Sunday, 5 October 2014

Higgs Boson Heavy Rains

In this post I am interested to talk about Higgs boson and the formation of heavy rains subsequently to the new weather system of the new era of life in which we are living. My conception to the link between Higgs boson and the heavy rains should be understood by meteorologists in order to set the basics of the new weather system. There are five points to look at of which the new weather system is built.

Firstly digging deep into the quark mechanism which is built on four essential quarks which are ( Top quark, bottom quark, up quark and down quark), the work of these quarks is always repetitive; that means that their movement speed is all time constant, also it is interesting to know that the charm quark is their carrier. Suspiciously the energy accumulated and trapped within five quarks and their anti-quarks plus the strange quark and it's anti-quark is the proton itself.

Secondly my hypothesis of quark continuation is the answer and the explanation to the string theory; all quarks are knitted to form a very long number of lines attached to a very strong point of ferromagnetism.

Thirdly the conditional nature of the quarks lines makes them intermix to form a kind of cables made of many quarks lines. Accumulated quarks cables bring any particle towards their moving direction that makes a symphony.

Fourthly it is known that anything rotating it ejects everything outside the rotating area; thick clouds formation is occurred because of the rotational depressions and the rise in temperature that makes the water less dense to evaporate.

Fifthly Higgs boson arrows sustain the evaporated water molecule to travel very high in the sky by consequence the occupation of space by the water molecule becomes greater than the old weather system; also it's holding into this space is longer.

From the above five points clouds are accumulated to produce heavy rain in both situations; the first situation is when the clouds are driven in a rotating manner around the depression, and the second situation is when the depression passes and creates huge rings of cloud.
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