Sunday, 29 January 2017

Announcement (73)

The water molecule invasion to planet earth must be taken seriously and humanity has to prepare for it; this preparation means the relocation in higher grounds for the time being. Otherwise the loss of valuables is inevitable, and to save lives humanity has to organise a smooth travel to Africa because this last will be the last land to be inundated. Maybe someone asks what "Tarek" is talking about?

My intention to write this post is not coming from nothing but the made consequences by Higgs boson experiment to form the water molecule are already there; seas are at higher levels, rivers are running very high, enormous clouds are covering the sky, many lands are submerged by water, ground waters are at their highest level and deserts are receiving highest levels of water from rain than ever.

I am talking about the water invasion to planet earth because I am seeing floods in the five continents from Salvador to Canada, from Togo to the UK and from Malaysia to Japan. I am also seeing that both poles are invaded by the water of heavy rain and this means that ice will have no place on earth. The water molecule is finding it's way to form from the decayed matter to accumulate until when everything disappear under it.

I have to say that floods have increased by 35% during the last five years and this is before the total building of Higgs boson magnetic field, and I think that this building has been completed and this means that all Higgs boson mechanisms are at full work and this is what will lead to the increase of the water molecule on earth and effectively the increase of floods. I think that what I am stating here is a reflection to reality.

To end this post I have to remember you that Higgs boson experiment is the source to water creation and this creation of water wasn't made on purpose by Higgs boson discoverer but it was a group of facts learnt and understood during the process of experimentation on Higgs boson. I must also remember you about the change of the natural mechanisms which will impose on us the change in our thinking, the change in our decisions, the change in our behaviour towards others and the change in our daily life.  
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