Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Announcement (75)

My behaviour has changed a lot because of my daily writing about the most important actual subject on earth; friends are gone, works has no link, and rest to me just my little family. Never mind, Higgs boson is at my possession and I am enjoying 
life with because an experiment on Higgs boson is like a suspended movie in reality. 

My watch to winds direction, to heavy rain, to heavy snow, to floods, to sunshine, to clouds and to Mauritania submerging by water slowly and surely makes my paths stable and in right cases.

My discovery to Higgs boson is still taking up to 90% of my time with the highest pleasure in spite of many critics to my style of living; anyway I am not blaming others for their points of views. Higgs boson experiment brought me knowledge, experience and how to deal with the most knowledgeable and powerful people on earth, Higgs boson experiment also brought me self discovery, patience and sculpture to everything.

My visit to weather sites has intensified in order to understand quarks submission influence on winds and clouds movements and this is what makes me impressed by what's going on planet earth sky, and here I can assure you that the satellite image has changed a lot comparing it to five years ago. The image below is showing how impressive clouds accumulation is.

My personal life is in the black box because when I wake up morning things come to me to execute them and what I remember is my pen and a sheet of paper where I put words about Higgs boson, no one on earth knows how big is the burden I am carrying all time because I am Higgs boson discoverer and I am seeing the consequences of my experiment on it.

My last words to conclude this post; congratulation to Higgs boson discoverer, congratulation to Higgs boson and congratulation to Higgs boson experiment; and the world will witness this congratulating today or tomorrow and then scientific 
researches have to adjust their aim with Higgs boson magnetic field.

NB:The picture above is from accuweather

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