Saturday, 22 February 2014

Higgs Boson the Demonstrator

I- Introduction

Gluons are the most important subatomic particles as they are the strong force carriers. They are the lightest and the smallest particles in all existing particles. Til today science couldn't achieve to fabricate an instrument to picture them. Gluons are fermions and they obey to Fermi laws; these laws explain the rules of how fermions should behave when they are free and when they interact with other particles, “Fermi-Dirac statistics describes a distribution of particles in certain systems comprising many identical particles that obey to the Pauli Exclusion Principle”. The rules obey to Pauli Exclusion Principle which is “no two identical fermions may occupy the same quantum state simultaneously”, a good example to understand all these processes is by looking to the boiling water in a kettle. This is the conclusion of the combination of three elements which are: Heat, Temperature and the Correlation of the Magnitude and Suspension.

Just a last point to finish my introduction is to be aware of the consequences of freeing gluons through the collision of protons; this is a dangerous game which scientists at CERN are playing.

II- Definitions

1- Higgs Boson Interference: Smashing protons is not the right way to get free gluons because they have the ability to penetrate any shield wider than half the moon of diameter. I think the only boson capable of separating protons to gluons is Higgs Boson, and catching them inside a true Bose Einstein condensate system, as I explained in earlier posts of Bose Einstein Condensate system Phases (BECs Phases).

The red arc shown in the photograph below is the result of the work of Gluons in the medium atmosphere.

2- Higgs Boson Regulation: In accordance to the available elements which are “NASA satellite photographs” The steams’ waves shown in these photographs are regulated such Higgs Boson waves. 

3- Surrection Under Management: What we are seeing in the photographs bellow is a well managed surrection; this surrection is about less dense particles occupying a huge area within the atmosphere.


4- Principle of Manipulation: This principle is based on “Van Allen radiation belt”; this principle is about how to create a third belt as the existence of two belts is already proven.

5- The Solution to the Weather System New Patterns: The incarnated Higgs boson within the Rugosa Corals is the only and the unique solution to bring back the weather system patterns back to normal.

6- The World under Water: The suggested theory in today's subject is about “Higgs Boson the Demonstrator”; means the consequence of Higgs Boson demolition to the already excising atoms. The consequence I am talking about is the full freedom of fermions which is the cause of the appearance of a third “Van Allen radiation belt” in the medium atmosphere. What we are seeing now as depression zone in the North Atlantic is the result of this third belt.

7- Higgs Boson Concentration: Is an overwhelming soustraction of additioned atoms; a setting of Rugosa corals in certain manner is so important considering the earth magnetic axis and it's degrees. In addition the choice of atoms to condensate should be in a precise perfection.  More atoms means Higgs Boson’s result is more fermions; that means that “Van Allen belt” is less dense in order to atoms and this results to more depressions; means a rise in climate dynamics. I would like to support my idea of the rising in climate dynamics by the storms photographs shown below.

8- Higgs Boson Contribution: The most important contribution done by Higgs Boson is to allow us to understand how everything is built. The production of quarks, neutrinos, anti neutrinos, majorana fermions and gluons is the missing link to fully understand matter and dark matter.

9- Higgs Boson Perfection: Is a sustained matter under any circumstances; a good example of this perfection is our universe. The Higgs boson perfectionism is due to the submission of the subatomic particles in conditional surroundings. Also this criterion of perfectionism is the principle of stability of atoms on earth.

10- Higgs Boson Oscillation: I already explained what Higgs Boson Oscillation is in earlier posts, and I think it has a key role in the coordination of all kind of the submitted fermions and the depressions occurring in the North Atlantic.

III- Conclusion:

After all what it has been said about the role of gluons in the subcontinents’ atmosphere, the consequences on the climate are so obvious to everyone. Rest to scientists to decide about the integrity of a new mechanical system based on Higgs Boson to adjust the climate on earth in the benefit of humanity and to avoid future catastrophes of the extreme weather.

Finally, I am sure that I am bringing the only and the unique solution to influence the weather system in the profit of humanity.

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