Thursday, 16 October 2014

Higgs Boson Normalization (3)

The combination of the general normalization and the specific normalisation twists the ideas of thinking how universe six is travelling back into the past. I am sure that anybody out there asks how possible planet earth goes back forward to the past? To
answer to this question three elements should be applied, one of them is particle physics, also chemistry and genetics.

To start with particle physics the most important particles which are orchestrating the travel back are quarks, the rest of particles just follow. Quarks have the ability to take any form and to pass through the universe in a matter of seconds. Their role is to attach everything and make it ready to be pushed back. Quarks are neutrals they don’t interact with other particles, and they can cross and penetrate neutrons, protons and electrons.

Chemistry also has an important role in the universe’s travel back; Alpha particles and sulphur are the key players to prepare the whole universe to enter to the new era of life, both have enough abilities to decay what is has to be decayed and give it a new form ready to be in the past. A perfect example of this readiness is the carbon atom locking; no single atom should exist inside the atmosphere or outside it.

The third element which is extremely important is genetics; I cited in “Higgs Boson manifesto” post that a particle plus it’s anti-particle plus a phonon equal to a nanoparticle. That means that a nanoparticle is equal to a phonon plus an anti-particle plus a particle once reversed. The result of turning backwoods is the decomposition of the universe; this decomposition is a must to get more mass; by getting more mass the integration to universe five will be possible. In another hand DNA reversing could be explained by the drawing (SW18) of “Higgs Boson Normalization (2)” post; all specific normalization forms have to reverse horizontally. The real light which is one of Higgs boson sub-utility has a horizontal direction towards all universes (6 Universes), this light will hit all (DNA)s in a reversed manner; that will make them acquiring mass to get fitted in the fifth universe.

This post will be a wide open door to reality of light and it’s source, actually the beginning of light reversing DNA is not clear yet but it will be very soon when big living organisms start to appear.  

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