Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Announcement (46)

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are locomotives carrying with them energy to to finish at the end edge of our universe; this process of dispersion of energy is 
inflation itself because all existing energies finish by accumulating on one line in a 

(π) shape and of the size of universe (5), and this is where everything is going, then prediction of the timing of the end of this process is unknown. In this announcement I am interested to feed your brain with very interesting ideas concerning Higgs boson experiment consequences.

Higgs boson oscillations to particles could never happen without the Rugosa corals as they are Higgs boson holders; and their shape allows particles to have a double spin and this is what makes a particle having a double sinusoidal waves to acquire the power of pulling to any particle on it's way. The building of many spinners particles have a direct impact on creating stronger depressions, stronger tornadoes and huge spinning clouds in the sky. I think that the result of these last three is death and destruction.

The shape of Higgs boson sonors are unique and they are built on sinusoidal waves and breaking any other kind of sonors waves is an easy task. Higgs boson sounds will change everything shape by breaking it's particles into pieces. I think that Higgs boson sonors effects are already there and they could be seen in buildings collapse, sinking boats, planes crash, communication cut off and satellite data loss.

The leaving quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) create windy conditions to make the sand particles easy to fly higher in the sky and to travel miles away to come on living organisms and provoke so many difficulties in breathing and growing. Simply the created sand storms by Higgs boson experiment are never seen before the occurrence of this experiment.

My conclusion to this post has two meanings; the first is the role of particle physics experiments in the change of our life, and the second is how human beings have to understand these experiments?
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