Saturday, 7 January 2017

Announcement (51)

My interest to write this announcement is to wake up sleeping minds and to tell them look around you and you will see Higgs boson effects on everything from a subatomic particle to the whole universe. I am wishing to add enough convincing 

information concerning Higgs boson effects on people's life with the hope to reach some listening ears and to make of them good listeners. Below there are five paragraphs showing true effects on planet earth made by Higgs boson experiment.

Quarks submission has a huge impact on changing the global weather system and this is through their power of rotation, their power of pulling and their power of lining all particles and integrating them into Hggs boson magnetism. Quarks submission is changing clouds movement, temperature on earth, winds direction, ice stability in high mountains and in both poles, heat waves travel north and clouds accumulation. I think that quarks submission is one of the pillars to Higgs boson experiment.

Gas, gas and gas is one of the most challenging phenomenon to human beings; because it's decomposing is under way. Simply gas will loose it's efficiency to burn because of it's change of chemical formula; gas atoms can change easily because of Higgs boson magnetism knocking out  their electrons.

Another made effect by Higgs boson experiment is clouds disappearance; clouds disappearance has a huge impact on creating drought; because this phenomenon makes rain impossible to form; clouds are pulled higher and higher by Higgs boson magnetism and driven to concentrate in areas of depressions.

Apple trees are one of the trees which can't survive for long due to three causes which are: the first is the change in climate, the second is the abundance of water and the third is apple trees' cells are unique because once decomposed by Higgs boson magnetism they are not able to build again. I think that apple fruit is at extinction after oranges in the list.

Trees' leaves are participating in floods to occur and this is by their bigger size and their higher quantity; because trees are getting bigger and bigger and their fallen leaves have more opportunities to block sewage and increase debris in rivers to burst.
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