Saturday, 21 January 2017

Announcement (64)

Chilli con carne will be missed by chillies' lovers because the new era of life is an era of exotics and chillies will struggle to grow and they will be extinct sooner. In this announcement my heart is with the extinction of five vegetables and fruits because of Higgs boson experiment creation to new conditions where these vegetables and fruits just become extinct. 

The first vegetable which is exposed to extinction is chillies; chillies are produced in three main countries which are Mexico, Tunisia and India, and these countries weather is changing deeply to confuse chillies to grow normally; simply chillies can't cope with the new weather conditions and finish by dying and never grow again. The proof of my above statement is obvious in the rate of production of chillies of these countries.

Bananas production in the world has dropped dramatically and this is because of the change in the global weather system, but also because of bananas trees' leaves huge size which make their transpiration to the water molecule diminishing to make them very weak to fall on the ground and become sterile, my proof of the statement above could be seen in the price of bananas in the world market.

I should raise awareness about carrots production; they are at danger because of the following conditions; global warming, abundance of the water molecule, soil decomposition, inundation of flat lands, drought, ice storms, heat waves, heavy rain and heavy snow. I think that agricultural lands are under serious danger of disappearance to vanish with them carrots production.

Oranges are exposed to extinction because of their excessive absorption to water; oranges are the first fruit which is loosing balance of nutrition because of the change in the weather system. Oranges production is dropping year after year until when there will be no oranges at all.

The last vegetable which is exposed to extinction is courgettes; courgettes can't resist to the new global weather conditions because of their soft tissue which can't resist to Higgs boson magnetism deformation to it's cells. I imagine that courgettes will be very rare to find in the market because of their seeds deterioration; so there will be no courgettes to grow in the future.

I hope I will have an opportunity to talk again about other vegetables and fruits which are exposed to extinction because of Higgs boson experiment.
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