Thursday, 27 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (27)

I said that everything is on my side from the tinniest single particle to the whole universe because we are living in an age of Higgs boson magnetic field where everything is in obedience of this field; the power of Higgs boson control to anything should be estimated, 

respected and recognized, if not human beings are living in dark age. Here I am showing to the world how Higgs boson experiment has changed planet earth in a difficult place to understand and where to live because many surprising things are happening in the sky and in land, and sentences of rare storms surge, rare amount of rain, rare intense wildfires, rare heat waves and rare hailstorms are taking place in media headlines everyday. In this post I am willing to add three occurring changes in natural phenomena inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame to close it for the time being.

The pigeons' age of communication is coming back sooner or later because Higgs boson magnetism is able to break all kind of waves such as radar waves, radio waves, and all satellite's waves because it has the most strong waves made by the tinniest vibrational particles. I am afraid that human beings have to prepare for an age before the dark age in communication, and I think that the secret behind the means of communication loss is the change in the most chemicals which are composing the atmosphere from big particles such as molecules to smaller, smaller and smaller ones.

The name of hailstorms has just taken place in weather news because of it's damaging impact on everything on land; hailstorms are a result of Higgs boson experiment because this experiment had caused clouds to travel very high in the sky in a mushroom shape to form huge size of hail and to fall very fast because of it's heavy weight; the result is simply damage to trees, cars and even roofs. I think that hailstorms have a good proof to Higgs boson experiment and they should occupy a respectable space inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame as a headline.

Sudden, intense and with heavy rain storms are the new model of storms of the new era of life; they are more destructive and floods maker. Storms of the new era of life are produced by Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds movements and to the winds directions, and they occupy very high space in the sky.
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