Friday, 6 January 2017

Announcement (50)

I have to say my word in order to accomplish my mission of explanation to Higggs boson discovery otherwise Higgs boson discoverer will be criticised about his missing  to some details about this discovery. In this announcement I must explain five new phenomena created by Higgs boson experiment .

The first new phenomenon which I would like to explain is my efforts of explanation to Higgs boson discovery; I do believe that my efforts of writing to explain a discovery in particle physics is simply a first phenomenon achieved by a human being in history because this phenomenon is about the theory of everything, and the talk about this theory has no end.

The second made new phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is infertility; in most countries the level of natality is decreasing and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism influence on spermatozoids; these last are perturbed in their way to the female egg to make fecundation possible; and this perturbation is created by Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves. I think that the level of natality in the world will be at diminution all time.

The third created phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is African desert turning into sea; the sea is finding it's way into the desert in West Africa and this is because of higher seawater in the Atlantic ocean, and low desert. I already said in earlier post that the sea will cross Africa from West Africa to Libya and the result is the cutoff of Africa in two parts.

The fourth phenomenon made by Higgs boson experiment is higher humidity; the increase in temperature on planet earth is making higher level of water vaporisation, and hot air and cold air are switching areas very fast and this is what makes higher level of humidity.

The last created phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is colourful honey; honey is taking many colours and this is because of the change in flowers formation, the change in bees anatomy and lighter atmosphere which allows dyes to form easily.
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