Sunday, 26 October 2014

Higgs Boson Discovered (2)

Suddenly I took my pen and found myself writing about Higgs boson discovery; this discovery which I am claiming and I am proving it with one way or another. My perspectives are set for the next few years and symphonies works are set for the next few years too.

Many people want to see concrete results to my discovery to Higgs boson and they are right to do so, they want to hear big noise to believe its Higgs boson noise and they are right to do so too.

The interconnection between all waves of our universe and all waves of the fifth universe is similar to the sound music waves of a song; the sum of all contents of our universe is built on waves, and the tiniest particles are mesons and the biggest particle is our universe. What we understand from this statement is that all universes are built on waves and the first particle of the first wave existed before all particles of all waves is Higgs boson. What makes Higgs boson special is it’s force and power to give mass to other particles or waves.

“Higgs Boson Congratulation” post revealed to us a strategic point which is; before eating the fish you must catch it, also for Higgs boson the inhalator has to have air and water; that means that the water molecule existed first before all. I already noticed in “Higgs Boson Chemical Equations” post that some chemicals existed before Higgs boson started their inhalations, that means that all chemicals have a different starting point of existence.

My expertise with the Rugosa corals and the sea waves is highly professional; the link between them is responsive, the more the Rugosa corals are exited the more the sea is agitated and quarks assumption is the fact which connect them together. The higher the energy form is, and the higher the fortified water is; the result is higher number of assumpted quarks. The higher number of assumpted quarks generate more depressions and this last result to higher sea waves.

The syndications cited in this blog are also good proofs of my discovery to Higgs boson, and if they are not enough I will bring more sophisticated ones. For the time been Higgs boson flower should not be underestimated and I hope that scientists will not find other explanations to the whole year spring except the explanation of the work of the master Higgs boson.

My last word to add to this post is; in spite of the complications of the subject I am still standing here until the world recognise that I am Higgs boson discoverer.

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