Sunday, 1 January 2017

Announcement (44)

My mind is still with inflation of our universe and that's why I am wishing in this announcement to satisfy you with five scenes of inflation on planet earth. As we already know that inflation has many causes and it's process is at higher speed day after day.

The first scene showing that inflation is at work is higher clouds in the sky; clouds are becoming higher in the sky and they are showing a good proof to inflation and their causes to occupy higher space are: Higgs boson magnetism, lighter atmosphere, wider planet earth orbit, the increase of subatomic particles in the atmosphere, bigger time particles on planet earth, alpha particles acrobats in the atmosphere, and monitochs creation to further space to clouds to travel higher in the sky. I am sure that nobody on earth can ignore that clouds are higher and higher than usual.

The second scene showing that inflation is at work is higher seas; seas are becoming higher as we already seen in earlier posts; and there are many causes which are making seas high and these causes are: seas' quarks relation to the atmosphere's quarks, bigger water molecule and Higgs boson magnetism as a whole system pulling to the seawater. I think that higher seas are good proof to inflation on planet earth.

The third scene showing that inflation is at work is trees' growth; trees' growth is a good proof to inflation occurrence; trees are growing higher and bigger because of Higgs boson magnetism influence on their cells; trees' cells are having more space where to grow bigger. I am sure that you noticed that trees are higher and higher.

The fourth scene showing that inflation is at work is animals; many animals had already shown their bigger size; because their natural growth is linked to their surroundings and such animals are cats, dogs, birds, fish and snails. I think that closer people to animals can prove my statement above.

The last scene showing that inflation is at work is huge cracks on land; just lately few countries have seen huge cracks and this is because of land's mass inflation. Land's mass is catching volume because of the decay of it's particles and the building of bigger ones and that's why land is pushing up to create cracks on it.

Concluding this post by reminding you that human beings are particles as well and they are under the process of inflation, and future humans will be taller and bigger in size. 
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