Monday, 9 January 2017

Announcement (53)

Again I have to say few words about Higgs boson experiment and it's effects on chemicals on planet earth. This announcement is including chemical equations which can be proved in nature; the chemical equations are occurring due to Higgs boson experiment as a whole and in the paragraphs below we will look at them deeper.

The first chemical equation which is of my interest is showing sulphur dominance on planet earth; the new era of life is the era of sulphur because of these conditions; higher temperature on earth, soil decomposition, volcanoes eruption, methane combustion and higher sun's heat, all these conditions are causal to the genesis of sulphur. Because sulphur has (16) electrons which make it's formation easy and it could generate oxygen atom to build. The decay of CO2 is a good source to sulphur to form as shown in the chemical equation below
CO2 + H2O → CH2 + S + O

The second chemical equation which is occurring due to Higgs boson experiment is leading to sulphur monoxide (SO) formation; this chemical equation is due to the abundance of water and sulphur, and its happening in the volcanoes mouths
2S + 2H2O → S2O2 + 4H

The third created chemical equation by Higgs boson experiment is sodium interaction with nitrate (NaNO3); this chemical equation is at increase in seawater because of higher temperature; sodium rush to interact with nitrate to form sodium nitrate as shown in the equation below
Na + NO3 → NaNO3

The fourth chemical equation which should be taken in consideration in our subject is sodium solidity; sodium becomes solid once interacting with sodium to extract water, aand this interaction occurs in seawater
NaH2O + NaH2O → 2Na + 2H2O

To conclude this post I would like to add a last chemical equation resulted from Higgs boson experiment which is chalk decay because of the rise in temperature on planet earth; chalk is mixing with warmer seawater to color it in white

Chalk + Seawater → White Seawater.  
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