Friday, 13 March 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (18-1)

In this post Higgs boson syndication has to concentrate on floods and their causes of occurrence; we have to know that one of the new era aspects are floods as the excessiveness of water is an obligation to decompose planet earth’s mass and make our universe travel back possible. Simply water will dominate most of land for the time being to evaporate very high into the sky; this process is manipulated by Higgs boson synchronization to the weather system. I would like to talk about floods because the whole world witnessed many of them in a short time and their causes are so many. By sharing five causes of floods the subject of this post will be mostly covered.

The first cause of floods is heavy rain; for the last two years heavy rain became usual; the world had seen many floods such as the Malawi’s flood, Wales’ flood and Balkan’s flood. The elements participating in the construction of heavy rain are explained in “Higgs Boson Heavy Rains” post.

The second cause of floods is the combination of heavy snow and heat; generally depressions of the new era of life work under the formula of (+1, -1); it is simply because all streams around the world are taking a sinusoidal wave shape; that means a cold weather which brings heavy snow is followed by warm weather which makes the snow melting and the result of this mechanism is floods.

The third cause of floods is the underground water rising; when underground water rises it provokes serious floods and this is due to the water sources diversity and water accumulation; the most important source of water is seawater, once this last is mixed with underground water a flooding of a huge area is imminent.

The fourth cause of floods is water extraction; huge amounts of water are added to the existing amount of water on earth; this addition of water is produced from the chemicals interactions in nature, one of these interactions is methane with carbon dioxide and oxygen; the chemical equation below is showing how four water molecules could be produced

Methane + Carbon Dioxide + Oxygen → Carbon Dioxide + Water
CH4 + CO2 + O8 → 2CO2 + 4H8O

By water extraction land gets irrigated constantly and this makes floods easy to occur.

The last cause of floods is seabed rising; as we already know that land and beaches are under Higgs boson mechanism which is represented in the formula of (+1, -1) that means that (+1) grain of sand or earth to the seabed is equal to (-1) grain of sand or earth from beaches and from land; and by controversy a (+1) of water is added to beaches and land, from this mechanism  we understand that seas, oceans and rivers are rising faster enough to cause floods.

To close this post I would like to remember you that the new era of life is full of floods and I am sure that so many communities will struggle with the water excessiveness on land.
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