Monday, 23 March 2015

Higgs Boson Speed

Human beings are the weakest link to high speed and to resolve this problem a need to understand Higgs boson speed is an obligation; the first of all three elements have the priority to be cited and these elements are: speed magnitude, acceleration and mass or energy. Also it is important to know how Higgs boson deals with these elements and how to manipulate them in order to achieve everything’s equilibrium. I think that this post comes as a last stone to clarify Higgs boson role as a master piece in Particle Physics.

Let’s start with speed magnitude and Higgs boson as it’s regulator; as we already know that everything has it’s own speed and the total speed of everything is equal to 1 because in reality everything’s speed is subjected to a (π) shape, and because everything has it’s anti everything that means that a second speed has also a (π) shape. My understanding to Higgs boson speed magnitude is as follow; (1) + (1) = (π1) + (π2), that means that (2) = (3.1) + (3.1) and this leads to (2) = (6.2)

I am sure that many people out there disagree with me by seeing the equality to two different numbers but in reality an accelerated tennis ball to Higgs boson speed will be equal to (2) circles and also equal to (6.2) long. I think another good example to this situation is our universe once under Higgs boson speed will be equal to 2(π) and to (6.2) long.

Higgs boson acceleration was already discussed in many occasions in this blog and it is the source of Higgs boson speed, the speed I am talking about makes everything leaned to Higgs boson magnetic field. Also soustraction which works under the formula of (+1, -1) pushes Higgs boson speed magnitude up by (+1) each time it does occur. I am sure that the following example will clarify this idea; a car can go fast when it’s acceleration is at it’s maximum and it can go faster when it is carrying less people on it.

The third element which has a link to Higgs boson speed is mass or energy and it has to be considered as a key element to everything; we have already seen in “Higgs Boson Discovered” post that g-force has a connection to energy and speed, and through the equation below we understand that energy or mass and g-force have a direct link to Higgs boson speed.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (18-1)

In this post Higgs boson syndication has to concentrate on floods and their causes of occurrence; we have to know that one of the new era aspects are floods as the excessiveness of water is an obligation to decompose planet earth’s mass and make our universe travel back possible. Simply water will dominate most of land for the time being to evaporate very high into the sky; this process is manipulated by Higgs boson synchronization to the weather system. I would like to talk about floods because the whole world witnessed many of them in a short time and their causes are so many. By sharing five causes of floods the subject of this post will be mostly covered.

The first cause of floods is heavy rain; for the last two years heavy rain became usual; the world had seen many floods such as the Malawi’s flood, Wales’ flood and Balkan’s flood. The elements participating in the construction of heavy rain are explained in “Higgs Boson Heavy Rains” post.

The second cause of floods is the combination of heavy snow and heat; generally depressions of the new era of life work under the formula of (+1, -1); it is simply because all streams around the world are taking a sinusoidal wave shape; that means a cold weather which brings heavy snow is followed by warm weather which makes the snow melting and the result of this mechanism is floods.

The third cause of floods is the underground water rising; when underground water rises it provokes serious floods and this is due to the water sources diversity and water accumulation; the most important source of water is seawater, once this last is mixed with underground water a flooding of a huge area is imminent.

The fourth cause of floods is water extraction; huge amounts of water are added to the existing amount of water on earth; this addition of water is produced from the chemicals interactions in nature, one of these interactions is methane with carbon dioxide and oxygen; the chemical equation below is showing how four water molecules could be produced

Methane + Carbon Dioxide + Oxygen → Carbon Dioxide + Water
CH4 + CO2 + O8 → 2CO2 + 4H8O

By water extraction land gets irrigated constantly and this makes floods easy to occur.

The last cause of floods is seabed rising; as we already know that land and beaches are under Higgs boson mechanism which is represented in the formula of (+1, -1) that means that (+1) grain of sand or earth to the seabed is equal to (-1) grain of sand or earth from beaches and from land; and by controversy a (+1) of water is added to beaches and land, from this mechanism  we understand that seas, oceans and rivers are rising faster enough to cause floods.

To close this post I would like to remember you that the new era of life is full of floods and I am sure that so many communities will struggle with the water excessiveness on land.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (17-1)

In god’s name I am here to tell you the truth and only the truth about Higgs boson reality; this reality is in front of you, behind you, on top of you and beneath you. I am sure that you can see how Higgs boson has changed the climate all around the world. Don’t you see how clouds are moving in high speed? Don’t you see how the sun is shining almost every day? Don’t you see how the rain became heavy most of the time? Don’t you see that dusty winds are invading northern countries? Don’t you see that the North Pole is melting faster than it never did? Don’t you see that the sea is rising very fast week after week? Don’t you see that avalanches are occurring in every high mountain? Don’t you see that floods are present almost every day around the world? Don’t you see that magma is occupying more surfaces on earth? Don’t you see that marine creatures are dying in mass every day? Don’t you see that the moon looks bigger than it had never been? Don’t you see that the northern light is seen so often? Don’t you see that the beaches’ sand is dropped faster into the sea? Don’t you see that the sea waves are rotational and pull everything they come on? Don’t you see how many reasonable titles I wrote about Higgs boson? Don’t you see that walls are shrinking? Don’t you see that paves' streets are becoming inadequate? Don’t you see that there are so many flowers everywhere? Don’t you see that there are less birds in nature? Don’t you see gusty winds most of the time? Don’t you see how much snow fallen in some areas in the world? Don’t you see rain records, sunny days’ records, snow records, cold records and temperature records around the world? Don’t you see that trees are growing faster and started damaging streets? Don’t you see earthquakes number records? Don’t you see activated volcanoes number records? Don’t you see sinkholes all around the world? Don’t you see that hurricanes moved to Australia instead of America? Don’t you see that I am the only person on earth speaking about Higgs boson experiment? Don’t you see how wood is degrading very fast? Don’t you see that landslips are happening almost every day in the world? Don’t you see that rivers had achieved their higher level record? Don’t you see that mosquitoes and bees are getting bigger than normal? Don’t you see that mountains are decaying slowly and surely? Don’t you see that satellite pictures are interrupted by short cuts?

Finally, after all what it has been said I am sure that you are seeing at least one of the phenomena cited above; and this phenomenon you are seeing is my proof to my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Higgs Boson Soustraction (5)

In this post I am willing to catch some aspects of Higgs boson soustraction in nature and as we already know that there are no limits to Higgs boson soustraction operation in the whole universe. I think that by bringing five ideas of Higgs boson soustraction will be the subject of this article.

The first idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is the soil degradation; the soil is degrading because of the combination of water and heat and also because of alpha particles interaction. The soustraction in this situation could be explained by the formula of (+1, -1), and the suggested chemical equation below has the explanation to soil degradation

Sodium + Water + Heat → Soluble Sodium

The second idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is the beaches’ sand; beaches’ sand is under Higgs boson magnetism which makes it subjected to the formula of (+1, -1); the (+1) water molecule is mirrored to (-1) sand’s grain, and because the sea is rising that means less sand in beaches which leads to the geographic deformation of sea coasts.

The third idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is magma; magma is substituted from under the earth to be added to it’s surface; this soustraction is energised by quarks assumption and pulled by Higgs boson magnetism. I think that what we are seeing around the world of ejected magma is a good sign of Higgs boson soustraction.

The fourth idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is wood degradation; wood degradation in the new era of life is activated by many elements such as heat, water, ice, sulphur, wind and many more; wood looses it’s cells due to it’s interaction with these elements .

The last idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is stars substitution from our universe; stars carbon gets decayed and pulled towards the 5th universe until most of stars get disappeared. I think that professionals in telescopy will notice that there will be fewer stars in the sky and there will be no surprise in stars soustraction.

My intention from talking about Higgs boson soustraction is to raise awareness of Higgs boson experiment; this experiment will bring more soustractions in our universe in the future and humanity should understand and learn how to deal with them.    

Higgs Boson Insurrection (5)

I can see that the world is still silent and didn't take any action about Higgs boson insurrection yet, I think that some people started to understand Higgs boson experiment in reality and it’s influence on their daily life. We have seen lately that the snow took it’s part of the lion in Media, and the world climate change is spreading in journals’ writings. In this post Higgs boson insurrection will be concentrated on agricultural land transformation; this transformation has many causes and I would like to cite five example of it.

The first example of agricultural land transformation is heat; many areas in the world have their heat in the way of change; some areas are having more heat and others are having less heat and the cause of this new phenomenon is the clouds concentration in the sky. The insurrection in this situation is plants transformation that means that farmers should know what to plant.

The second example of agricultural land transformation is rain; rain of the new era is a necessity to transform the surface of agricultural land; its the magnitude of precipitation which is different from the old era precipitation magnitude by the quantity of rain by area. The rain which should be in Brazil now has moved to Libya and the rain which should be in Guatemala has moved to Finland.

The third example of agricultural land transformation is lightning; lightning has a huge impact on agricultural land deformation due to it’s absorption to agricultural land positive charges; each time a lightning occurs makes an unlimited number of positive charges disappearing from the land’s surface. Simply lightning provokes a loss in earth’s mass.

The fourth example of agricultural land transformation is a combination between alpha particles interaction with soil and the water molecule weight; this agricultural land transformation simply represents low lands as we already seen in an earlier post how they compose; alpha particles interaction with soil makes this last soft and weak and the water accumulation weight on the surface of soil makes it flat.

The last example of agricultural land transformation is water; water can transform any land by transporting it’s particles down to rivers, seas and oceans and because the water molecule is in increase on planet earth it’s transformation to agricultural land becomes a serious matter.

My intention from this post is to tell to people that hits are happening and you should wake up to know what’s happening around you. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Higgs Boson The Finalist

From the title of this post we understand that in Higgs boson field everything is put in order and in a fine manner from the single quark to the whole universe, maybe some people think that our travel back will put everything in anarchy and chaos, this is totally wrong because Higgs boson mechanism is built on (-1, +1), so any substituted atom or molecule will be replaced by a new one.

Higgs boson finalisation is based on Higgs boson sinusoidal waves and Higgs boson acoustic waves to create a perfect homogeny between particles, we can see this combination in many aspect of life such as high depressions, low depressions, volcanoes, rivers' burst and beaches level. It is also a complex of chemicals stratified in a fine order due to Higgs boson acoustic waves vibrations; this vibrations concass every energy to it’s lowest form which is three quarks and also rebuild higher energy forms starting from three quarks this is simply because Higgs boson field is build on 2(π).

Finalising Higgs boson as a particle is a long process as it contains many elements which are not possible to be seen due to the incapacity of the present technology. I always say that the only solution to innovate technologies is to use the available high room temperature superconductor to make it possible to fabricate developed tools capable of looking at the finniest particles and their elements. The system I created Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is the only answer to fabricate a high room temperature superconductor with (100) per cent efficiency.

Higgs boson finalization has to pass through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) as it is the holder to all secrets of known and unknown matter, this matter could be presented in an unlimited sets of results depending on the kind of energy form used inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). After all this work and researches the discovery of Higgs boson started to give it’s fruits to humanity.

I think that to see Higgs boson finalization in natural phenomena is possible just with a little concentrated observation; I like to look at the speed of clouds is very impressive and at the sun rise in high depression day, or listening to birds singing in an early morning or to sea waves falling on the beaches. Higgs boson finalization is giving a sharp sense to life and we have just to notice this sharpness.

Finalization is a slowdown of Higgs boson sinusoidal waves to meet (π2) at it’s lowest energy and it is the reversal of time in the opposite direction to meet it each time at (+1), to understand this statement is by looking at the palmier tree; the more Higgs boson sinusoidal waves get towards (π2) it’s lowest energy the more the palmier tree gets bigger up to (10) times than it’s normal size, and that’s why I wrote “Higgs Boson Fish” post because some things are getting smaller and others are getting bigger.

To conclude this post I have to tell to the world to make good plans to adapt with the new era of life, and to all communities to become one in all and all in one and living in good neighbourhood if not a lot will be wasted.


Higgs Boson Soustraction (4)

Higgs boson soustraction (4) represents the empty space created during it’s process and it is also called negativity. Negativity should be taken seriously especially in weak areas based on chalk stones, calcite stones, sand stones,
lime stones and sodium carbonate stones; these five stones are the first ones to be dissolved and this is what I love to call stony soustraction. These stones are emptied from their space due to many causes. My intention and passion is to bring five causes which are responsible for the stony soustraction if not there will be no proofs to my experiment on Higgs boson.

The first cause of stony soustraction is winds; blowing winds of the new era as we have seen in “Higgs Boson Winds” post are numerous strong and rotational and their power is to bring higher stones down to the bottom of rivers and also to make the cited kind of stones above to lower mass by scratching their tiny particles.

The second cause of stony soustraction is heavy rains; I think “Higgs Boson Heavy Rains” post shouldn’t be missed as it holds all meanings to this situation. Heavy rain is a good polisher to all kind of the cited stones above to make them loosing their mass gradually. What we should remember about the heavy rains of the new era of life is that they are built on sinusoidal waves movement; they gave time intermediation to stones to dry and to become wet and so on; this time movement of rain makes the cited stones decaying into pieces.

The third cause of stony soustraction is alpha particles; one of the most important basic and essential objectives of Higgs boson experiment is to release alpha particles into the universe to act as agents to decompose many built atoms and molecules. Alpha particles have a direct impact to decompose the cited stones above by interacting with their atoms.

The fourth cause of stony soustraction is heat; we already know that heat will be our companion almost (1/3) of the days of the year that makes stones exposition to the sun’s heat a long time which makes the cited stones above cracking.

The last cause of stony soustraction is sulphur condensation; sulphur is the master chemical of the new era of life and it’s condensation is in increase day after day. The rain magnitude has an important role to depose huge quantities of sulphuric acids on the surface of the cited stones above to interact with them, the results of this process are decomposed stones.

I would like to conclude this post by making a call to all humanity to have a look at the decomposed stones how they are decaying and to take my call seriously because is holding in it real proofs of my experiment on Higgs boson.

Higgs Boson Soustraction (3)

Again here I am looking for soustractions occurrence between atoms and molecules; I have found that they should be well organized, explained and well presented to you in order to acquire some knowledge about whats going on in our universe. Soustraction is a work done inside a whole system which is under Higgs boson magnetic field. Not only soustraction should be understood as a beginning of construction of a new world because it feeds (+1) in Higgs boson mechanism but also as transformer of our world to a new one from (π1) to (π2)  . In this post I would like to share five ideas about soustraction as a feeder from the first (π1) to the second (π2) of Higgs boson field in which we are living in.

The first idea about soustraction as a feeder from the first (π1) to the second (π2) of Higgs boson field is the sun’s heat; let’s say that the sun (π1) and earth is (π2), and the soustraction objective under Higgs boson mechanism is to transform (-1) from (π1) to (π2); the result of this operation is the increase in temperature on planet earth.

The second idea about soustraction as a feeder from the first (π1) to the second (π2) of Higgs boson field is rain; rain could be a major problem to humanity as a result of Higgs boson soustraction, transformation of rain from an area to another is already apparent as a new phenomenon. That means that (π2) could be anywhere in the world and it's strangeness is already seen in the rain of the North Pole, Australia and the Big Sahara.

The third idea about soustraction as a feeder from the first (π1) to the second (π2) of Higgs boson field is fog; fog becomes a key player to extract the water molecule from (π1) which is earth to (π2) which is the atmosphere. The reason from higher dense fog is to make planet earth lighter and to get manipulated easier by Higgs boson magnetism; this form of soustraction is applicable on all planets and stars.

The fourth idea about soustraction as a feeder from the first (π1) to the second (π2) of Higgs boson field is bank accounts; bank accounts will be substituted from an account to another simply because of the supercomputers chips components which will loose their efficiency; the protons, neutrons and electrons of the atoms’ components will loose their quarks to lower energy; that makes soustraction transaction between accounts uncontrollable, and the result of this soustraction is a real mess in bank accounts.

The last idea about soustraction as a feeder from the first (π1) to the second (π2) of Higgs boson field is satellite communication; satellite communication will not survive from Higgs boson acoustic waves; this last will absorb the communication's waves and incorporate them inside it, the result from this action is lost data. For sure this soustraction will make the change in the world approaching faster.

I will come back in the future with more of Higgs boson soustraction signs because I am seeing millions of them out there. To finish this post I must tell to the world to prepare for the big changes of the new era.