Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Announcement (61)

Precipitation has put it's words as a made effect by Higgs boson experiment; this words are taking a big shrunk in Media because this last has no escape to bring 
events of floods, sea waves slam to coasts, rivers burst, main pipes burst, ice and 

snow melting because of heavy rains, dams burst and filled ground water napes and wells. In this announcement my interest is with the causes of the higher levels of precipitation.

The level of precipitation is at increase all time and records are beaten day after day; I should add moisture higher levels as a first cause to precipitation to achieve unprecedented amounts. Moisture is at increase because of higher temperature, higher water vaporization and Higgs boson magnetism setting clouds in pineapple expresses.

The world is seeing records in rain because of inflation; inflation is making clouds accumulation in very high level, and this is what creates huge reserves to rain to occur in very high amounts and in a very short time. Some places are assisting up to (7) mm of rain just in (9) minutes to set records at higher levels.

The third cause of higher level of precipitation around the world is bigger size of the water molecule; atoms had acquired more mass to make bigger molecules such as the water molecule and this is whats making clouds having bigger size to create heavier rains.

Heavy rain occurrence will be something usual and this is because of the higher speed in all natural phenomena, the used vaporized water in (12) months around the world will be vaporized in a month, and the used rain in a month will be in a matter of one day, all this speed is without doubt a result of Higgs boson experiment.

Precipitation is already a huge issue to many countries because its at constant increase and this is due to the ignorance to Higgs boson discovery, and Higgs boson discoverer is still begging the world to take his words seriously.
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