Saturday, 28 January 2017

Announcement (72)

I have to say something about the phenomenon of the increase of water on planet earth; this phenomenon is called a return back of planet earth in history because the reality of 72% of matter was built on oxygen and hydrogen atoms, and what it was 

taken of these atoms through time to condensate will be given back under Higgs boson magnetism process. So there is no surprise by saying that up to 80% of matter will be decayed on planet earth. I think that the statement above is coming from a good understanding to chemistry, particle physics and most sciences.

I am seeing huge amount of clouds on planet earth and depressions covering almost (1∕3) the hemisphere, and I am seeing the birth of depressions coming from quarks submission because of Higgs boson experiment, and I just understood that time is up to start it's reversal and here comes the surprise of the increase of water. I think that it's time now to humanity to prepare for the water invasion in the four corners of the world.

The water molecule is rare to find in space and this means that most oxygen-hydrogen interactions occurrence are on earth. I think that its highly possible with planet earth orbit widening extra oxygen and hydrogen are introduced to the earth atmosphere and this is what makes the water molecule abundance imminent.

I could never write about Higgs boson discovery, Higgs boson experiment results and Higgs boson mechanisms without my belief to my visions, and these last are telling me that the real battle has started earlier this morning; this battle in which human beings will suffer extremely of the shortage of all their needs from a piece of bread to electricity; all this because of a scene of water everywhere.

A last idea about the spread of the water molecule in the sky to conclude this post; I should say that this spreading of clouds is a new phenomenon which will lead to darkness on earth and morosity. I think that many countries will miss the sunshine.
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