen wall equation is composed of the combined Helium electron neutrino (Heve) and gypsum similarly with the statues case; we will definitely watch statues in the world collapsing for example “Statue de la liberte” in New York, “The Great Sphinx of Giza” in Egypt, “Christ the Redeemer” in Rio de Janeiro, “The Great Wall of China” and “Maqam Echahid” in Algiers, and many other.

Higgs boson sinusoidal waves are capable of penetrating thousands of miles under the earth, their effect is to vibrate all atoms; the result of this vibrating is the destabilization of many large areas of earth in both directions horizontally and vertically. What we were seeing lately is long, large and deep cracks of the surface of earth. I think scientists don’t have yet an answer of the occurred cracks in Mexico and in Algeria.

I am not imagining or creating pictures of drama to support my experiment on Higgs boson, but what I am saying is reality and truth. Who has an explanation to the huge holes appeared in Russia? Nobody, Let me telling you the answer; due the excessive combusted methane these holes appeared.

Soustraction is the main important generator of Higgs boson syndications, one of them which I would like to add to finish this post is the shortening of sea shores and beaches; sea waves became rotational and their current became stronger enough to swallow anything in front of it.

My conclusion to this post has to stay standstill; I am sure that syndications will occupy further space in this blog, also sulphuric acid will brightening the future posts.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Higgs Boson Phosphorycation

Higgs boson phosphorycation is a deep understanding of chromosome genesis; this understanding must be stratified into units in order to have a full image of the link between Higgs boson, phosphorus and chromosomes. In this post I would like to analyse a small sample of interactions with the hope that you realise how Higgs boson is capable to transfer phosphorus between two types of chromosomes.

It is interesting to look at the grown mushrooms on the trees trunks, these mushrooms are originally sacrificed by the tree cells. These cells were diverted from their original growth. Maliciously their chromosome has taken a new shape; this new shape is a result of a chemical interaction within the chromosome itself. The chemical equation below gives us the answer about this interaction:

Helium11 + 4 Phosphorus → 8 Phosphorus

It is obvious that the phosphorus atoms have increased by 4, the result of this increase is a new cell shape.

Soustraction has the answer to the duplicated chromosomes; these last always give birth to two new shapes of cells, the new phenomenon in this case is the introduction of alpha particles. A good example of this new phenomenon which we are seeing in reality is: the mozzarella cheese formation is based on two duplicated milk chromosomes. This interaction is based on trigged alpha particles.

There are sufficient proves that polymerase gamma is replicating DNA in the eukaryote cells in a reversing way; the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) started to rotate in the opposite direction.

Another complicated phenomenon in which scientists will discover the secret of the extension of dark matter is the phosphorus splitting within the DNA. A phosphorus atom combined with Heium9 could split 3 times to produce 7 phosphorus atoms; the drawing below shows how 2 phosphorus atoms become 16 phosphorus atoms.

It is wise to include the following chemical equation explains the phosphorus extension:

Phosphorus + Helium9 → 8 Phosphorus

Finally, phosphorycation is still here and its results will come up shortly, the reversed rotations within the (mtDNA) will plants into new shape.    


Friday, 26 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (4)

My willing today is to add this post to Higgs boson syndication just because I find it necessary to clarify some new phenomena which are happening in our world. Progradation is the main fact which explains to us in a clear vision that we are living in a new era of life. Nobody can ignore that many animal species are already unsettled such as birds, foxes, rats, and even ants.

Let’s starting with the wolves; they are dying in the melting ice and in high mountains, maybe forest guards will explain to us this phenomenon. My explanation to the dying wolves is as follow: the flying birds are dying from the excessive absorption of the water molecule and sulphur, once dead they become ready meal to the wolves. These last are poisoned by the contaminated meat.

Secondly, one of Higgs boson syndication which has not to be missed is the disappearance of trout fish; I think we should ask Scottish fisher men to tell us what happened to the trout? My understanding to this point is that the rivers water became more warm and the level of sulphur in water became very high; as we know the oxygen becomes sequestered in the sulphuric carbonate (SCO5).

One of Higgs boson magical syndication is the appearance of the Chinese mitten crab in Scotland; until today there is no explanation to this appearance of these creatures. Bear with me I am telling you why? The chemical equation below has perfect meaning to this situation

Warm water + Nitric acid + lipids → Chine mitten crab

I am not letting this equation idle; the water becomes warm because of the depressions in the Atlantic, high level of heat, heavy rain and flooding. The high level of nitric acid is due the decomposed roots, leaves and fruits.

Falling walls are a real effect, I am sure that you are seeing them here and there. Can anybody in the world tell us why these walls are cracking slowly and finish by falling on the ground? The chemical equation has the answer to this question:

Helium electro-neutrino + Gypsum + Water → Fallen wall

Magma is a unique syndication, what’s happening now under earth is a huge methane combustion; the warm sea water is not becoming warm just because of the sun’s heat but also from the heated sea bed rocks. I imagine from the next few weeks to the next few months we will see erupted volcanoes.

I hope that Higgs boson syndications are becoming more convincing, and I am sure that I will bring you more in the nearest future.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (3)

I am back again with Higgs boson syndication, I think that a need to add many valuable points concerning chemical interactions in nature. Also we are seeing that the talk about climate change started taking interesting places in the administrative submissions. The good news is that everybody is happy about his garden for the time being as flowers took the strongest position ever. Similarly branches trees are growing faster and pushing up, leaves are taking a perfect shape and colour, I am sure that everybody has noticed this, and if not just look at your garden and you will be amazed.

What about spiders; they are the only danger in these circumstances; I am not here to scare you but to share with you my knowledge and my ideas. Everything will grow ten times bigger even spiders; I think the solution is to cover your windows with plastic fabrics to protect them from coming inside your house. This situation will take a while before they become extinct.

My conception to the lakes algae development is significantly bearing and simultaneously disturbing, unlikely this development will occupy most of lakes space and its result is more occupation of land by the water molecule. Lakes also will swallow further quantity of pieces of wood and tree leaves. The surprising picture is the growing of trees within the lakes themselves; the chemical equation below explains the secret of this phenomenon:

Sulphuric Acid + water + Helium11 → Trees seeds

The challenge which humanity will face is water contamination from volcanic ash, from sulphur acidity and from fast growing bacteria. Also another super challenge is the ground water excessive quantity that facilitates earth cracking and what is linked to it such as sinkholes, landslip and ice melting.

Before closing this post I would like to add this chemical equation:

High dose of sulphuric acid + Water → Foot and mouth disease

As we know within Higgs boson field the sulphur condensation is obvious, the high dose of sulphur within the atmosphere contaminates animal vegetation that’s why the foot and mouth disease developed in some hot countries.

Higgs Boson Sponsors

Sponsoring Higgs boson is a huge task; it is time, money, social life, family relations and self consuming. I believe that the posts I am writing in this blog will meet listening

Monday, 22 September 2014

Higgs Boson Sonorization

I am willing to take your imagination to the first universe, and how Higgs boson of this universe communicates with Higgs boson of our universe which is universe number

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (2)

In the last post “Higgs Boson Syndication (1)” we have seen that alpha particles are the basic block of life; in today’s post we will see the arrogance of helium in most of our surroundings. The main observations which could be used to detect helium presence is by discovering new living species, as we understood from the posts of this blog that we are living in a new era of time. The “all change” expression will be the key to us to learn a new knowledge concerning everything.

All living organisms have to disappear except a few ones; these last are our interest as they will be the symbol of comparison of the new ones. And also they will be the symbol of remembrance of the old era which was ended in October 2013, as I noticed in an earlier post. I think there is a selection of approximately 5000 species between animals, plants, chemical elements, bacteria and viruses. The list of these species will be known and complete when the rest will be deducted. Up to today the timing of a full transition from the old era to the new era is not known yet.

The transition between the two eras is controlled by Higgs boson matriculation as explained in “Higgs Boson Matriculation”; the main idea is about the energy form, the fortified water and the number of units (BECs), I focused on these 3 elements to be sure that the period of transition should be soft and smooth, also the period of transition is the key to prove Higgs boson discovery. The main and important prove is the new weather system.

The diagram below is showing the main elements participating in Higgs boson insurrection to make the period of transition possible, these elements are the most influanceable within Higgs boson field

The syndication we are talking about in this post is just an introduction to more details of the chemical elements interactions and their results.