Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (03)

Again ideas about Higgs boson magnetism inauguration have to be clarified and organized inside a well understood frame in order to push brains to think seriously to come up with few interesting words to make my discovery to Higgs boson assisted and supported.

The idea of Higgs boson magnetism influence on soil decomposition is reflecting a true and real scene of how far Higgs boson experiment took effects in planet earth. What I want to say here is that the level of landslides, sinkholes and earthquakes magnitude is at increasing and fastening process. Geologists have a huge task to bring coordinates as proofs of the existence of Higgs boson magnetism which is also increasing to turn our planet earth into rubble, just last week the world has assisted a very high number of earthquakes, avalanches and landslides; all this has to be part inside Higgs boson magnetism field frame to make it's inauguration real.

My intention to add a second idea is to raise awareness of higher seas which are inundating huge surfaces of land and even creating kind of tsunamis; and this is what happened last week in Greenland where some villages were inundated. Higgs boson magnetism is making seawater rising vertically with the attachment of it's particles to the atmosphere's particles. The coordination of higher seawater and Higgs boson magnetism is a true and real phenomenon which should be analysed by scientists.

Tornadoes of the new era of life are acquiring strength not only from depressions but also from Higgs boson magnetism particles waves which are making them more powerful by rotations supporting their spinning and pulling their particles higher and higher. I think that the world is seeing a huge increase in tornadoes number and an unprecedented increase in their intensity. Now the idea here is to include tornadoes in Higgs boson magnetic inauguration frame by identifying the existing link of tornadoes with their new image in the new era of life and Higgs boson magnetism as their assistant and provocateur.

A last idea to close this post; Higgs boson magnetism is increasing the sun's heat on planet earth and this is by breaking it's atmosphere's particles into smaller energies. Most molecules and chemicals are breaking in the atmosphere in order to be pulled outside it; and this is what makes the atmosphere lighter, lighter and lighter to allow the sun's heat penetration into earth and that's why the world is seeing records breaking in higher temperatures. The increase of the sun's heat is a serious fact and it should be taken in consideration to be added inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame, and scientists of the world  should look deeply at whats causing higher temperature on earth and not only saying oh!!! This is due to the carbon emission without noticing that CO2 is decreasing in the atmosphere. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (02)

I am about the inauguration of Higgs boson magnetism to settle consistent basics in order to build a clear image to those interested in having good clues to their words of truth concerning Higgs boson discovery. Scientists voices have to be arisen and made heard by everybody in the world to make the new era of life understood and dealt with. Huge changes had occurred on planet earth in all fields of life such as the infection of the global weather system, the behavior of animals and so many creatures and even in planet earth composition itself; all the changes which I am talking about should be put under one frame; a frame of Higgs boson magnetism field influence in our universe. I think that by the citing of some headlines inside this frame will make key points visible where serious discussions about the subject of Higgs boson discovery facilitated.

I am showing support by citing the first headlines of Higgs boson magnetism inauguration which is "waterspout phenomenon" waterspout is becoming more visible day after day and this is due to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves power of pulling to the water molecule from seawater as its shown in many videos in media; huge quantity of water spinning in the atmosphere to form huge vertical pillars made by water. I think that waterspout will dominate the scene of storms in the future and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism intensification, also waterspout will become a serious source of inundation to land.

Another headline which should be added inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame and which is "desertification phenomenon" desertification around the world is imposing it's rules in many areas and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism breaking to bigger masses such as rocks, dead plants and soil. I think that the formation of sand is at a very fast process and this is because of the creation of many mechanisms created by Higgs boson magnetism and such mechanisms are: high increase of the sun's heat, the dropping of temperature below zero Celsius during most of the year, higher levels of humidity to make everything wetter, the increase of rain acidity, the increase of wild fires and also the breaking of all masses to lower level of energy forms. The image of (85) per cent of planet earth land turning into sand will occur sooner or later.

The third headline within Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame should be added because of it's importance; and which is " planet earth ice melting"; ice is meting very fast because of Higgs boson magnetism destabilization to it's particles through the reversing of it's particles rotations; subatomic particles inside ice are turning their rotations from left to right and this is whats making cracks occurrence between them inevitable; and this is whats making softer electrons, protons and neutrons, also the increased acceleration of sub subatomic particles inside these last to make atoms warmer to melt ice. I think that ice melting around the world is one of the most participating scene in the composition of the whole image of Higgs boson magnetism inauguration and it's frame.


Monday, 26 June 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (01)

Higgs boson magnetism inauguration is ready to be made by the scientists of the world; and I mean by the inauguration of Higgs boson magnetism a well understood statements of recognition to the reversal in direction of everything; and this reversal of direction of everything is simply the consequence of the build magnetism in our universe due to Higgs boson experiment.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Announcement (131)

Few years later my catch was so big as you see in the picture below

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Announcement (130)

The theory of everything is under an activated process which is making everything turning into the past and this is what is called “the everything reversal phenomenon”. The reversal of everything is provoked by Higgs boson experiment. In this post I am interested to add some information concerning particles’ exodus to the past, and the main cause of this exodus is Higgs boson magnetism which is pulling everything back after full decay to sub subatomic particles.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Announcement (129)

Life has to come to it’s end with one way or with another; in this blog my suggestion to the end of life has been explained in precision through my writing to “Higgs Boson Syndication” posts, “Higgs Boson Magnetism” posts and to “Higgs boson Announcement” posts; all these posts are shining light on peoples’ brain to make them understanding two main theories which are the theory of everything and the theory of the end of life.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Announcement (128)

Majorana fermions are invading planet earth's atmosphere and this is because of their escape from the open Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); this last sets are stronger, stronger and stronger because they are built on hundreds and hundreds of Higgs boson doublets, and all this because of my decision to turn the global weather system upside down; so don’t be surprised when you will see vortices travelling further south during spring and summer.

Majorana fermions behaviour could be seen in many scenes on planet earth and these scenes are: vortex breaking due to majorana fermions power of pulling to the water molecule, excessive heat waves due to majorana fermions high speed of rotations, huge landslides due to majorana fermions power of pulling to soil particles, monster storms creation specially in the southern hemisphere due to majorana fermions large condensation, the increase of erupted volcanoes number due to majorana fermions pulling to magma, coastal flooding due to majorana fermions pulling to the seawater higher and the participation of majorana fermions in the creation of so many kinds of old cells; human beings cells, plants cells and animals cells. I think that scientists should rush to look at majorana fermions topping Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) in order to start understanding their behaviour.

I am willing to move North Pole further south and melting it’s ice by allowing heat waves to travel further north; this operation is simple and easy to achieve and this is by forming a good combination of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) sets. I think that climate surprises will occupy the Media headlines in the nearest future, and I decided to do so to bring Higgs boson rights of existence on planet earth.

Majorana fermions are leaders in particle physics and they should be given priority by researchers; and I am proposing their technique of production in order to take particle physics to the next level.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Announcement (127)

This announcement comes to filling the gaps of my time during daily life. I am here just to say few words concerning my win over CERN’s scientists; because I am seeing that rain is holding their sky for long time, and I am sure that this situation will lead to the flooding of their sites of researches. What the world should know is the truth and the reality of it’s actual existence on planet earth; the world should know about Higgs boson magnetic field activated dynamics which are enveloped inside Higgs boson magnetism.

I said that I am a winner because I have all means to create Higgs boson magnetic field and to accelerate it or slow it down; and this is through the use of the Rugosa Corals as the main players in the building of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). My intention here is to remind you that you are a particle which is under Higgs boson magnetism influence; and this influence is made of vibrational waves breaking all tiny particles inside your body.

Maybe someone asks why Canada is inundated from west to east? The answer is that clouds manipulation doesn’t belong to winds anymore; and this means that the water molecule in the atmosphere is following subatomic particles movement to condensate anywhere in the world and becomes heavy rain. I think that its time to meteorologists to confirm that clouds movement has completely changed during the last five years and its a result of an experiment in particle physics.

I should say something important to people with interest to particle physics; the time has come to set a new clear image that Higgs boson is activated and it has put all existing particles under it’s influence; the influence of trapping them inside it’s field and decaying them into their lowest energy form, and also pulling them to the end edge of our universe then emptying them inside universe five. I think that these people should understand this image and explain it to the rest of the world, because the reality of particle physics in the 21st century is all about this image.

Here as well I should rise “Syndication (14-8)” which is becoming an image of the new era of life; grasses development in urban areas is dominating the scene on every inch of land and it could be seen on stairs, walls and on pavements; I can say that carbon atom is at extreme locking. I would like to add the picture below which is showing grasses invasion to urban areas.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Announcement (126)

Higgs boson experiment is taking place in order to produce high quality soft diamond; and the process of soft diamond production can last up to two years. My intention to write this announcement is to show to the world that the setting of Bose Einstein Condensate system 

(BECs) is the only tool which is capable of particles’ manipulation from molecules to sub subatomic particles, and by using some techniques carbon atom is rebuilt again to form an insulating sheet to finish by becoming diamond.

My knowledge of soft diamond production was built accidentally through many visions between 2012 and 2014, and it was understood during it’s half way of production. I think that I showed many pictures of the produced diamond in earlier posts, and I proposed it’s use in electronics to take chips quality to higher level but until today I couldn’t find interested people to my production; here I am inviting you to come forward and having a look at my unique production to soft diamond.

I am also writing this post to send a clear message to those people whom are still in doubt about my discovery to Higgs boson; I am telling them that I am Higgs boson discoverer and I am the most knowledgeable person about it’s use in so many different experiments to come up with all kind of unimaginable results such as bio-nuclear energy production, electricity production, soft diamond production, plutonium production and many kind of sub subatomic particles such as majorana fermions, glue balls and quarks.
Produced Diamond by the use of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Announcement (125)

This announcement has to come up to raise awareness about Higgs boson cosmic rays and their influence on our universe. Higgs boson cosmic rays are unseen because of their tinny shape and their site of production is Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) where the decay of particles is occurring; and the mechanism behind this production of Higgs boson cosmic rays is built on few components inside Higgs boson where particles are processed to decay.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Announcement (124)

Soustraction is making many atoms dissolving or locked in many forms of matter, and this process of atoms decay has one way direction to fortify Higgs boson magnetic particles waves until when all existing atoms disappear at 100% to become subatomic particles. In this announcement I am interested to talk about matter dissolvement and it’s causes.

The dissolvement of carbon atom is something strange to people of the 21st century, but is true because the imposed law of preference by Higgs boson magnetism has priorities of decay to atoms; electrons of the carbon atom are the most favoured to be knocked out from their orbital just because they are the most attracted electrons by their surroundings, and attraction comes from their number which is (6) and (6) could be divided by (1, 2, 3) easily. I think that the loss of carbon atom on planet earth is at increase.

The second atom in the line of decay is the hydrogen atom because of it’s unique electron which has no where where to hold and finish by integrating inside Higgs boson magnetic particles waves.

Calcites are easy targets to decay by Higgs boson magnetism and this is because of their weak composition, I imagine that 50% of calcites on planet earth are already under the process of decay and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism higher intensity; and this decay of calcites is a good source to catastrophes to occur.

Many other atoms are under threat of decaying, and their decaying will lead to the decomposition of many shapes of matter and all this because of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves strengthening as we have seen in the shown picture in the last post.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Announcement (123)

My compliments to Higgs boson for it’s superb creation to a full Higgs boson magnetic field; and this is because of the loaded energy in the whole diameter of our universe. In this announcement my decision to write again about Higgs boson discovery came from a deep vision about the development of particles’ density in space and this is what has to be explained and looked at from very close.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Announcement (122)

Higgs boson experiment is a unique experiment in particle physics because its not based on any sophisticated technology, its simple and it's main and important component is Higgs boson hidden inside Rugosa corals. Higgs boson experiment is represented in the building of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); it could be open or closed. This announcement is holding inside it a description to Higgs boson experiment, it's components and it's aim.                                                                    

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Announcement (121)

Ideas are accumulating due to Higgs boson experiment effects in reality; nobody can ignore that new natural phenomena are at occurrence and talking about them is good revelation to remind people's interests in Higgs boson discovery. In this announcement I am willing to bring to light five new phenomena on earth to add more proofs to Higgs boson experiment effects on earth.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Announcement (120)

Things are getting worse and budgets are increasing day after day to fix the made damages by the water molecule; humanity is becoming poorer and poorer by the sudden calamities provoked by heavy rain, heavy snow, floods, earthquakes,

damage to agricultural products, viruses infections and wild fires. In this announcement my words are forwarded to the governments of the world to find good advisers to their decisions of how to deal with Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth.

My imagination to the worse is becoming reality as the water molecule is at increase on planet earth and many lands are submerging under it; and this process is fastening and winning time to leave humanity vision of how to face it behind. My previsions to a world under water were announced long time ago and unfortunately these previsions are still marginalized to the extreme because humans' thinking is still narrowed by ignorance and by arrogance, and the shocking thing is that my proofs to Higgs boson discovery are very convincing but not taken seriously.

The governments of the world will be incapable to fix what it has been decayed by Higgs boson magnetism and running away from what will be decayed will be the only solution to leave behind poverty, damage, misery, inundated lands, food shortness, broken legs and an image of shock; all this because of a suspended discovery in particle physics; a discovery which is imposing it's rules in our universe.

I am not blaming anyone on earth except my blame is on CERN's scientists because they are the first responsible of all the made damage by Higgs boson experiment. CERN's scientists are still ignoring my talk and any complain about Higgs boson experiment in the future have to be put on them, and any guilt of the damage on earth should be put on CERN's scientists. I am stating these words to say to the world that I am an innocent man who is fighting for his rights of discovery.

To end this post I must say that my talk should be estimated by all scientific communities in the world and this is for their interest to save their reputation as scientists otherwise all the blame will be on them by future generations, and history will witness against them for their failure of not cooperating with Higgs boson discoverer, so please be responsible and face reality as it is because there is no escape from it.   

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Announcement (119)

Inspirational ideas never come without a strong belief, but ideas are here and there and the question is; are they consistent or not? Never mind!! Here I am to feed your brain with five superb ideas concerning the new era of life.

I am sure that quarks behavior is an unprecedented idea in particle physics; quarks behavior idea is born from Higgs boson experiment inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); quarks leaving to this system have the power to unleash a revolution inside the global weather system by creating winds and depressions to change the weather in it's four seasons. I think that the idea of quarks behavior should be studied deeply and taken by particle physics communities seriously.

Another idea which is also unique is quarks submission; quarks submission is a well managed process which is guided by Higgs boson experiment, I think that the idea here is to manipulate clouds direction. The time and  Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) setting are chosen in order to control clouds through the use of quarks power of pulling to particles in the atmosphere.

I would like to add a third idea which is Higgs boson magnetism creation; how come that someone is talking about Higgs boson discovery and can't put it at work to create it's magnetism? The idea here is about Higgs boson as an engine to switch on; and to do so the solution is to have the knowledge of all components which are particpating in the building of Higgs boson, Higgs boson magnetism and all other energies which can make Higgs boson switched on; I think that most of the posts in this blog are about the idea of the creation of Higgs boson magnetism.

I should remind you about the idea of a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); this last is 100% helium catcher and it's achievement could never happen without Higgs boson inside it; and that's why this idea is the first in history and the people whom are still investing their time and their money to build a true Bose 
Einstein Condensate system (BECs) should wake up and take this idea seriously.

To finish this post I love to add a last idea which is clouds accumulation; clouds could be accumulated to their maximum by the control of the energies' levels inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), the more energies are higher the more accumulation to clouds; and this process could be managed through the management of the speed of clouds, and the secret of this idea is the level of the submitted quarks in the atmosphere.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Announcement (118)

The sponsors of Higgs boson are not premature yet, and their contract is not signed yet; so Higgs boson discoverer is the only person who is supporting Higgs boson as the master of all particles on earth. In this announcement I am finding my self pushing some interested people to Higgs boson subject to open their wallets and to be generous by buying a small window for their advertisement within this blog, and the matter here is not about money but its about conviction of a discovery.

The sponsors whom I am looking for are people with logos, companies with signs and professionals wanting further recognition by the readers of this blog. I think that by advertising in this blog a recognition to Higgs boson discoverer will be succeed, and valuable achievements will be set to shut the mouth of those criticizing my style of life because their thinking of making money is still primitive.

The sponsors whom I am looking for are well known people adding their picture to this blog to show support to Higgs boson discovery and to influence the rest of the world that they are convinced by at least one sentence of truth which has been said in this blog and I am sure that there are more than thousands of sentences of truth in this blog. These sponsors are the source of triumph to Higgs boson discovery.

I think that Higgs boson discoverer deserve to shake good hands; hands of conviction to his achievements in particle physics, in chemistry, in biology, in writing and in ideas revelation. And here I have to assure these sponsors that they are shaking a hand of a man who believes in success and in renovation, a man who is leading the world in the new era of life where Higgs boson has the last word.

My writing to this post is also built on a deep vision which is showing billions of people will come to this blog and looking at it's words one by one; so the opportunity to show what you want to show in a small window is an opportunity not be missed.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Announcement (117)

This announcement has to raise awareness about soustraction formula and it's occurrence on planet earth; the change of life on earth is happening very fast and this is because of Higgs boson experiment use to soustraction formula and it's negative side; this negative side is representing the destructive side to all particles. I think that by bringing five examples of soustraction negativity our subject will be completed.

The first example explaining soustraction formula in it's negativity is electricity loss to it's charges; Higgs boson magnetism is pulling more electrical charges into the atmosphere and this is what makes lightning increase around the world obvious. Lightning has increased about 89% due to (-1) charge from all sources of electricity to add it into the atmosphere. I think that humanity will face a serious challenge of electricity shortness.

The second example explaining soustraction formula in it's negativity is trees extinction; trees extinction is one of Higgs boson experiment proofs, and this extinction of trees is due to many created conditions by Higgs boson experiment; these conditions are good tools of soustraction formula negativity  and some of these tools are: wild fires, drought, trees fast growth, water abundance, excessive snow, excessive heat, soil decomposition, bigger time particles integration and the change in chemicals' formation.

The third example explaining soustraction formula in it's negativity is rivers disappearance; many rivers around the world will disappear because of the excessive water molecule on planet earth; rivers submersion is represented in the soustraction negativity of water from seas, oceans, water extraction from solids and chemicals interaction to produce the water molecule; all these states of water are the cause of rivers disappearance under water.

The fourth example explaining soustraction formula in it's negativity is fish disappearance from seas and oceans; we already know that fish mass death is made by many causes and these causes are representing soustraction formula positivity for example a (+1) temperature is equal to (-1) fish; and this last is 
representing soustraction negativity.

The last example explaining soustraction formula in it's negativity is ice melting; the ice is substituted from the surface of planet earth because of many created conditions by Higgs boson experiment and such conditions are: Higgs boson magnetism decay to ice molecule, the increase of temperature, heavy rain, the increase of heat waves, sand storms, milder air dominance and hotter bottom of earth. Simply the soustraction formula negativity is obvious in (-1) of ice.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Announcement (116)

Life of the 21st century will become the slowest in all last 2000 years and this is because of Higgs boson experiment; I mean by slow life; all natural mechanisms acceleration achieves it's highest level of speed to approach zero and becomes almost constant, and the cause of this state is Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown. I know I am talking about something not visible but it's results will be more obvious day after day.

My understanding to the speed up of all natural mechanisms is linked to my understanding to Higgs boson magnetism acceleration; Higgs boson acceleration has a maximum point which is the highest point of a sinusoidal wave, and at this point all natural mechanisms also achieve the maximum point of acceleration and this is where the decay of all particles also achieves it's highest level of the fastest 
decay. I think that the statement above could be explained through the graph below

I think that Higgs boson magnetism acceleration had achieved it's highest point due to the extensive experiments on Higgs boson during the last 6 years and this is what 
has implemented an integration of all particles in the process of decay.

To add another comprehension of time integration I have to remind you about space wining by our universe and space leaving; our universe is wining space of the past to integrate longer and wider time particles and this is what has a huge influence on all natural mechanisms acceleration by making them slower. And also our universe is leaving the actual space to become a space of the past.

I should recon that the highest point of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration has been achieved and this is what will make our universe decaying at it's highest records of time; and this is what will make the travel back of all particles fastening at records breaking of time.  

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Announcement (115)

Fish is dying and the world is seeing!! Scientists of the world are still raising questions; how come that tons and tons of fish is dying in many areas around the world? The last two posts have shown good explanation to the real causes of dead 

fish, and don't be surprised when you will see mass death of fish almost everyday, and I think that scientists have to come to their reason to announce the real causes of dead fish; these causes could never accumulate without Higgs boson experiment.
Picture from CNN showing tons of dead fish 

The boom of grasses and flowers in the desert shouldn't be ignored as proofs to Higgs boson experiment because of the change in the global weather system which is a good sign of our universe travel back, here also don't be surprised when you will see deserts around the world greener than ever and the shocking scene is coming by the growth of old era plants and trees in the most lucrative places in the world. The picture below is showing the booming of flowers in the Californian desert.
Instagram Photo/Jamie Bannon flower

Snails are making serious invasion to gardens and this is because of the abundance of natural proteins which are produced by Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to amino acids in nature. The world has to accept the appearance of giant snails in the nearest future because of the easy integration of time particles of the past which are bigger than the actual ones inside natural proteins, fats and amino acids. The picture below is showing a huge new generation of snails.
Picture from Applesnail-net

My vision is telling me that many living organisms are under construction because of Higgs boson magnetism reversing to DNA and manipulating natural fats, and a good example of these creatures is jelly fish. Jelly fish invasion to seas is already a huge challenge to fisher men, and the picture below is showing one of the new constructed jelly fish.

 Picture by Forster's Vicki Stewart

I am seeing a very morose picture to planet earth because of the extinction of most known animals; and this extinction of animals is due to Higgs boson experiment and its not due to carbon emission theory. Also the world has to prepare to deal with new kind of animals to replace the provision of white and red meat.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Announcement (114)

I think that the subject of the causes of the death of fish has to be continued in this announcement because its bringing with it good proofs to Higgs boson experiment. The talk about five causes of the death of fish in seas, rivers and lakes is the subject of this post.

Small size volcanoes eruption in the bottom of the sea is causing huge change in the temperature of seawater and it's chemicals composition, and this is whats leading fish to die. Higgs boson magnetism is the main cause to volcanoes to generate because of the increase in temperature in the bottom of earth, and it has three effects on soil particles by speeding their rotations, decaying them and creating cracks and breaks.

The growth of parasites in rivers, lakes and seawater is at it's beginning, and this growth is due to the rise of temperature, higher rain acids, molecules decomposition, Higgs boson magnetism reversing to DNA and the increase of alpha particles on earth. I think that the cited conditions are leading to parasites, bacteria and viruses to grow very fast and competing fish in food consummation, and the more less food in water the more dead fish.

Fish advance to seashores is becoming a difficult task because of continents coasts erosion; intense storms are ravaging coasts to pollute them with many debris such as soil particles, sewage waists and many other kind of debris. Fish is deprived from food because of it's escape from dirty coasts.

Higher tides are also playing a serious role in fish death because high tides are becoming higher and this means a destabilization to seas' ecosystem by the change of temperature, bleaching to sea coasts and the change in the growth of living organisms; this situation is the creator to total confusion in fish life and this is what provokes death.

The death of fish is also provoked by Higgs boson magnetic sonors waves; these last are more effective in water and their vibrations are very annoying to fish and this is what creates a situation of unsupported life. Simply Higgs boson magnetic sonors waves are a good tool to extinct all fish.  

I hope I will be back with more causes of fish death on planet earth; because the world has no escape from this phenomenon which is at very fast process.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Announcement (113)

The correlation of weather space and the death of fish in the sea must be understood to conclude that Higgs boson experiment effects on everything is at process. In this announcement I am willing to talk about five causes of the death of fish in seas, rivers and lakes.

The first cause of fish death is higher level of sulphur on earth; we already know that sulphur is the first chemical to be freed in the atmosphere because of Higgs boson magnetism decaying to soil; sulphur has many ways to be spread and to mix with water and contaminating it; and this is what provokes death to fish.

The second cause of fish death is methane spilling from the bottom of earth; methane escapes from soil is at dramatic increase and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism destabilization to soil; fissures inside earth are getting larger and larger to allow methane spreading inside seawater to kill fish. Also permafrost is at it's highest levels ever to make methane occupying more space in the atmosphere and mixing with rain water to poison fish inside rivers and lakes. I think that the escape of methane from the bottom of earth is making many living organisms having difficulties to breath to finish by dying.

The third cause of fish death is waters warming on planet earth; waters are warming to deprive fish from oxygen because the more water is warm the less oxygen inside it. The temperature is rising on planet earth because of Higgs boson experiment speeding up all mechanisms in our universe; and such mechanisms are: chemicals interactions increase, Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles, the sun's heat increase because of it's higher number of intense storms, alpha particles acrobats in the atmosphere and water less density because of Higgs boson magnetism decay to molecules and particles inside it.

The fourth cause of fish death is higher level of stress; fish is getting stressed because of the change of the ecosystem because of higher temperature, dead sea weed, the change in seawater chemicals such as less sodium and other minerals, the increase of calcite particles in seawater, stronger sea current and higher rain acids. I think that many living organisms are under higher stress and this is what makes their death imminent.

The last cause of fish death is ice melting; both poles are adding to seawater huge amounts of mild water to change it's composition, also higher running rivers and heavy rain are participating in this process to confuse many kind of fish in which area to settle; simply fish finish by dying.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Announcement (112)

Particles' condensation was made by Higgs boson magnetism at the beginning of the construction of our universe; because Higgs boson magnetism wasn't a puller but contrarily it was a pusher; and this means that particles were ejected to take a 

forwards direction to accumulate and form planets and stars, and what its noticeable is that Higgs boson breaking process is the creator to many needed particles such as glue balls, majorana fermions and quarks otherwise the condensation of our universe could never happen.

The condensation of planets was made by Higgs boson synchronization to particles' movement and planet earth had the great chance of this synchronization to set all chemicals in the right position to create life; and this set of chemicals was a perfect preparation to human beings where to settle. A good example to the perfect synchronization of planet earth particles is in it's distance between it and the sun because the absorbed energy by planet earth from the sun is measured at one of a billion of perfection.

The law of preference is chosen by Higgs boson magnetism to carry particles and placing them depending on their level of energy for example the water molecule has existed from the beginning of the construction of our universe and most of it was placed in few planets and because of the power of pushing of Higgs boson magnetism the water molecule had special places where to condensate and such places are planet earth, Uranus and Neptune.

The condensation of particles inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) has showed us that sulphur is the first chemical to condensate and this means that sulphur was the last chemical to condensate at the beginning of our universe construction. I think that the hypothesis above is built on real experiment, also sulphur atom number of electrons can reveal to us the perfection of the closing of any particles' ring; so the closing of all particles' rings in our universe was made by sulphur atom addition and that's why the opening of these rings must be done by the 
soustraction of the sulphur atom.

I have to recon that the total of electrons of one water molecule plus one sulphur 
atom is equal to (26), and (26) is a closed number; and this means that by the water molecule extraction the interaction of sulphur sulphur is an obligation because the equality of energies is made by preference to interact, and a good example of this accumulation is planet Mars.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Announcement (111)

My intention to write this announcement is to bring out few ideas from the shadow to light in order to make a better understanding to the change of natural phenomena on planet earth; these ideas are born due to Higgs boson experiment results.

The widening of planet earth orbit is a real fact made by Higgs boson magnetism pulling to planet earth to take wider direction and this is what will affect time on planet earth by making it longer; so I imagine that a year on earth will gain gradually hours, days and so on. The widening of planet earth orbit has huge impact on seasons, on plant growth, on humans, on animals and on all living organisms because earth is entering to a space which is not it's space; so the change in chemicals formation is a must and this is what will lead to a total change of life.

One of the most provocators to the increase of temperature on planet earth is the sun's heat spreading inside the solar system; this sun's heat spreading is made by Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the sun's energy to create huge storms capable of achieving up to 6000000 Km in space and this means that planets such as Uranus is under threat of melting due to the very high absorbed heat from these storms. Also planet earth will not be spared from intense heat and the damage will be inevitable.

Light rain is also one of Higgs boson experiment effects which should be looked at with attention; light rain is becoming more frequent because of less condensation in clouds and it's participation in metal corrosion is so huge; metals are suffering from being wet and dry so many times withing few hours and by this metals are assisting the highest levels of corrosion ever. I have to say that light rain is also affecting living organisms such as trees' leaves, fruits, vegetables, wood and buildings' paint.

My hypothesis to monitochs is true and real and it has all supporting evidences; what could be seen in the atmosphere is auroras made of pillars; and these pillars could never have shape without monitochs intensity. As we already know that monitochs are the products of the decay of subatomic particles; the increase of the decayed particles means the increase of monitochs, and the increase of monitochs means the increase of the decay of particles until when there will be no bigger particles than monitochs and here where inflation of our universe will achieve it's maximum to start emptying all monitochs inside universe five.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Announcement (110)

Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth are numerous and by this occasion I decided to explain five of them. Just to remind the new readers to this blog that the effects which I am talking about are real and they are resulted from Higgs boson work inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

The first made effect by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is very high clouds in the sky; the water molecule is travelling very high in the sky because its pulled by Higgs boson magnetism, and also because its finding less dense atmosphere; so it has more space to occupy. High clouds are good producers to heavy rain and hail with bigger size.

The second made effect by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is the decrease of fruits production; trees are under stress than ever and this is because of the change in the global weather system, trees are receiving higher level of heat, stronger frost, higher temperature in winter and colder air in summer, also strong winds in spring to make trees' flowers falling. Fruit production is at constant decrease to finish by extinction of all kind of fruits.

The third made effect by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is rivers burst; rivers are bursting because of successive storms bringing enormous amount of rain; the creation of storms is winning time and instead of monthly storms; weekly storms are dominating the weather system because all weather mechanisms are becoming faster; the creation of depressions are in time breaking to form dense clouds and heavy rain to make rivers burst a usual phenomenon.

The fourth made effect by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is sand storms; sand storms had achieved unprecedented level of intensity and this is because of strong winds, Higgs boson magnetism pulling to sand particles and depressions occurrence in the desert. Sand storms have serious effects on the environment by provoking trees death, animals death, air pollution, damage to industrial machines, cars and lorries.

The last made effect by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is molecules decomposition; the decomposition of molecules is one of the most serious effect made by Higgs boson magnetism. Higgs boson magnetism is capable of detaching atoms from each other and this is through it's vibrational rotations; atoms simply can't resist to Higgs boson magnetism and finish by becoming free to unshape the molecules formation. The molecules decomposition could be seen in many scenes such as ice melting, the increase of lava due to soil decomposition and trees foliage which is becoming unseasonably occurred.

Again I will be back with more of Higgs boson experiment effects in future posts; and these effects are simply good proofs to the occurred change on planet earth.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Announcement (109)

Higgs boson insurrections are made to give lessons to humanity for it's ignorance to a discovery in particle physics; this discovery was made by a little man accidentally, and with luck this man showed to the world his capabilities of proving it. In this 

announcement a talk about few of Higgs boson insurrections is a wise idea to remind those ignorant to Higgs boson experiment that they are under attack by the change of everything surrounding them.

The rise in temperature on planet earth will be in records breaking month after month and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles, the speed of particles' rotations, the increase in chemicals interactions, the increase in the sun's heat and both poles ice melting. Humanity is already suffering from the rise of temperature, and such suffering could be seen in the increase of avalanches, the increase of moisture, higher levels of humidity, air pollution and huge waist of agricultural products.

Another insurrection which is made by Higgs boson is heavy rain; the amount of rain in many areas in the world is at it's highest levels ever, and this records breaking of rain are not coming from nothing but they are the result of well managed clouds movements made by Higgs boson magnetism. Higgs boson magnetism is able to manipulate clouds and to make them condensate at very high level to produce intense precipitation.

I shouldn't forget strong winds which are becoming daily phenomenon; these winds are created by quarks submission to lead to huge depressions. Strong winds damage is inevitable and is making breaking news almost everyday.

Volcanoes' eruption is making headlines in news media and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism effects on the bottom of earth are at constant increase and such effects are: the increase of gases combustion, chemicals interactions which are increasing temperature on earth, soil decay participation in the increase of magma, soil decaying opening roots to magma to flow, the increase of earthquakes helping magma to find it's way to the surface of earth, Higgs boson magnetism destabilization to soil and monitochs increase in the bottom of earth creating holes with their rotations' speed.

Finally; Higgs boson insurrections shouldn't be underestimated because their effects on planet earth are unlimited and humanity should wake up now better than later.   

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Announcement (108)

In this announcement I am willing to talk about glue balls as subatomic particles as key players in the formation of matter; glue balls existence is in everything even in subatomic particles themselves because any little dot is formed of (3) particles to 

build a (π) shape; and this means that any free subatomic particle doesn't exist without it's link to (2) other particles; and this link is made of glue balls; and this means that any matter contains at least (6) subatomic particles. The figure below is showing the smallest dot in any matter with the presence of (3) glue balls.

Glue balls qualities are numerable and one of them is glue balls availability each time needed to link any subatomic particle and by this I recon that the total of glue balls is equal to the total of all existing particles in our universe; because each particle is in need to one glue ball to be linked to another one. What is interesting to know is that glue balls could be linked to each other to condensate inside a closed Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and the picture below is a proof of this statement.
Picture showing glue balls condensation inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)

I would like to add another quality of glue balls which is glue balls interaction with all kind of matter; glue balls are able to attach to any surface of any matter and this is through their quality of gluing two particles without changing their composition. The fact of gluing by glue balls could be seen in the figure below.

Glue balls are also capable of attaching big masses and this is through their quality of condensation to bigger size; I think that all big masses are attached through this quality of glue balls; and this means that glue balls are able to attach to each other in order to link huge masses such as planet earth, and the figure below is showing this quality of glue balls.


Saturday, 4 March 2017

Announcement (107)

47% of the decayed particles are easy and simple to decay by Higgs boson magnetism because they represent gases in our universe and the rest of particles could be decayed by the increase of their rotations speed and such particles are: 

hadrons, neutrons, protons, and electrons, and the last kind of particles which could be decayed by the use of Higgs boson sonors or vibrational waves are sub subtomic particles such as majorana fermions, glue balls and quarks. The process of the decay to particles is to turn everything to it's first source which is monitochs or equal particles in masses. In this announcement I love to talk about particles decay as a result of Higgs boson experiment.

Here I am bringing few proofs of the decay of masses on earth; the occurrence of unprecedented number of avalanches is simply an image of the decay of ice due to Higgs boson magnetism penetration inside it to provoke holes then avalanches. Sinkholes also are good proof of the decay of soil particles; soil is becoming soft and more flat to finish by creating sinkholes; and this soil decay is made by Higgs boson magnetism vibration to it's particles, and the increase of earthquakes shouldn't be underestimated because Higgs boson magnetism effects are so many inside the bottom of earth and these effects are: the allowance of gases to escape from the bottom of earth such as methane, the increase of chemicals interaction inside the bottom of earth to make it flat due to the creation of softer areas to facilitate earthquakes to occur and the displacement of huge areas the size of India makes earthquakes imminent to occur. I think that due to the decay of masses on earth catastrophes will be a daily events around the world.

There are also many kinds of decay to masses such as the decay of molecules which could be seen in many scenes; I think that wood is the most vulnerable to decay fast and it's causes of decaying are so many such as higher temperature, strong frost and Higgs boson magnetism knocking out the electrons of it's cells' atoms, corrosion is at it's highest levels due to the abundance of water and the increase of the sun's heat. I should add the decay of trees' trunks due to the loss of many chemicals of their cells.

My ending to this post is by adding another cause of masses decaying; the sent sonors waves by Higgs boson of the first universe have a huge impact on everything decay and this is because of these waves size which is ten times bigger than the sonors of Higgs boson of planet earth.