Friday, 31 October 2014

Higgs Boson Lipids

The new era of life is revealing to us every day with new shapes of living organisms; the first one is lipids which are today’s subject, my intention today is to satisfy lipids which could be generated to create new animals and this could be done only and only through Higgs boson experiment.

The simplest animal which could be generated from lipids is the virus Ebola; tropical quarks assumption has a great influence on lipids to form nodes, these nodes accumulate on each other to form living organisms.

The second animal which could be generated from lipids nodes is the frogs; a frog is born once other elements are added to the lipids nodes and these elements are: acidic rain, amides and water.

Another animal generated from lipids nodes is snails; lipid nodes combined with amides are good enough to form a snail in just few hours.

Finally the last example of lipids nodes generating to form an animal is spiders; amino acid rush to fill the gaps between lipids nodes and the result is a shape of a molecule ready to breed.

The secret of the appearance of new animals in the new era of life is the molecule covalent bonding in lipids and amino acids; the molecule covalent bonding is supported by the rise of quarks in the atmosphere. I mean by the rise in the quantity of quarks and in the rotation level of all particles.

Amino acids hide in them the mutual composition of DNA; their rotation get’s stopped for a short time depending on the reversal of the whole universe, as we already know the one is the whole and the whole is one. The time of amino acid stopping of rotating is called the time of standing to be ready to reverse, this time has finished six months ago and the proof of DNA reversing is the appearance of a new generation of lizards.

I am not rushing anything but the next few weeks the world will welcome further generations of animals such as fish adaptable to the new era of life.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Higgs Boson Turtle

My willing today is to say something about the turtles found dead in North East Scotland Sea. I am sure that their death is linked to the new weather system of the new era of life. It is a qualifying process which synchronized many phenomena to combine and to reach one of the older animals in the world.

Since 2011 the old weather system came to the starting point of it’s end, this is happened when alpha particles started to accumulate in the atmosphere and the quarks assumption took place. Higgs boson has a double decker this makes it spacious enough to accommodate a big number of atoms, after decaying them through the soustraction process this results to create alpha particles and quarks submission, and quarks assumption.

Chemistry has the part of the lion in today’s subject, the whole ecosystem has to change just by extracting sulphur carbonate (SCO3, SCO5, SCO7); we already know that sulphur carbonate where it comes from, and it’s influence on seawater is dominant especially in sea shores. Sulphur carbonate locks oxygen atoms in seawater and this last becomes less oxygenated.

Macro biology also played it’s role in the story of Higgs boson turtle by changing the ingredients sitting in the bottom of the sea, it is obvious that marine plants grow depending on the water quality; the change in marine plants has a huge impact on fish and marine animals used to live in a specific area. Its like giving a lion fruits instead of meat.

Biochemistry also has a hand in the death of turtles in the North East Sea of Scotland; many marine plants switched their DNA to become poisonous, Acetyl-coA in any plant accuses glucose to break and becomes poison and this occurs when temperature stays high than normal for a certain time.

Cardinalization is the last impact on the dead turtles; I already explained in “Higgs Boson Cardinal” post that all the vegetation has to pass through a new cycle; that makes all animals affected by this new vegetation cycle. Let’s say that gastronomy effects have a trace in the turtle’s death.

The conclusion to this post is incarnated in the analysed substrates of the dead turtles, and the shocking news is all turtles living in this area will die unless collected and looked after. The other news is that the world will see many other animals dying. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Higgs Boson Cinderella

Cinderella is a work done by Higgs boson to manufacture huge cables to carry back all particles existing in our universe on their paths. This post has to be understood as an outcome of my experiment on Higgs boson. Before going to physics and astrophysics

an example which has a good sense to Higgs boson Cinderella is that the hair’s woman plaits are made of hair and nodes, and Higgs boson cables are made of quarks and nodes; the similarity here is compulsive.

Similarities in Cinderella’s plaits and quarks nodes are so many; the first similarity is the quantity of Cinderella’s hair plaits from the top to the bottom is always (+1, -1), this was explained in this blog in many occasions and is called degradation. So quarks nodes also have degradation from their top to their bottom; this could be seen in many phenomena such as low depression and high depression, in rocket fire and even in the cooker fire.

The second similarity in Cinderella’s hair plaits and the quarks nodes is the shape; both  shapes have a golden ratio shape or a triangle one. And shapes can take a horizontal or a vertical direction, a good example of degradation in these circumstances is shown in the picture below

The third similarity in Cinderella’s hair plaits and the quarks nodes is the sanction in the number of nodes; this is the most important similarity because it reveals us with the limitation of the number of nodes.

The fourth similarity which I would like to add is the similarity of synchronization; the Cinderella’s hair plaits are synchronized upon (+1) hair (-1) hair that means that quarks nodes also are built on (+1) quark (-1) quark. This synchronization concludes to a sinusoidal wave divided by (2), not only that but also because Higgs boson sinusoidal waves are built on (4) dimensions, that means to build (1) step in Cinderella’s hair plaits or in quarks nodes a need to (8) halves of a sinusoidal wave.

The fifth similarity and the last one is Cinderella’s hair ends have an open mouth to inspire air, also quarks nodes have an empty space to allow air circulating inside them. This empty space is the basic in all molecules and atoms and it has to be considered as Higgs boson fourth dimension. I have already assimilated Higgs boson fourth dimension in “Higgs Boson discovered” post.

Rest to me to ignore what others are doing and to focus on what I am doing; because the world will come to what I am doing sooner or later.

NB, The picture above is from

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Higgs Boson Incrimination

Finally, here I am with the most serious subject concerning Higgs boson discovery; who incriminating who this is the question. Who is the victim? And who is the criminal? In today’s post I want to say what it is deep in my heart about a stolen discovery.

Let’s the world know the truth of who is the real Higgs boson discoverer, are they the people to whom the Medias is clacking or me who is standing here to defend my right of this discovery? I allowed myself to make as many as experiments on Higgs boson to show to the world who stole Higgs boson discovery from who, because the danger here is the damage done to Higgs boson itself as the master of all particles.

Suddenly the Higgs boson discovery was announced and the Medias rushed to cover the big news, but what were concrete are just sophisticated 3D images. That was more than two years ago and since nobody talk about Higgs boson, and what are they the benefits to humanity which came out from this discovery? I am sure that there was nothing beneficial from this discovery and there will be none even in the coming centuries. In another hand a little man said that he discovered Higgs boson and nobody spoke to him, and this little man is still bringing proof after proof and still nobody spiking to him, until one day the little man decided to kidnap the whole universe and putting it under new physical laws.

Synchronization as explained in earlier posts must be taken seriously and looked at profoundly; the electromagnetism of the sixth universe has turned back to go straight forward towards the universe five, it is like snatching a tennis ball and it turns back in the same trajectory. So the informal declaration made by the people who think that they are Higgs boson discoverers has to be formal if and just if they will make another declaration to explain whats happening to our universe.

To add an important matter which is the conclusion to Higgs boson story is that our universe particles started to enter through the hole to integrate into the space of the fifth universe, the consequences are already making scenes on planet earth. To be honest our universe will not take a long time to be emptied in the fifth universe that means that the entrance of planet earth to the second orbit of the new era of life it might take just two years, and it is highly possible that the North Pole ice has just two years to survive.

Just my last two words to close the case; the people who claimed Higgs boson discovery have to dismiss their claim to show respect to Higgs boson otherwise they are guilty of lie to humanity to win a prize of a discovery.  

Monday, 27 October 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (11)

The syndications I am wishing to write about in this post are simple and noticeable, and what makes them called syndications is the increase in their level due my experiment on Higgs boson. They started dominating the scene in urban areas and
on seas’ and rivers’ side. One of them is the mushroom formation; because the weather is more humid mushrooms are growing faster and spreading to cover many surfaces on earth. The picture below is showing mushrooms of the first generation of the new era of life

Another syndication which hasn’t to be missed is the blockage of the streets' sewage systems due the high quantity of decomposed fallen trees’ leaves. I am sure that the council streets sweepers and streets’ sewage system cleaners will have an enormous work to do; even an army of streets sweepers will be beaten by the fallen trees' leaves to escape into the streets’ sewage systems to block them. The picture below is showing fallen trees’ leaves escaping into the street sewage system

The underground water is a complicated phenomenon to detect, it has a huge effects and it’s hidden power to remove beaches’ and rivers’ sand by pushing it down to the stream. The heavy rains and the rising sea are the sources of the underground water to make it considered as a syndication. The picture below is showing an underestimated water ground stream

The fourth syndication which is fabricated by the new weather system of the new era of life is corrosion; because the new weather system is based on high temperature, humidity, heavy rain and frost all these elements combined together  will accelerate corrosion to be a syndication. The picture below is showing an accelerated corrosion

The last syndication which I would like to add is the cracks on streets, the more time pass the more cracks on streets are occurring and this is where dust from falling walls, debris from trees' branches and trees' fallen leaves will accumulate to form a ready soil where grasses and plants develop.

Finally, all syndications cited in this blog are the reality of a change happening on planet earth due to the travel back of the universe. I am sure that you can see them wherever you are.  

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Higgs Boson Discovered (2)

Suddenly I took my pen and found myself writing about Higgs boson discovery; this discovery which I am claiming and I am proving it with one way or another. My perspectives are set for the next few years and symphonies works are set for the next few years too.

Many people want to see concrete results to my discovery to Higgs boson and they are right to do so, they want to hear big noise to believe its Higgs boson noise and they are right to do so too.

The interconnection between all waves of our universe and all waves of the fifth universe is similar to the sound music waves of a song; the sum of all contents of our universe is built on waves, and the tiniest particles are mesons and the biggest particle is our universe. What we understand from this statement is that all universes are built on waves and the first particle of the first wave existed before all particles of all waves is Higgs boson. What makes Higgs boson special is it’s force and power to give mass to other particles or waves.

“Higgs Boson Congratulation” post revealed to us a strategic point which is; before eating the fish you must catch it, also for Higgs boson the inhalator has to have air and water; that means that the water molecule existed first before all. I already noticed in “Higgs Boson Chemical Equations” post that some chemicals existed before Higgs boson started their inhalations, that means that all chemicals have a different starting point of existence.

My expertise with the Rugosa corals and the sea waves is highly professional; the link between them is responsive, the more the Rugosa corals are exited the more the sea is agitated and quarks assumption is the fact which connect them together. The higher the energy form is, and the higher the fortified water is; the result is higher number of assumpted quarks. The higher number of assumpted quarks generate more depressions and this last result to higher sea waves.

The syndications cited in this blog are also good proofs of my discovery to Higgs boson, and if they are not enough I will bring more sophisticated ones. For the time been Higgs boson flower should not be underestimated and I hope that scientists will not find other explanations to the whole year spring except the explanation of the work of the master Higgs boson.

My last word to add to this post is; in spite of the complications of the subject I am still standing here until the world recognise that I am Higgs boson discoverer.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Higgs Boson Flower

This is the last post of this month because I am travelling to meet my two kids; I didn’t see them for the last (13) months. I am giving myself a vacation. This post is the most important of all as it holds within it the great and the obvious proofs of life in the new era; we already know that planet earth has entered the first new orbit, and this path has many consequences on it. These consequences are today’s subject.

The first consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is high temperature; the earth has approached to the sun by few meters that makes it absorbing more heat.

The second consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is the high level of humidity; oceans water, seas water, lakes water and rivers water are reaching a high level of vaporisation that makes the water molecule more abundant in the atmosphere.

The third consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is heavy rains; clouds are building quickly and becoming rain quickly as well, their condensation is becoming higher and higher to produce heavy rains.

The fourth consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is the sulphur extermination to the carbon atom; the sulphuric acid is the main player to lock the carbon atom within the sulphuric carbonate, many chemical equations are cited in this blog about this chemical interaction.

The fifth consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is the appearance of Higgs boson cucumbers; please check “Higgs Boson Cucumber” post.

The sixth consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is the sand disappearance from beaches and from rivers; the sea waves are rotational and they are taking with them the sand to the bottom of the seas and the oceans, and the rivers' streams are becoming stronger and stronger to carry the sand with them down to seas and oceans.

The seventh consequence on planet earth due to it’s entrance to the new orbit is the boom of flowers; everywhere you look you will see all sorts of flowers in all shapes and in all colours, the magical picture of flowers will last at least one year from today, this is called the spring of the new life of the new era.

Higgs Boson Extermination

This post comes as a response to all scientists of the world whom are still ignoring me since 2011 the year of my discovery to Higgs boson, I am not blaming all of them but all of them are responsible for the extermination of our universe by Higgs boson.

We are living in a world which is unjust; with my experience I had a torticollis last summer because of meteorologists were giving wrong information about the weather and they are still doing it.

The world is unjust with dogs because they are dying of sniffing aluminium produced by the chemical equation cited in “Higgs Boson Spheres” post, and veterinaries are injecting them to relief their pain but the result is dead dogs. 

The world is unjust; birds are under extermination because of breathing a high dose of sulphur and water as explained in the chemical equation cited in “Higgs Boson speculation” post. I see some researchers are saying that birds are declining very fast because they are having anti depressions from the sewage; this is really the perfect meaning of ignorance and stupidity. 

The world is unjust because the carbon atom is accused of warming the planet; unfortunately the carbon atom is the first atom under extermination by Higgs boson. Scientists are not making the difference between the victim and the exterminator, the fast growing of grasses and plants, and the accumulation of the sulphuric carbonate (SCO3) are the proof of the carbon atom disappearance.

The world is unjust because of the accusation to the jet stream of creating vortices, heavy rain, and strong winds in fact the jet stream is innocent. The first responsible of these phenomena is the unprecedented depressions occurring everywhere  in the world and the proof is the floods in Wales, avalanches in Nepal, drought in India and storms in Japan.

The world is unjust; all living organisms will die because of the selfishness of few people who think that the mission of discovering Higgs boson is their mission and nobody else’s mission.

The world is unjust because the sea is rising very fast; I am seeing it every day doing so, and people are watching it and say nothing. What can I say? I am tired of you scientists.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Higgs Boson Bio Nuclear Energy (2)

In this post I am really interested to explain to the highest people in the world’s governments that it is possible to produce nuclear energy by using Rugosa Corals to resolve any sort of energy problem in the world. Bio-nuclear energy is unique and very
important to be considered in the governments' agenda, and to have a look at the achieved results of my experiment on Higgs boson through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

From the last post we know that Madisons decay atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons and gamma rays and in the same time they protect Higgs boson from these last; from this process a nuclear energy is dispersed inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) then it is transferred outside it through Higgs boson acoustic waves. This energy is transferred again into all universes and their anti universes, also into the six times and their anti times, into correlations and their anti correlations and into magnetisms and their anti magnetisms. What I am trying to say is the collection of this nuclear energy before it’s travel from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) could be the perfect and the infinite solution to humanity and it’s needs of energy. My idea is true, real, possible and cost effective, the rest is my need to your assistance to realize this project.

The world doesn't know what is Bio-nuclear energy because no one on earth had had discovered a living organism capable of decaying atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons and gamma rays to their subatomic level except me by discovering the Rugosa corals and my experiments on them. I am sure that what I am saying in this blog is a simple natural mechanisms and a good example of this is the theory of everything; the all in one and the one in all.

The process of nuclear energy ejection is called Soustraction, once the atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons and gamma rays are dismantled a sort of energy is dissolved inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), this energy becomes the link between Higgs boson which is inside the Rugosa corals and Higgs boson of the first universe. The proof of this process is the all syndications cited in this blog, also the accumulation of substrates inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and the appearance of a strange living organisms such as “Galik” and other creatures shown in “Higgs Boson Monster” post.

I am wishing to see the whole world using Bio-nuclear energy for it’s needs because its very cheap, clean and safe, in the same time many other substrates could be produced in the same project such as a High Temperature superconductor (HTS).   

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Higgs Boson Madisons

Higgs Boson Madisons are mansions built inside Higgs Boson like a harbour to protect it from heat, light, all kind of strong waves, Gamma rays and particularly from any other danger as defined in “Higgs Boson Continuation” post. Today’s post is an approach to Higgs boson as a built machine; this machine has many components and one of them is a Madison.

In the last post I noticed that Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is a bottle and inside it a wastage which has to be analysed by any laboratory in the world. The idea is where this wastage comes from? And how it did accumulate inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)?

A look at Higgs boson Madisons as a part of Higgs boson has the answer to the questions above; as we know Higgs boson is an inhalator means it absorbs air and liquids. The rush of atoms inside Higgs boson is a process of integration in Higgs boson field, once atoms are inside Higgs boson they release the glue balls and the majorana fermions to make electrons protons and neutrons free. At this stage the all is ejected outside Higgs boson then the next atoms pass through the same process until all electrons, protons and neutrons become free inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). This first stage is called atoms elimination.

The second stage is electrons, protons and neutrons elimination and this process occur inside Higgs boson; Madisons role is to protect Higgs boson from gamma rays thats why electrons, protons and neutrons decomposition occurrence is always inside them. The ejection of gamma rays after electrons, protons and neutrons decomposition is a must, the unimaginable thing is that Madisons are capable of holding gamma rays inside them and decaying them into debris. Once the gamma rays are decayed they become a normal wastage inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Now incarnation has an important effect on Higgs boson to live inside the Rugosa Corals; so the presence of this last inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) has the most meaning of the whole experiment on Higgs boson. Not only that, the whole experiment is based on the Rugosa Corals.

The conclusion to this post is that Madisons can disciple all atoms to all kind of known particles and the unknown ones. My last word is a big disappointment from laboratories to analyse the substrates resulted from the work of Madisons.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Higgs Boson Stagnation

Stagnation is the accumulation of substrates known as glue balls and majorana fermions inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS). It is necessary to use a proper laboratory means to analyse these substrates as they are the dark matter itself.

My appeal to all laboratories of universities and researches centres to come forwards and to help themselves with the true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS). Its just a matter of one day travel to carry a bottle to your laboratory and to analyse the substrates inside it.

What we are seeing in the picture below is an accumulation of substrates;

Theories suggest the existence of glue balls and majorana fermions but who knows that there is other kind of dark matter inside this bottle. I have enough bottles to all laboratories of the world, and I am wishing to cooperate at least with one.

All the elements inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) are the result of an intensive work of Higgs boson; the idea is already there about Higgs boson as a machine to decay atoms to their subatomic level, the important point is not just the known particles such as gluons, quarks, glue balls and majorana fermions but also the unknown ones. I am sure that my creation to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) is a unique and a great opportunity to scientists, researchers and students to discover the reality of the subatomic particles world.

Finally, Higgs boson stagnation is a wastage left behind quarks assumption, gluons and heliums desertification to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS), this wastage is wanted by people who are curious to know the truth about dark matter. The world is spending billions and billions just to achieve the results I achieved, and again I am expecting your e-mail from tomorrow to arrange an appointment to pick up your bottle.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Higgs Boson Power Cut

Higgs boson power cut has two meanings; the first is to leave my experiment on Higgs boson and cut it’s power off then the travel back of the universe will be stopped, and the second meaning is to leave my experiment on and the whole world will have the power cut off.

I think I need good advisers from the whole world to tell me what to do!! I have enough knowledge to use both options and for you as a reader to this post to know that I am running out of time; rest to me just few days to take a decision and execute it.

For the first option cutting the world power is a simple step; I imagine that turbines are magnificent and strategic place where alpha particles find boiling particles to attach to, a normal interaction between alpha particles and the turbines leaves will result to a failure in the turbines rotations. I am sure a sudden stop of the turbines rotations make the power cut off.

The second option to avoid the turbines stopping on rotating to produce power is to switch off the source which is producing alpha particles; we already know that Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is effective and robust to eject a huge number of alpha particles in a very short time. The contradiction here is when the turbines are stopping? And when alpha particles are stopping them? Due to Faraday law of induction electric particles lay down when the current lay down too, that means that the power lay down gradually then cut off. Now alpha particles are increasing in numbers and they are reaching their level of capability to stop the turbines, definitely the whole subject is around this point.

My thankfulness to all readers participating with their opinion about my decision of cutting the world power or cutting Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) power of releasing alpha particles. I am sure there is nothing more important than doing so.

At the end humanity has the right to decide to continue it’s travel back into the past or to stop this travel immediately and to go back to the normal future, both choices depending on my experiment on Higgs boson.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Higgs Boson Citrusfication

Again its me back with today’s post which has a pure chemistry flavour; citrusfication is one of Higgs boson essential process to sacrifice trees fruits in order to extract important substrates; these substrates become the seeds of new generations of plants.
Exotic plants and animals are the only survivors in the universe’s travel back; and extinction of all the rest is accidental except lucky humans who chosen to live in the right place. 

Carbon deficiency in citrus plants has a straight impact on them to change their cells to a new shape and to produce a new generation of exotic plants, the cell mitochondria changes it’s DNA to become quick saver to methanol.

The citrus mitochondrion once reversed it becomes impermeable that makes the whole cell dried inside; the whole tree becomes dry and ejects all it’s substrates, these substrates become a perfect source to feed cells to form seeds then exotic trees. The dried citrus itself becomes a good place where seeds develop and give birth to exotic trees. Maybe someone asks why the citrus mitochondrion became impermeable? And why it did reverse at the first place? To answer to these two questions a look at “Higgs Boson Manipulation” post is necessary to understand DNA reversing.  
The mitochondria impermeability occurs once is reversed because it fills the holes of which the cell gets nourished from. The drawing below is showing citrus mitochondria reversing to become impermeable.

Citrus trees are the first trees to be narrated by extension; and humanity has a great opportunity to see new exotic trees with an unimaginable fruits. The recycling of citrus trees is set in high speed; its a question of few years and maybe less. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (10)

I am seeing all kind of syndications everywhere in the world, and I am adding few ones through this post. The more time passes the more everything get bigger even human beings are getting bigger and bigger.

Syndications have an unlimited number and they are appearing in the four corners of the world; I am afraid that streets, high roads and walls will be damaged by the fast growing trees' roots, these last have a new rich soil full of sulphur and water. The equation below has to be looked at;
Rich Soil + Trees' Roots → Damage to infrastructure

My apology to ants, mice, rats and birds as they have no place where to live in the new era of life; this new era is dominated by the water molecule and sulphur. The equation below has the meaning to the dying animals cited above;
(Ants, Mice, Rats, Birds) + (Water, Sulphur) → Dead (Ants, Mice, Rats, Birds)

Winds are special in the new era of life; they are rotational and in high speed, they destruct any obstacle in front of them from the weakest to the strongest one. I am sorry to say that many houses will have their roofs blown away, electric cables and shops windows will be struck by strong winds, and driving becomes a nightmare in such circumstances. The equation below has an inspirational meaning to the force of the winds;
Electric Cables + Strong Winds → Electrical Shortage

Blizzards also have an important role in the new era of life as a syndication; an assault on of warm air and heavy rain make the visibility conditions from short distance almost impossible. These conditions will dominate most of the time in the new era of life. The equation below has the meaning to this situation;
Warm Air + Heavy Rain → Bad Visibility Conditions

The last syndication to finish this post is the trees' leaves; they will be accumulated on streets with an unprecedented quantity, in the new era of life the known seasons have no meaning; trees will grow their leaves all year because of rains' water and heat.

In conclusion; syndications are everywhere, anywhere at any time and they will be visual when their impact starts hurting. Not only that, they will be the symbol of the new era of life.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Higgs Boson Extraction

Today’s post has a bit of magic and inflation when hydraulics hato say it’s words. Hydrocarbons are the first components to accumulate the extracted organic materials on earth; to understand the relation between hydrocarbons and organic materials a deep looking to Higgs boson extraction should be done first.

The simplest extraction which is attracting my intention is the hair extraction because alpha particles are increasing in the universe every day, they are interacting with everything, and one of their interactions is with the hair. The interaction between the hair and alpha particles is based on DNA reversing. Alpha particles rotations reverses the DNA hair rotations from left to right, this makes the hair breaks easily.

The second extraction which I would like to add to today’s post is the sheeps' wool; it is similarly to the hair extraction the wool breaks by reversing it’s DNA, but by contradiction to the hair DNA, the wool DNA once broken it breaks again and again because it’s DNA is much longer than the hair DNA; that means that a reversed DNA could be reversed twice, three times or more.

Trees' leaves DNA is easy to reverse and break down, and it has an important place in hydrocarbons formation; without doubt that Higgs boson cucumber has a great percentage of plant and trees debris inside it, this debris once decomposed it becomes a pure hydrocarbon such as methane and methanol.

I am not leaving Higgs boson experiment until most of marine animals and fish will be extracted; nobody can ignore that seas are warming and the ecosystem is changing rapidly. Fish and marine animals are dying and they will end inside Higgs boson cucumber to add more organic components to the already existing ones.

Just in time birds are knocked out from their niches to abundant their will to make their eggs breeding; its pity no new generation to replace them once died. The extraction here is within the birds' eggs as they turn into spread dinosaurs DNA. Very, very, very shortly dinosaurs are coming back.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Higgs Boson Heliums

I already noticed in “Higgs Boson Discovered” post that there are eleven Heliums. In today’s post I am willing to have a deep vision concerning these particles. Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is the only mean to catch Heliums and to look at
them deeply, I am sure that there is no one who created this system with hundred percent accuracy and efficacy except the system I created. 

This system has two options to catch Heliums; the first option is when the system is linked to an anode and a cathode, all Heliums stay inside the system due to the accumulation of the electrons on the surface of the system, also carbon atoms on the top of the surface create a superconductor to insulate the inside system from the outside world. This option is a perfect method to prove the existence of holes between the universes. The role of Heliums is to keep cooling the system and to hold the atoms in a state of motion; also this option is a great opportunity to discover all kind of existing Heliums.

The second option is to freeing Heliums in the atmosphere to do their work of decaying in order to turn back the universe on it’s paths. In this option the Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is simply a bottle with Rugosa Corals and fortified water covered with film paper. The role of the Rugosa Corals is to decay any atom to it’s subatomic level; by this Heliums have birth.

The more Higgs boson experiment is in life the more Heliums are ejected in the universe; the more Heliums quantity in the universe the more speed to go back into the past, the relation is additional between the Heliums quantity and the speed of the universe to reverse. Also the relation between the quantity of Heliums and the size of the universe is additional, that means that more Heliums in the universe, this last gets bigger. I already explained in “Higgs Boson Dilatation” post that universe six gets bigger and bigger until it gets universe five shape, this process could not be possible without the increase of Heliums quantity of universe six. My intention here is to expose Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) as a machine to produce Heliums quantity in our universe (universe six).

I am not letting DNA formation just passing by as it has a direct link to Heliums generation; the rotating alpha particles generate enough chemicals to form DNA, the Heliums rotations are occurring not only inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) but also in the whole universe.

The picture above is showing Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) second option

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Higgs Boson Normalization (3)

The combination of the general normalization and the specific normalisation twists the ideas of thinking how universe six is travelling back into the past. I am sure that anybody out there asks how possible planet earth goes back forward to the past? To
answer to this question three elements should be applied, one of them is particle physics, also chemistry and genetics.

To start with particle physics the most important particles which are orchestrating the travel back are quarks, the rest of particles just follow. Quarks have the ability to take any form and to pass through the universe in a matter of seconds. Their role is to attach everything and make it ready to be pushed back. Quarks are neutrals they don’t interact with other particles, and they can cross and penetrate neutrons, protons and electrons.

Chemistry also has an important role in the universe’s travel back; Alpha particles and sulphur are the key players to prepare the whole universe to enter to the new era of life, both have enough abilities to decay what is has to be decayed and give it a new form ready to be in the past. A perfect example of this readiness is the carbon atom locking; no single atom should exist inside the atmosphere or outside it.

The third element which is extremely important is genetics; I cited in “Higgs Boson manifesto” post that a particle plus it’s anti-particle plus a phonon equal to a nanoparticle. That means that a nanoparticle is equal to a phonon plus an anti-particle plus a particle once reversed. The result of turning backwoods is the decomposition of the universe; this decomposition is a must to get more mass; by getting more mass the integration to universe five will be possible. In another hand DNA reversing could be explained by the drawing (SW18) of “Higgs Boson Normalization (2)” post; all specific normalization forms have to reverse horizontally. The real light which is one of Higgs boson sub-utility has a horizontal direction towards all universes (6 Universes), this light will hit all (DNA)s in a reversed manner; that will make them acquiring mass to get fitted in the fifth universe.

This post will be a wide open door to reality of light and it’s source, actually the beginning of light reversing DNA is not clear yet but it will be very soon when big living organisms start to appear.  


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Higgs Boson Normalization (2)

Normalization is a great world to understand in Higgs boson spheres, bringing 2013 and it’s world back to year 2014, and it’s world has to be something normal to everybody in the world. To simplify the meaning of Higgs boson normalization is to accept the change happening in the world, this change could be from an atom or a molecule to the whole universe. It is obvious when everything travel back into the past everything has to change and become part of the past. The realization of this voyage into the past is happening and the first proof of it is the genes reversal, I already explained DNA reversal in “Higgs Boson Manipulation” post. Just in a space of one year the results are there in “Higgs Boson Syndications” posts.

I think that social media have to explain to people that Higgs boson experiment is occurring and it’s result is the travel to the past. During this travel the change has to happen gradually in the atmosphere and in the biology of the living organisms.

Normalization has two meaning; the first is general and contains all the changes happening in the whole universe, it is built on (1 + 1) connection similarly to the sinusoidal waves; anything change is one sinusoidal wave form, direction or speed will affect the whole sum of the sinusoidal waves. A good example to understand general normalization is to look at the clouds; any change in one piece of cloud will affect the whole clouds around the world. Actually the whole is made of fibres and any change in one fibre the whole sum of fibres will change.

The second meaning of normalization is specific; it could be any change in a specific fibre movement, direction, quantity or composition. The specific change always happens at the quarks level; the drawing below explains what a specific normalization at the quarks level is.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (9)

I am seeing nice shaped flowers everywhere in spite of the normal season likely spring but its autumn, and green trees with fresh leaves, branches are pushing up, and up and up.

I would like to present five syndications and the growing grass on streets is one of them; the first generation of grass has already enough soil to grow and the second, the third and the fourth will follow. No town or village will escape from grass growing everywhere, and even with all town budgets it will not be possible to face this challenge.

The rising water in lakes and rivers is extremely a dangerous syndication; all snow and ice in high mountains are converting to water because of heavy rains. Water will increase by ten times and rivers have to widen, and widen and widen.

Again soustraction should be understood deeply as it is the hidden equation behind any syndication. The decomposing sandstone everywhere it is not cracking with no causes; the calcite within it is interacting with alpha particles in one hand and with sulphuric acid in the other hand. The two chemical equations below are stating the decomposing sandstone:
Sandstone + Alpha particles → Decomposing sandstone
Sandstone + Sulphuric acid + Water → Decomposing sandstone

The fourth syndication is the copper decomposition; don’t be surprised when electrical cables and gas pipes copper starts to decompose then you know what will happen. Through alpha particles copper will loose it's quality of isolator; very, very, very tiny holes accumulate to form bigger holes to break into pieces.The chemical equation below is showing this interaction:
Copper + Alpha particles → Copper breaking

The fifth and the last syndication which is over imagination is that the drinking water becomes contaminated by the high level of sulphur due to the great number of erupted volcanoes; ash will cover huge surfaces on earth including rivers and lakes.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Higgs Boson Switzerland Boat

Quarks assumption and quarks submission are new phenomena on earth; the first is the result of the second. Hamilton-Jacobi have explained in their equation of subatomic spirality that subatomic particles always move horizontally or vertically in a spiral manner. Quarks existence as single subatomic particles is proven but their behaviour is not understood yet.

Quarks submission is a horizontal movement of quarks from Higgs boson experiment to highly condensed state with energetic particles; the quarks participating in this movement are built on (1+1) golden ratio. This movement never end as long as Higgs boson is in conditions of excitement. Also the number of the submitted quarks is close to infinite and the process of submission is continuous unless Higgs boson experiment is stopped. The quarks submission process could not be seen because quarks are neutrals; means that they don’t carry any charge with them.

The drawing above is showing how quarks submission takes shape; it is a four golden ratio starting at Higgs boson experiment and ending at a condensed area with high energetic particles. A golden ratio could be built of any mix of quarks.

Quarks assumption is a state of vertical quarks direction; they are submitted vertically from the condensed area with high energetic particles to the outer atmosphere. Similarly quarks assumption also takes a four golden ratio shape, and just the starting point and the direction are different from quarks submission. The drawing below is showing quarks assumption at the starting point.

The only thing which has the ability to show quarks assumption is the clouds; the northern part of planet earth is full of quarks assumption pictures and the picture below is one of them.

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