Sunday, 15 January 2017

Announcement (59)

Surprises are unlimited; now human beings are talking about new submerging phenomena around them. In this announcement my will is to talk about five new phenomena which have proved their occurrence on planet earth; these new phenomena are the production of Higgs boson experiment.

Shield shrimps in Australia are a new phenomenon resulted from Higgs boson experiment. Shield shrimps are a kind of fish used to live on planet earth millions of years ago, and they are coming up because of many conditions created by Higgs boson experiment and such conditions are: the change in the global weather system, Higgs boson magnetism reversing to DNA  and the widening in planet earth orbit which is explaining inflation occurrence. I think that shield shrimps will grow like mushrooms around the world.

Ruby sea dragons should be added to the subject as they are a new phenomenon of which many scientists are bringing them to the surface as rare creatures; and this rarity will be ended soon as their booming is at work. Ruby sea dragons are growing simply because of the combination of particles in warmer seas to build their DNA again and bring them into life.

Icy storms are a new phenomenon on earth; ice can cover few hundreds of miles and becomes up to 25 cm thick; this kind of storms occurrence started just lately in areas where it shouldn't occur in this manner. Icy storms are caused by the absence of winds, the presence of very cold air and generally they are caused when a detached piece of a vortex visits further south planet earth.

Molluscs were the first creatures on earth and some of their ancestors are turning back to life, I think that scientists have proved some kind of molluscs which were living millions of years ago and they are under formation and this is because of Higgs boson experiment.

My intention in this post is to show to the world that our universe travel back is real through the appearance of new phenomena and by adding a last new phenomenon our subject will be completed. Grasses fast growth shouldn't be ignored because is a good mean to lock carbon, and some people are witnessing that some grasses are growing up to 50 cm in just a space of 10 days. 
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