Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Higgs Boson Cinderella

Cinderella is a work done by Higgs boson to manufacture huge cables to carry back all particles existing in our universe on their paths. This post has to be understood as an outcome of my experiment on Higgs boson. Before going to physics and astrophysics

an example which has a good sense to Higgs boson Cinderella is that the hair’s woman plaits are made of hair and nodes, and Higgs boson cables are made of quarks and nodes; the similarity here is compulsive.

Similarities in Cinderella’s plaits and quarks nodes are so many; the first similarity is the quantity of Cinderella’s hair plaits from the top to the bottom is always (+1, -1), this was explained in this blog in many occasions and is called degradation. So quarks nodes also have degradation from their top to their bottom; this could be seen in many phenomena such as low depression and high depression, in rocket fire and even in the cooker fire.

The second similarity in Cinderella’s hair plaits and the quarks nodes is the shape; both  shapes have a golden ratio shape or a triangle one. And shapes can take a horizontal or a vertical direction, a good example of degradation in these circumstances is shown in the picture below

The third similarity in Cinderella’s hair plaits and the quarks nodes is the sanction in the number of nodes; this is the most important similarity because it reveals us with the limitation of the number of nodes.

The fourth similarity which I would like to add is the similarity of synchronization; the Cinderella’s hair plaits are synchronized upon (+1) hair (-1) hair that means that quarks nodes also are built on (+1) quark (-1) quark. This synchronization concludes to a sinusoidal wave divided by (2), not only that but also because Higgs boson sinusoidal waves are built on (4) dimensions, that means to build (1) step in Cinderella’s hair plaits or in quarks nodes a need to (8) halves of a sinusoidal wave.

The fifth similarity and the last one is Cinderella’s hair ends have an open mouth to inspire air, also quarks nodes have an empty space to allow air circulating inside them. This empty space is the basic in all molecules and atoms and it has to be considered as Higgs boson fourth dimension. I have already assimilated Higgs boson fourth dimension in “Higgs Boson discovered” post.

Rest to me to ignore what others are doing and to focus on what I am doing; because the world will come to what I am doing sooner or later.

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