Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Announcement (75)

My behaviour has changed a lot because of my daily writing about the most important actual subject on earth; friends are gone, works has no link, and rest to me just my little family. Never mind, Higgs boson is at my possession and I am enjoying 
life with because an experiment on Higgs boson is like a suspended movie in reality. 

My watch to winds direction, to heavy rain, to heavy snow, to floods, to sunshine, to clouds and to Mauritania submerging by water slowly and surely makes my paths stable and in right cases.

My discovery to Higgs boson is still taking up to 90% of my time with the highest pleasure in spite of many critics to my style of living; anyway I am not blaming others for their points of views. Higgs boson experiment brought me knowledge, experience and how to deal with the most knowledgeable and powerful people on earth, Higgs boson experiment also brought me self discovery, patience and sculpture to everything.

My visit to weather sites has intensified in order to understand quarks submission influence on winds and clouds movements and this is what makes me impressed by what's going on planet earth sky, and here I can assure you that the satellite image has changed a lot comparing it to five years ago. The image below is showing how impressive clouds accumulation is.

My personal life is in the black box because when I wake up morning things come to me to execute them and what I remember is my pen and a sheet of paper where I put words about Higgs boson, no one on earth knows how big is the burden I am carrying all time because I am Higgs boson discoverer and I am seeing the consequences of my experiment on it.

My last words to conclude this post; congratulation to Higgs boson discoverer, congratulation to Higgs boson and congratulation to Higgs boson experiment; and the world will witness this congratulating today or tomorrow and then scientific 
researches have to adjust their aim with Higgs boson magnetic field.

NB:The picture above is from accuweather

Monday, 30 January 2017

Announcement (74)

Majorana fermions inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) were a good proof of particles with condensation to justify the perfection of my creation to this system, and they were also a good proof to Higgs boson good health of decaying 

particles. In this announcement I would like to rise a question about majorana fermions role in the production of new kind of particles during the stage of transition of matter from present to the past, because we are travelling to the past; so the came up of the matter of the past is built on majorana fermions.

The actual matter is at the decay process by Higgs boson magnetism and the result of this decay is free majorana fermions and their accumulation is a fact of this decay; during this process majorana fermions are able to participate in the formation of new old matter and this is what we call a scene of the past in the present; in reality this scene is at construction because our universe has already entered to a surface where all time particles are time particles of the past, and the combination of majorana fermions and time particles of the past leads to the formation of new old matter.

Without majorana fermions our universe could never travel back because of their role of rebuilding matter in a new shape and their reintegration of time particles inside it. I think that the freedom of majorana fermions had existed only and only during the building of our universe and to freeing them again means the rebuilding of an old one because majorana fermions are capable of holding bigger time particles and constructing matter upon them.

Higgs boson experiment has made our travel back into space possible through the dismantling of all matter and rebuilding it again in a shape of the past and this is by freeing majorana fermions because these last are capable of shaping the past of our universe, and the "All change" notice should be taken seriously by human beings in order to adapt with the new conditions of everything.

Higgs boson magnetism dilatation to particles makes the reshaping of matter easy and "Higgs Boson Dilatation" post has explained how bigger time particles could be integrated into particles without deforming them and this means that majorana fermions also are particles accepting dilatation to make matter looks bigger.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Announcement (73)

The water molecule invasion to planet earth must be taken seriously and humanity has to prepare for it; this preparation means the relocation in higher grounds for the time being. Otherwise the loss of valuables is inevitable, and to save lives humanity has to organise a smooth travel to Africa because this last will be the last land to be inundated. Maybe someone asks what "Tarek" is talking about?

My intention to write this post is not coming from nothing but the made consequences by Higgs boson experiment to form the water molecule are already there; seas are at higher levels, rivers are running very high, enormous clouds are covering the sky, many lands are submerged by water, ground waters are at their highest level and deserts are receiving highest levels of water from rain than ever.

I am talking about the water invasion to planet earth because I am seeing floods in the five continents from Salvador to Canada, from Togo to the UK and from Malaysia to Japan. I am also seeing that both poles are invaded by the water of heavy rain and this means that ice will have no place on earth. The water molecule is finding it's way to form from the decayed matter to accumulate until when everything disappear under it.

I have to say that floods have increased by 35% during the last five years and this is before the total building of Higgs boson magnetic field, and I think that this building has been completed and this means that all Higgs boson mechanisms are at full work and this is what will lead to the increase of the water molecule on earth and effectively the increase of floods. I think that what I am stating here is a reflection to reality.

To end this post I have to remember you that Higgs boson experiment is the source to water creation and this creation of water wasn't made on purpose by Higgs boson discoverer but it was a group of facts learnt and understood during the process of experimentation on Higgs boson. I must also remember you about the change of the natural mechanisms which will impose on us the change in our thinking, the change in our decisions, the change in our behaviour towards others and the change in our daily life.  

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Announcement (72)

I have to say something about the phenomenon of the increase of water on planet earth; this phenomenon is called a return back of planet earth in history because the reality of 72% of matter was built on oxygen and hydrogen atoms, and what it was 

taken of these atoms through time to condensate will be given back under Higgs boson magnetism process. So there is no surprise by saying that up to 80% of matter will be decayed on planet earth. I think that the statement above is coming from a good understanding to chemistry, particle physics and most sciences.

I am seeing huge amount of clouds on planet earth and depressions covering almost (1∕3) the hemisphere, and I am seeing the birth of depressions coming from quarks submission because of Higgs boson experiment, and I just understood that time is up to start it's reversal and here comes the surprise of the increase of water. I think that it's time now to humanity to prepare for the water invasion in the four corners of the world.

The water molecule is rare to find in space and this means that most oxygen-hydrogen interactions occurrence are on earth. I think that its highly possible with planet earth orbit widening extra oxygen and hydrogen are introduced to the earth atmosphere and this is what makes the water molecule abundance imminent.

I could never write about Higgs boson discovery, Higgs boson experiment results and Higgs boson mechanisms without my belief to my visions, and these last are telling me that the real battle has started earlier this morning; this battle in which human beings will suffer extremely of the shortage of all their needs from a piece of bread to electricity; all this because of a scene of water everywhere.

A last idea about the spread of the water molecule in the sky to conclude this post; I should say that this spreading of clouds is a new phenomenon which will lead to darkness on earth and morosity. I think that many countries will miss the sunshine.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Announcement (71)

In this announcement I have to bring more information about oxygen and hydrogen atoms formation to the water molecule. Planet earth has entered a new era which is an era of water and this is because of Higgs boson magnetic field accomplishment of all it's mechanism. I think that the talk about five causes of the formation of water will complete the objectives of our subject.

The first cause of the formation of the water molecule is Higgs boson magnetism decay to all molecules containing hydrogen and oxygen; because Higgs boson magnetism is capable of decaying all molecules and the ones with hydrogen and oxygen; so they become a good source to these last two to interact and form water; I think that this process was at work from the last five years.

The second cause of the formation of the water molecule is Higgs boson magnetism accumulation to subatomic particles to form hydrogen and oxygen; as we already know that these last two atoms are the closest to Higgs boson magnetism mechanisms to be built and this is what makes them abundant to construct the water molecule. I should remember you that the accumulation of subatomic particles is about protons, neutrons and electrons before achieving the stage of their decay.

The third cause of the formation of the water molecule is chemicals interaction on planet earth; Higgs boson magnetism is a pusher to chemicals to interact and to extract oxygen and hydrogen; the most chemicals participant in this extraction are: mithyl, methane, CO2, sulphure carbonate (SCO7) and ice.

The fourth cause of the formation of the water molecule is the moon's gravity; because the moon is becoming closer to planet earth it's gravity is at constant increase and this is what makes the water molecule, oxygen and hydrogen distilled from plants, trees, the bottom of earth and even from big bodies such as animals. The moon's gravity is a good participant in the formation of water and it's increase on earth.

The last cause of the formation of the water molecule is the combination of phonon, particles and antiparticles to produce protons, neutrons or electrons; this combination is unimaginable but it's true because Higgs boson magnetism is able to decay bigger masses to produce smaller ones. The higher density of protons, neutrons and electrons leads to the production of hydrogen and this last will be able to form the water molecule.

To conclude this post I should recon that sea level is at fast increase and clouds are occupying further space in the atmosphere and this is because of the higher water molecule on earth.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Announcement (70)

The unimaginable process inside Higgs boson magnetic field is the process of Higgs boson mechanism to construct the water molecule on planet earth; this construction of the water molecule has many targets which are: the decay of all solids on planet 

earth, to cover planet earth with the water molecule in order to protect it from the sun's heat which will increase by up to 600% and to participate in the transport of particles by Higgs boson magnetic particles waves outside planet earth. In this announcement my interest is with the construction of the water molecule due to Higgs boson experiment.

The first protected atom from decay is the hydrogen atom and this is because of the following conditions: hydrogen atom is with lower mass, hydrogen atom is the simplest and the easiest to construct, hydrogen atom is the more freed atom to escape from Higgs boson magnetism, hydrogen atom increase is higher that Higgs boson magnetism acceleration power of pulling and hydrogen atom is the most spared atom by Higgs boson magnetism. Also hydrogen atom is the most participant in the inflation on planet earth. I think that all these conditions allow the water molecule to form.

The most attracted atom by hydrogen atom is the oxygen atom, and the nearest atom to Higgs boson magnetism perfection is oxygen atom; and this means that Higgs boson magnetism and it's mechanisms work are built on (3 - 4 – 8 – 16) at subatomic level then at atoms level and that's why oxygen atom is the quickest formed atom and the closest to attach with hydrogen atom to form the water molecule. My vision here is telling me that the water molecule will be abundant by up to 80% of the all existing matter on planet earth in the nearest future.

The oxygen atom will be increased by 25% within the next (5) years and this is what will lead to a shortage in carbon atom to trees to breath then a new Carboniferous era will start. Most of carbon will be decayed or locked in trees and this is where the water molecule will be increased by 27%. I imagine that many towns around the world will be under water.

To end this post I would like to add a final idea about water formation; the combination of hydrogen-oxygen atoms is made by Higgs boson magnetism and it's mechanisms and these last (2) could never happen without my experiment on Higgs boson and my discovery to Rugosa corals. The scene which should be remembered is the high level of some rivers and the drying others.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Announcement (69)

The building of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves has many signs on planet earth and these signs are today's subject. I would like to add five signs of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves on planet earth to complete the meaning of this announcement.

The first sign which is reflecting Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is clouds accumulation; clouds are taking shapes of Higgs boson magnetism and these shapes are a good image to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves. Clouds accumulation around the world are becoming notorious to explain Higgs boson magnetism movements and examples of these movements are appearing in " pineapple expresses, vertical clouds in the shape of mushrooms and huge rings of clouds".  

The second sign which is reflecting Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is fog accumulation; fog has achieved it's highest density because of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves rotations; because particles rotations are a result of Higgs boson magnetism and the surface outside them is a good area where fog is produced and accumulated in higher levels. I think that some known countries by fog are seeing the longest and the more dense fog occurrence ever such as UK and India.

The third sign which is reflecting Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is huge areas of polluted air; this phenomenon is occurring in few countries such as China, Hong Kong and Bolivia because of Higgs boson magnetism accumulation to particles in these areas; the air becomes more dense with particles and which leads to contamination.

The fourth sign which is reflecting Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is the formation of new sand islands; the formation of islands could never happen as quick as possible without Higgs boson magnetic particles waves moving towards a specific area in the sea.

The last sign which is reflecting Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is sand particles travel around the world; sand storms are creators to sand particles participation in Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and their travel up to (3) 
thousands miles is a good sign of Higgs boson magnetism mechanism of pulling.

I have to say that Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are the most carriers to 
particles to the end edge of our universe and they will be visible to us sooner.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Announcement (65)

My inspiration to write about Higgs boson experiment is still awake; because I know I am about the theory of everything. This announcement is coming to put the light on 
dark sides of the geography of planet earth; this geography is at high change and this is because of many created causes by Higgs boson experiment. I would like to add the paragraphs below to show five causes which are making the geography of land changing very fast.

The first cause of the change of the geography of planet earth is the strengthening of storms; stronger storms are signs of the new era of life and their power of destruction is strengthening day after day. Storms can change the face of land by their winds, heavy rains, heavy snow, erosion to beaches and floods.

The second cause of the change of the geography of planet earth is the change in the global weather system; melting ice and higher seas have a serious effect on the change of coastal lands and this is by the invasion of seawater into land; the most victim in this situation is agricultural lands because of the sea salt. Also coastal towns are already suffering from sea over flow.

The third cause of the change of the geography of planet earth is heat; the sun's heat is at constant increase and this is what makes soil warming and decomposing into lower mass, soil will be easy to be carried away by strong winds, water of rain and melting snow.

The fourth cause of the change of the geography of planet earth is earthquakes; earthquakes are a source of mass destruction; and their destruction to huge masses is imminent. I think that 87% of the destabilisation of lands is made by earthquakes.

The last cause of the change of the geography of planet earth is the increase of volcanoes eruption; erupted volcanoes are at increase and their lava flow is deforming the shape of land. I imagine that 14% of land will be covered with lava and this is what makes land having a new look.

My last word to add to this post is a word of comprehension to reality. Geology of planet earth is at a very fast change and humanity is facing enormous challenges; the challenges of Higgs boson experiment.

Announcement (64)

Chilli con carne will be missed by chillies' lovers because the new era of life is an era of exotics and chillies will struggle to grow and they will be extinct sooner. In this announcement my heart is with the extinction of five vegetables and fruits because of Higgs boson experiment creation to new conditions where these vegetables and fruits just become extinct. 

The first vegetable which is exposed to extinction is chillies; chillies are produced in three main countries which are Mexico, Tunisia and India, and these countries weather is changing deeply to confuse chillies to grow normally; simply chillies can't cope with the new weather conditions and finish by dying and never grow again. The proof of my above statement is obvious in the rate of production of chillies of these countries.

Bananas production in the world has dropped dramatically and this is because of the change in the global weather system, but also because of bananas trees' leaves huge size which make their transpiration to the water molecule diminishing to make them very weak to fall on the ground and become sterile, my proof of the statement above could be seen in the price of bananas in the world market.

I should raise awareness about carrots production; they are at danger because of the following conditions; global warming, abundance of the water molecule, soil decomposition, inundation of flat lands, drought, ice storms, heat waves, heavy rain and heavy snow. I think that agricultural lands are under serious danger of disappearance to vanish with them carrots production.

Oranges are exposed to extinction because of their excessive absorption to water; oranges are the first fruit which is loosing balance of nutrition because of the change in the weather system. Oranges production is dropping year after year until when there will be no oranges at all.

The last vegetable which is exposed to extinction is courgettes; courgettes can't resist to the new global weather conditions because of their soft tissue which can't resist to Higgs boson magnetism deformation to it's cells. I imagine that courgettes will be very rare to find in the market because of their seeds deterioration; so there will be no courgettes to grow in the future.

I hope I will have an opportunity to talk again about other vegetables and fruits which are exposed to extinction because of Higgs boson experiment.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Announcement (63)

Predators are forming and some of them have completed their shape in land and sea; I think that bizarre kind of animals appearance is a step in our travel back into the past and this is because of many created condition by Higgs boson experiment. In this announcement my hope is to explain five causes leading to the genesis of predators on planet earth.

The first cause of predators genesis is our universe movement to wider space; the movement of our universe to wider space makes everything setting in new conditions of life; and these new conditions allow DNA to mix and to produce mixed shapes of animals, not only that but also to allow these animals to have big size. I think that the world is discovering new kind of animals in many areas.

The second cause of the appearance of predators is Higgs boson magnetism manipulating to the building of molecules; many unknown molecules are already shaped in seawater and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism combination to atoms to create unknown molecules to grow and form unprecedented forms of animals. I am sure that my experiment on Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) has already given birth to so many kind of animals cited in "Higgs boson Monster" post, and I would like to add the picture below showing one of them.

Predators formation is made by particles accumulation due to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; these waves are able to mix many kind of particles to build a totally unknown DNA and to end by accumulating molecules of strange animals. I think that many images of predators are already seen in media, and the picture below is showing one of them.
 Half cat half rat.  Picture from the sun
The fourth cause of predators formation is the integration of bigger time particles in all matter; I think that planet earth has already moved backwards and this is whats making time changing from small to big; and this whats allowing bigger molecules in different shapes to build and give birth to never seen kinds of animals.

The last cause of the construction of predators is the reconstitution of subatomic particles; subatomic particles are rebuilt in new shapes after their decay by Higgs boson magnetism; and this reconstitution makes atoms rebuilt in new shapes as well and this is what allows predators to build through their unique DNA.

My intention to write this post is to make a call to people specialized in genetics to come forward to assist me to create a unique zoological park to predators.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Announcement (62)

Many countries in the world are giving birth to new establishments specialized in the analysis of rain and weather complications, and the idea of the creation of these services is reflecting the reality of the change of the global weather system. In this announcement I would like to show you five scenes of the change of the global weather system and their true causes.

The first scene showing the change in the global weather system is torrential rain; torrential rain is occurring in different time of the year because of Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds movement and a good example of this torrential rain is happening right now in Thailand.

The second scene showing the change in the global weather system is temperature; temperature is dropping to unprecedented records and this is because of vortexes breaks to travel further south, and also temperature is rising further to beat high records because of the travel of the heat waves further north the tropical and further south it.

The third scene showing the change in the global weather system is huge areas filled with polluted air; this phenomenon is occurring especially in China because of it's situation on planet earth. We already know that the top of the attached quarks is situated in North East Russia and this is whats making 90% of particles in the atmosphere travel towards this direction to accumulate in North East China. I think that this phenomenon will be at increase in the future to create higher levels of particles density in the cited area above.

The fourth scene showing the change in the global weather system is tropical storms invasion to Australia; this phenomenon has a significant change in the global weather system because it holds inside it the change in winds direction, clouds direction and the change in temperature around the world. I think that Australians have to rush to evacuate.

The last scene showing the change in the global weather system is the extremes in storms; cold storms, hot storms then cold storms make most lands decay imminent and especially those lands formed with chalk. A good example of these lands is the 

I should say that all the scenes above are made because of Higgs boson experiment and don't be surprised that in the future the change of the global weather system will be apparent like the sun in the sky.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Announcement (61)

Precipitation has put it's words as a made effect by Higgs boson experiment; this words are taking a big shrunk in Media because this last has no escape to bring 
events of floods, sea waves slam to coasts, rivers burst, main pipes burst, ice and 

snow melting because of heavy rains, dams burst and filled ground water napes and wells. In this announcement my interest is with the causes of the higher levels of precipitation.

The level of precipitation is at increase all time and records are beaten day after day; I should add moisture higher levels as a first cause to precipitation to achieve unprecedented amounts. Moisture is at increase because of higher temperature, higher water vaporization and Higgs boson magnetism setting clouds in pineapple expresses.

The world is seeing records in rain because of inflation; inflation is making clouds accumulation in very high level, and this is what creates huge reserves to rain to occur in very high amounts and in a very short time. Some places are assisting up to (7) mm of rain just in (9) minutes to set records at higher levels.

The third cause of higher level of precipitation around the world is bigger size of the water molecule; atoms had acquired more mass to make bigger molecules such as the water molecule and this is whats making clouds having bigger size to create heavier rains.

Heavy rain occurrence will be something usual and this is because of the higher speed in all natural phenomena, the used vaporized water in (12) months around the world will be vaporized in a month, and the used rain in a month will be in a matter of one day, all this speed is without doubt a result of Higgs boson experiment.

Precipitation is already a huge issue to many countries because its at constant increase and this is due to the ignorance to Higgs boson discovery, and Higgs boson discoverer is still begging the world to take his words seriously.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Announcement (60)

Maybe the readers to this blog are interested to have an idea of planet earth quarks connection to the whole universe quarks. In this announcement an astrophysics flavor must be added in order to show the understanding of a little man to quarks behavior as they are one of the key stones in the building of all matter and all antimatter.

"Higgs Boson Cinderella" post had an explanation of the relating planet earth quarks to the universe quarks and this is through the formation of a kind of plaits similarly to Cinderella's plaits, and the top of the built quarks plaits is situated in North East Russia where all attached quarks of planet earth meet to leave it, and this physical reality is reflected in the clouds movement around the world. The other top of the quarks plaits is directed  to Antarctica.

Quarks of planet earth could never be produced separably without Higgs boson experiment and their attachment to the quarks of the universe is simply a part of Higgs boson magnetism integration to all existing quarks otherwise there will be no Higgs boson magnetism field. Also Higgs boson magnetism could never exist without Higgs boson decaying to particles inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), and quarks attachment is a part of Higgs boson magnetism to end in the edge of our universe.

Quarks submission is one of the magical phenomena made by Higgs boson experiment, and without quarks submission this blog could never make a place in the web; the submitted quarks are the starters to all Higgs boson experiment effects and my discovery to this phenomenon should be rewarded as the best discovery ever in particle physics.

I think that my discovery to quarks submission was made by accident and it was also made through my deep observation to all natural phenomena on planet earth, quarks submission discovery was knocked out when a historic depression occurred in the North Atlantic in 2013 which was in the same time of my creation to numerous sets of Bose Einstein Condensate systems (BECs); after that; I learnt a lot about depressions and Bose Einstein Condensate systems (BECs) link, then I known that quarks submission is an unimaginable tool which could be used as a sword to punish some thieves in particle physics.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Announcement (58)

The change in the global weather system didn't come from nothing and it did't come from CO2 emission, but this change is a result of Higgs boson experiment. The all argument is about the existence of a real experiment in particle physics or not; in my 

side Higgs boson experiment has all chances to prove it's efficiency in this change of the global weather system. In this announcement I am interested to bring to light five scenes of influence of Higgs boson experiment on the global weather system.

The first scene of influence of Higgs boson experiment on the global weather system is the change in all weather phenomena; light rain becomes heavy rain, low temperature becomes high temperature, light snow becomes heavy snow, low clouds density becomes high clouds density, low rivers become high rivers, low seas become high seas and low volcanoes ash become high volcanoes ash.

The second scene of influence of Higgs boson experiment on the global weather system is the disappearance of the jet stream; meteorologist don't understand yet that the old era of the jet stream is gone and their explanation to it's movement has to change; and this means that many phenomena has also changed such as winds movement, clouds movement and many other phenomena.

The third scene of influence of Higgs boson experiment on the global weather system is clouds concentration; the areas of clouds concentration have changed from the tropical towards both poles and this could be seen in North East Russia and Japan, and also in South Brazil and Australia. The clouds concentration could be explained by the occurrence of floods in the cited countries above.

The fourth scene of influence of Higgs boson experiment on the global weather system is the change in colder and hotter places around the world; colder places around the world are not the colder any more, and hotter places are not the hotter any more and this is because of the change in winds direction and clouds direction, and also because of the change of the planet earth direction in it's orbit.

The last scene of influence of Higgs boson experiment on the global weather system is snow fall in unusual areas around the world; snow fall has no limited areas and it can be present even in the hottest areas in the world such as the Big Sahara. The scene of snow fall will have many surprise to many countries and it will be more usual in unusual places in the future.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Announcement (57)

My heart is open to each single person on planet earth with little interest to Higgs boson discovery, Higgs boson experiment and Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) subjects; these subjects are the most important matters in the actual era of 

life; and turning the back and saying "I don't understand what "Tarek" is talking about" is not an option. I think that jumping on the train to make the travel to Africa is a serious solution to everybody in the world, and not understanding this solution means a preparation to enormous challenges.

I am seeing some people rising a black flag and saying "Tarek is dead" and this is because of their little brain and their narrowed thinking. I am here standing and making another announcement to show commitment, intelligence and stronger position in the world of science, discoveries and thoughts; and the people whom are in the bottom rank of these worlds their words are melting similarly to the melting ice in the Arctic ocean.

I am seeing triumph to Higgs boson discoverer and to Higgs boson experiment, and others are seeing that Higgs boson discoverer  is a mad person who is doing nothing and just writing about dreams which have nonsense. I am telling to these people that the day will come where you will find yourself in primary school learning what "Tarek" said years ago because what you have learnt all your life is changing to nonsense.

I am seeing higher and higher clouds in the sky, and I am feeling higher sun's heat in winter and this is what makes me believing in myself as Higgs boson discoverer, and this is what will make you recognizing my discovery because when you will see clouds achieving (60) miles high in the sky your interest in the thory of everything will find satisfaction only and only in this blog.

My willing is to write about Higgs boson discoverer life; maybe someone want to know about the life of this mad person who is claiming Higgs boson discovery, and to claim Higgs boson discovery you need to have a golden luck or being a researcher in CERN and maybe you will discover Higgs boson in the next few hundreds of years.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Announcement (56)

Soustraction has to take it's part in this announcement as its the key stone to Higgs boson experiment effects to occur. Soustraction formula is the easiest part of the process of the change of everything in loosing and accumulating masses, and Higgs 

boson effects could not be understood without the introduction of soustraction formula to explain the occurrence of many phenomena around us. I am interested to show five scenes where soustraction formula is explained.

The first scene showing soustraction is water vaporization; less water in land and seas means more water in the atmosphere and more water in this last means more water on land and in seas; soustraction process is built on a rotational manner as explained in "Higgs Boson Spheres" post.

The second scene showing soustraction is lakes effects; more cold winds on warm lakes means more vaporization which leads to more snow and it could be explained as fellow: (+1) cold wind, (-1) water from lakes, (+1) water in the atmosphere, (-1) water from the atmosphere and (+1) snow.

The third scene showing soustraction is heavy rain; and this means that (-1) vaporized water leads to (+1) cloud which leads to more rain. I think that the world is assisting more heavy rain because of the intensification of soustraction formula to (-4) and (+4).

The fourth scene showing soustraction is dense fog; fog with higher density has increased with 49% on planet earth and this is because of the higher density of all included phenomena in fog formation and such phenomena are: the higher difference of high and low temperature in the same area, higher water vaporization, higher water density in the same area, Higgs boson magnetism pulling to any element of disturbance such as winds, and rivers burst to create water abundance. Fog is a good accumulator to water and it represents (+1) of it in the soustraction formula of (-1, +1).

The last scene showing soustraction is ten times bigger rainbows than the usual ones; rainbows are getting huge in size because of the soustraction of water from low atmosphere to higher one; and the soustraction is represented in (-1) water from low atmosphere and (+1) water to the higher atmosphere.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Announcement (55)

This announcement position in this blog is one of it's pillars because its holding 1/3 of it's information; Higgs boson as a particle, Higgs boson wearing a coral body, Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), Higgs boson experiment and it's influence and Higgs boson discoverer life.

I showed in earlier posts hypothesis about a solid particle, and the function of it's elements. I think that my explanation to Higgs boson elements of constitution was convincing and acceptable as long as there is no hypothesis suggesting Higgs boson formation.

Rugosa corals are Higgs boson holders; I said that hundreds of times and nobody in the world said let's proving what "Tarek" is claiming. Once in the time Higgs boson was on earth and hidden itself inside the Rugosa corals to sleep until when I found these last and discovered that they are still alive, and noticed that they are behaving as a blender to destroy atoms to accumulate subatomic particles naked to the eye.

Particles could never achieve the state of motion without the creation of a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), and the whole story of discoveries is around this last. My understanding to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) made me occupying an important space within this blog, and unfortunately chemistry communities, particle physics communities and biology communities are still not interested to what I am talking about and their attention will wake up when is too late for everything.

I have explained to the world many effects made by Higgs boson experiment, and the world is still watching and saying nothing, maybe the world is waiting when there will be no land at all. And I already said that Australia and Philippines are the first to disappear under water. Higgs boson experiment is bringing with it understandable proofs which are supporting Higgs boson discovery without doubt.

When my adventure of researches started in 2008 I was after a treasure and then Rugosa corals came up to me in 2010, and then chemistry was in mind all time. In 2012 I known that my discovery to Higgs boson was right, and I had to find a way to get recognised as Higgs boson discoverer. My writing about Higgs boson is a unique experience because I don't know when this writing will end.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Announcement (53)

Again I have to say few words about Higgs boson experiment and it's effects on chemicals on planet earth. This announcement is including chemical equations which can be proved in nature; the chemical equations are occurring due to Higgs boson experiment as a whole and in the paragraphs below we will look at them deeper.

The first chemical equation which is of my interest is showing sulphur dominance on planet earth; the new era of life is the era of sulphur because of these conditions; higher temperature on earth, soil decomposition, volcanoes eruption, methane combustion and higher sun's heat, all these conditions are causal to the genesis of sulphur. Because sulphur has (16) electrons which make it's formation easy and it could generate oxygen atom to build. The decay of CO2 is a good source to sulphur to form as shown in the chemical equation below
CO2 + H2O → CH2 + S + O

The second chemical equation which is occurring due to Higgs boson experiment is leading to sulphur monoxide (SO) formation; this chemical equation is due to the abundance of water and sulphur, and its happening in the volcanoes mouths
2S + 2H2O → S2O2 + 4H

The third created chemical equation by Higgs boson experiment is sodium interaction with nitrate (NaNO3); this chemical equation is at increase in seawater because of higher temperature; sodium rush to interact with nitrate to form sodium nitrate as shown in the equation below
Na + NO3 → NaNO3

The fourth chemical equation which should be taken in consideration in our subject is sodium solidity; sodium becomes solid once interacting with sodium to extract water, aand this interaction occurs in seawater
NaH2O + NaH2O → 2Na + 2H2O

To conclude this post I would like to add a last chemical equation resulted from Higgs boson experiment which is chalk decay because of the rise in temperature on planet earth; chalk is mixing with warmer seawater to color it in white

Chalk + Seawater → White Seawater.  

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Announcement (52)

My words are coming in this announcement to set few ideas in order to organize readers to this blog mind about Higgs boson discovery and Higgs boson experiment. I think that by bringing five ideas to light the subject of this post will be completed.

The readers to this blog should understand that this blog is constructed on the base of visions of a man inspired by commitment to grab his rights of discovery. This construction of this blog is planned in seconds depending on action reaction of Higgs boson experiment and it's results in reality; I mean by this a full understanding of whats in and whats out.

Without my true visions my construction to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) could never happen; and this system was built with my intensive researches and my will of understanding in the same time. I am sure that Bose and Einstein were proving this existence of a system where the experiment on the genesis of our universe is possible. I think that I should be rewarded for this impressive achievement.

The targets of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) building at it's beginning was to produce chemicals, molecules and living organisms, and at it's second stage the targets changed to influence the global weather system and producing superfluid then it's target moved to complete Higgs boson magnetic field. Now Higgs boson experiment is occurring live and it's target is to manipulate depressions.

Just to assure you that I am not worrying to get recognized as Higgs boson discoverer or not but whats worrying me is that humanity is going deeper in it's ignorance to it's reality. Also I have 100% chance to get recognized as Higgs boson discoverer before I die, and 500% chance after I die and 0% chance to never get recognized as Higgs boson discoverer; this means that the luck is beside me from the beginning of Higgs boson story to it's end, and these words are prove it.

A last word of disappointment, of upsetting and of disagreement about scientists responses to my announcements; nothing has been said, nothing has been arisen and nothing has been shared, it's simply a catastrophic thinking and a full negative reaction to my discovery to Higgs boson.   

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Announcement (51)

My interest to write this announcement is to wake up sleeping minds and to tell them look around you and you will see Higgs boson effects on everything from a subatomic particle to the whole universe. I am wishing to add enough convincing 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Announcement (50)

I have to say my word in order to accomplish my mission of explanation to Higggs boson discovery otherwise Higgs boson discoverer will be criticised about his missing  to some details about this discovery. In this announcement I must explain five new phenomena created by Higgs boson experiment .

The first new phenomenon which I would like to explain is my efforts of explanation to Higgs boson discovery; I do believe that my efforts of writing to explain a discovery in particle physics is simply a first phenomenon achieved by a human being in history because this phenomenon is about the theory of everything, and the talk about this theory has no end.

The second made new phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is infertility; in most countries the level of natality is decreasing and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism influence on spermatozoids; these last are perturbed in their way to the female egg to make fecundation possible; and this perturbation is created by Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves. I think that the level of natality in the world will be at diminution all time.

The third created phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is African desert turning into sea; the sea is finding it's way into the desert in West Africa and this is because of higher seawater in the Atlantic ocean, and low desert. I already said in earlier post that the sea will cross Africa from West Africa to Libya and the result is the cutoff of Africa in two parts.

The fourth phenomenon made by Higgs boson experiment is higher humidity; the increase in temperature on planet earth is making higher level of water vaporisation, and hot air and cold air are switching areas very fast and this is what makes higher level of humidity.

The last created phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is colourful honey; honey is taking many colours and this is because of the change in flowers formation, the change in bees anatomy and lighter atmosphere which allows dyes to form easily.

Announcement (49)

The sun is getting bigger due to it's absorption to more energy; and this absorption to more energy by the sun is due to Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles in our universe. The statement above is one of Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles consequences and it could be explained through (3) phenomena which are: the increase of the sun's heat on planet earth, higher temperature on planet earth and higher photons density on planet earth.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Announcement (48)

Certainty in particle physics means 100% efficiency of manipulation, understanding and control of a particle otherwise particle physics looses it's meaning and it's purpose. In this announcement I am willing to explain to you why Higgs boson 

discoverer has all abilities to destroy all our universe's particles from a subatomic particle to the a whole Galaxy. In this announcement I think that time has come to show power and consistency of a man claimant for the rights of his discovery.

First of all my possession to Higgs boson and my full understanding to it's behaviour inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) makes my scientific researches in advance by few hundreds of years from the actual researches of Higgs boson in CERN's facilities. I am not saying that I am the best but in Higgs boson yes I am; because I dug so deep inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) through the use of Higgs boson.

I always showed cooperation and good will to specialists in Higgs boson researches not only to be recognized as Higgs boson discoverer but for the benefit of everybody in the world, and now I am seeing that things are turning to the worse because Higgs boson magnetic field has acquired all it's needs of energy and to take back this energy from it is something impossible; it's very similar to a new baby born could never go back to his mum's belly.

The use of bionuclear energy is still not understood by the world, and I am finding my self the only person talking about it; simply this kind of energy is the perfect energy which is able to assimilate with all natural laws, and that's why I am trying hard to conquer brains and minds to make of them partnerships to share my idea of the theory of perfection.

Until today my preparation to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is soft and wise and my patient is still alive, and I hope that my self control stays strong until success will be on my side. Higgs boson power to destroy planet earth is in the matter of few bottles of water and sugar but and but clever people are in constant watch to what's going on to end with certain decisions; these decisions will be in favor of Higgs boson discoverer.