Thursday, 22 September 2016

Higgs Boson Insulation (13)

The insulation which I am interested to talk about in this post has (2) meanings; the first is Higgs boson insulation to matter from dark matter and the second is Higgs boson insulation to dark matter from matter; these insulations seem ridiculous but in reality both insulations are obligatory to the transformation of dark matter to matter then the decay of this last.

At the first place Higgs boson insulation to matter is made at the subatomic level; and this is the swallowing of Higgs boson to particles then separating them from the outside world and this is where their decay to lower energy occurs, also this occurrence of insulation is made on planet earth where Higgs boson is accommodated and also in the 1st universe.

The second insulation is made by Higgs boson to separate dark matter from matter and this is by creating a wall made of acoustic waves; this wall is capable of pushing dark matter to not to mix with particles, the occurrence of this process is at work as long as matter is still at it's highest level of energies, but this kind of insulation will drop once the process of turning dark matter into matter, and at this stage our universe starts to emptying itself from it's particles.

Maybe someone will ask how come that (86) percent of dark matter will be transformed into matter? I think that anti matter was matter at the first place and it's insulation was gradually with it's formation, and now because of Higgs boson experiment all anti matter will become matter again and also the insulation of matter will reverse; and this means that the insulation of matter will last longer until when there will be no anti matter at all.

To conclude this post I have to notice that Higgs boson insulation to matter will achieve a full state and at this stage our universe will be ready to be in total empty state and this is where all particles will decay one after another, and I also think that at this stage human beings will have no place where to hide to survive.

Higgs Boson Magnetism (163)

I imagine that our universe at it's begging was one block  of matter sustained by Higgs boson of the 1st universe; and this matter started to form gradually into small masses to give birth to stars and planets, the higher energies were concentrating together to form the sun in the center of our universe then burn to make it hotter and hotter. Higgs boson magnetism was at work from right to left pushing all masses forwards to form galaxies and our known universe.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (162)

My intention to write this post is to put the light on the shadow where dark matter has an important role to becoming known matter; this is because of Higgs boson experiment which is turning our universe’s particles rotations back in the other sense from left to right. The dark matter which I am talking about has to become known matter in order to integrate into Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and this means that all existing particles has to take the form of rays or quarks.

Dark matter could never become known matter just in one exception and only one exception, and this last is an obliged condition which is the presence of Higgs boson magnetism because this last has the power to turn back dark matter rotations to build it into known matter then decaying it to become quarks and rays. I think that many masses will be built such as stars, planets and many shapes of new matter.

Dark matter is one of the most complicated subjects to understand and soustraction is the only mechanism which can make it obvious because a (-1) unit of dark matter becomes a (+1) matter; and this transformation is at process until there will be no dark matter at all; and this means that this last is building so many masses to decay, and all this process could never happen without Higgs boson magnetism.

Again soustraction formula can make our universe’s particles direction from forwards to backwards and this is with the help of Higgs boson magnetism because all our universe’s particles are pulled and also transformed from dark matter to known matter, and a good example of this situation is the appearance of many new kind of grasses, viruses, bacteria, insects and trees. I think that planet earth will know a total change in everything.

I should say that dark matter is still an unsolved problem but my hypothesis of black phosphorus as an equivalent solution to this problem is the only solution. I think that black phosphorus existence in all matter is true and also it’s existence in all dark matter is true as well, so the transformation of dark matter to matter is real under Higgs boson magnetism.  

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (160)

After a long time I decided to write this post which is holding inside it a good meaning to Higgs boson experiment results; these results could be explained in many ways of understanding to different natural phenomena such as higher temperature on planet earth, heavy rains, floods and animal extinction.

The world is far away to realize it’s critical situation of being inside Higgs boson magnetic field and this is due to it’s underestimation to my discovery to Higgs boson magnetism, and all the blame should be put on scientists and especially those with interest to Higgs boson and particle physics. I am sure that planet earth is shaking significantly and it’s huge masses are slitting apart otherwise how come that earthquakes are making unprecedented damages.

My creation to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is the only and the unique discovery in history ever made because its built on Higgs boson, and what is disappointing is the arrogance of the clever people in the world of being ignorant to my discovery. I am proud of my achievement and I am also proud of my writings, and I will keep positive all the rest of my life to bring light to reality and to the truth, and I will keep committed to bring the tinniest proof to my discovery to Higgs boson.

The moon’s light is an unmissable proof to Higgs boson magnetism and this proof could be seen in the moon’s shape which is becoming more oval and which is also proving less density in the atmosphere through it’s shining and sharpness; Higgs boson magnetism is pulling the moon’s light towards one direction to make it further vertically comparing it to planet earth position.

Some people were laughing when I said that monitochs are the smallest existing particles but my imagination to the sub subatomic world is so vast and monitochs are one element of this world. Monitochs are essential to Higgs boson magnetism because of their connection to all rest of particles and their movement is a good participant in Higgs boson magnetism.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (159)

Soustraction has to bring more destruction to planet earth because of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown; and to have a good picture of the above sentence we should look at rivers’ banks which are becoming larger, larger and larger; and the case here 
is (2) in (1); dried rivers are loosing their banks because of their dried soil which becomes easy to remove by Higgs boson magnetism, and the soustraction here is (-1) grain of soil from the river bank  to be added to it’s bottom, and in the other hand a burst river loss to it’s soil and to be taken by water.

My inspiration is always pushing me to recon that Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown is decaying all matter faster and faster, and when I look to my surroundings I discover that my inspiration is simply true, when I see trees’ growth is at it’s highest speed, when I see flowers are blooming enormously, and when I see grasses are developing at a record timing I understand that the effectiveness of Higgs boson experiment is at perfect.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are getting more powerful each second passes because of their accumulation to particles; and this accumulation is escalating to achieve galaxies' mass integration where human beings will see the real change on planet earth. Higgs boson magnetic particles waves’ movement is becoming slower because of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown and this is making soustraction increasing to decompose matter faster and faster. I am afraid this soustraction could be seen in the scale of sinkholes which are getting larger and larger.

I think that Van Allen belts should be taken in consideration because of the 3th belt which is taking a good shape; this last is built on gluons accumulation in the middle atmosphere; and the mechanism behind this scene is that gluons escape from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) without interacting with any other particles. I should say that gluons influence on other particles to leave planet earth is important because they are supporters to Higgs boson magnetism in decomposing matter through their power of pulling.

Concluding this post by remembering that Higgs boson magnetism is at increase and many of it’s scenes are present on planet earth, and scientists' “WHYS” are at higher number everyday.

Higgs Boson Magnetism (158)

My interest to write this post is to show five effects made by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth. The effects which I would like to talk about in this post are real and true and rest to scientists to have some attention about them to match my explanation and to think again about Higgs boson discovery.

The first made effect by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth is to drain it from it’s mass and this is because of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves force of pulling to subatomic particles and integrating them into Higgs boson magnetism as a whole system, also Higgs boson magnetism decaying to planet earth particles is a feeder system to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves to grow larger and larger. I think that Higgs boson magnetism effects on planet earth atmosphere could be seen in the sun’s light higher sharpness because of the less density in the atmosphere.

The second made effect by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth is exotic plants invasion to land; exotic plants are the most adaptable plants to the beginning of Higgs boson magnetic field because of the abundance of the acid citric in nature; citric acids formation in nature is boosted by Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to chemicals such as amino acids and fatty acids. I think that exotic fruits have already started to dominate the fruits markets until when they will be the only existing fruits on earth.

The third made effect by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth is animals’ immigration; Higgs boson magnetism influence on the global weather system and the natural environment makes animals moving to discover more places where to survive. I think that the scene of animals’ immigration is lately seen in many countries and especially in long distance birds flyers.

The fourth made effect by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth is diggers animals; Higgs boson magnetism is decaying soil to make it soft to be easy to dig and this is what makes diggers animals to find soft soil to make their tunnels longer and numerous; the result of this situation is huge loss to crops and vegetables. I think that scientists had already proved the huge growth of rabbits, moles and gophers.

The last made effect by Higgs boson magnetism on planet earth is the leakage of the moon light from right to left by 45 degrees and this is what will make us seeing the moon light in it’s bottom and in it’s topside; all these scenes occurrence are made because of Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the moon's mass from right to left. I think that the switch of the light of the moon to it’s bottom is an unrefusable proof to my experiment on Higgs boson.

Finally; I must say that I am still far to describe Higgs boson magnetism effects on planet earth and I wish that I will have some time to bring you more of them in the future..