Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Announcement (54)

My pen doesn't want to stop writing to tell to the world more information about Higgs boson experiment; as we already know that this experiment is still live to manipulate depressions on earth. In this announcement I am willing to talk about five made effects by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth.

The sun's heat has achieved it's highest level in human beings history and this is because of Higgs boson experiment; this experiment has allowed the sun to acquire more energy to intensify it's heat, also this experiment made planet earth atmosphere less dense to allow higher sun's heat to penetrate into earth. I think that there are many scenes proving the statement above and such scenes are: Californian fires, Australian fires and Colombian fires.

Quarks submission is making all waters on earth warmer to rise the level of vaporization and this is what allows the level of clouds, fog, mist, sea effects and lakes effects higher and higher. I think that waters vaporization is one of the challenging phenomena to humanity.

Clouds are covering very long distance; thousands of miles, and this phenomenon is resulted from Higgs boson experiment; Higgs boson magnetism, quarks assumption, lighter atmosphere, alpha acrobats and winds directions are the causes to clouds to cover very huge areas as shown in the picture below

Snow's life is becoming shorter than ever and this is because of Higgs boson experiment which is creating the right conditions to snow to melt faster, and these conditions are the switch of cold air to warm air, the switch of snow to rain, Higgs boson magnetism destabilization to snow, fallen snow in usual warm areas and sand storms coming on snow. Snow's short life is a new challenging phenomenon to humanity.

A last made effect by Higgs boson experiment to close this post; I have to remember you about Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves which are a source to dementia. Dementia around the world is at it's highest levels ever; and this is because of Higgs boson sonors which are vibrational to many organs inside human body; and this is what makes stress occurrence imminent.
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