Saturday, 17 February 2018

Higgs Boson Inspiration

Significant changes had occurred on planet earth lately, and such changes are the clouds condensation on Canada instead of condensating on Siberia; this change of clouds condensation could be seen in the picture below.


My intention to write this post is to show to humanity where planet earth is going in order to prepare for the enormous surprises and how to deal with them.

Another obvious change on planet earth is the size of the sun and it’s colour; the size of the sun has taken bigger size and it’s colour has became more reddish, and this change could be seen in the picture below.

The third change which is in my mind and which I want to talk about is the sea rising; the sea has risen significantly, and this change could be seen in the picture below.

The fourth change on planet earth is ice melting; ice is melting very fast in both poles, and so many pictures and videos are proving this statement. The picture below is showing ice melting in Green land.

The changes which I am talking about are real and they are results of Higgs Boson Experiment. To conclude this post I have to remind you that the only solution to humanity to face the cited changes above is to understand Higgs boson and it’s mechanisms.

The pictures above are from
1.    Accueather
2.    Skymetweather
3.    Connection Miami

Friday, 10 November 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (29)

My detention inside “Higgs Boson Show” didn’t come from nowhere; but its a serious fight against injustice; justice is claimed by myself through my declaration to the public of Eastbourne that I am Higgs boson discoverer and rising very high the sign of “Higgs Boson Show”. I also recon the huge relieving revenge of exposing my paintings in the window of “Higgs Boson Show”.

I am willing to promote “Higgs Boson Show” to the highest level in societies in order to create a sealed field full of hungry people to the art of innovation and the perfect reality; this reality should be aware of as human beings entrance inside Higgs boson magnetic field., and I have to tell you that Higgs boson magnetic field starting point is at “Higgs Boson Show” inside it’s aquarium.

Higgs boson discoverer is here to explain Higgs boson in thousands and thousands of manners to all minds with their differences to show the simplicity of Higgs boson subject. My money and my time had been well condensate inside the “Higgs Boson Show” tinny space, because the idea is much bigger than hundreds of paintings of presentation.

Finally my progress of showing the reality of Higgs boson discovery has preponderated for very long time, and I think that many people have received the message of this reality.

To close this post my invitation is open to everybody to enjoy the most innovative scientific art ever.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Higgs Boson Congratulation (04)

My meaning to create “Higgs Boson Show” is only an opened window on a discovery made by an intelligent man; this discovery’s message is a must read message by humanity to leading to a concrete understanding to Higgs boson as a solid particle, to Higgs boson

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Higgs Boson Congratulation (03)

Significant changes had occurred inside planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment which is happening at (28a Cavendish place, Eastbourne UK); and in this last Aquariums are for sale at very low price, also hundreds of paints are for sale too; all these paints are forming one collection and presenting Higgs boson discoverer work of explanation to particles behaviour during the process of Higgs boson experiment and it’s results.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (28)

Birds are dying and the world is seeing; the extinction of most known birds is a phenomenon made by Higgs boson experiment due to it’s fastening of the change in the global weather system. The breeding process of birds is taken by surprises such as heat waves, vortices, heavy rain, frost and very high level of humidity; all these conditions are making birds’ eggs 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (27)

I said that everything is on my side from the tinniest single particle to the whole universe because we are living in an age of Higgs boson magnetic field where everything is in obedience of this field; the power of Higgs boson control to anything should be estimated, 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (26)

My intention in this post is to add trees' leaves suspension to carbon atom from the atmosphere as a headline inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame; trees' leaves role in the change of chemicals composition in the atmosphere shouldn't be  under estimated; because trees' leaves of the new era of life have many different qualities comparing them to trees' leaves before 2011. Tees' leaves have acquired many qualities due to Higgs boson experiment  and these qualities are our subject today.