Monday, 30 January 2017

Announcement (74)

Majorana fermions inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) were a good proof of particles with condensation to justify the perfection of my creation to this system, and they were also a good proof to Higgs boson good health of decaying 

particles. In this announcement I would like to rise a question about majorana fermions role in the production of new kind of particles during the stage of transition of matter from present to the past, because we are travelling to the past; so the came up of the matter of the past is built on majorana fermions.

The actual matter is at the decay process by Higgs boson magnetism and the result of this decay is free majorana fermions and their accumulation is a fact of this decay; during this process majorana fermions are able to participate in the formation of new old matter and this is what we call a scene of the past in the present; in reality this scene is at construction because our universe has already entered to a surface where all time particles are time particles of the past, and the combination of majorana fermions and time particles of the past leads to the formation of new old matter.

Without majorana fermions our universe could never travel back because of their role of rebuilding matter in a new shape and their reintegration of time particles inside it. I think that the freedom of majorana fermions had existed only and only during the building of our universe and to freeing them again means the rebuilding of an old one because majorana fermions are capable of holding bigger time particles and constructing matter upon them.

Higgs boson experiment has made our travel back into space possible through the dismantling of all matter and rebuilding it again in a shape of the past and this is by freeing majorana fermions because these last are capable of shaping the past of our universe, and the "All change" notice should be taken seriously by human beings in order to adapt with the new conditions of everything.

Higgs boson magnetism dilatation to particles makes the reshaping of matter easy and "Higgs Boson Dilatation" post has explained how bigger time particles could be integrated into particles without deforming them and this means that majorana fermions also are particles accepting dilatation to make matter looks bigger.
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