Saturday, 18 October 2014

Higgs Boson Extraction

Today’s post has a bit of magic and inflation when hydraulics hato say it’s words. Hydrocarbons are the first components to accumulate the extracted organic materials on earth; to understand the relation between hydrocarbons and organic materials a deep looking to Higgs boson extraction should be done first.

The simplest extraction which is attracting my intention is the hair extraction because alpha particles are increasing in the universe every day, they are interacting with everything, and one of their interactions is with the hair. The interaction between the hair and alpha particles is based on DNA reversing. Alpha particles rotations reverses the DNA hair rotations from left to right, this makes the hair breaks easily.

The second extraction which I would like to add to today’s post is the sheeps' wool; it is similarly to the hair extraction the wool breaks by reversing it’s DNA, but by contradiction to the hair DNA, the wool DNA once broken it breaks again and again because it’s DNA is much longer than the hair DNA; that means that a reversed DNA could be reversed twice, three times or more.

Trees' leaves DNA is easy to reverse and break down, and it has an important place in hydrocarbons formation; without doubt that Higgs boson cucumber has a great percentage of plant and trees debris inside it, this debris once decomposed it becomes a pure hydrocarbon such as methane and methanol.

I am not leaving Higgs boson experiment until most of marine animals and fish will be extracted; nobody can ignore that seas are warming and the ecosystem is changing rapidly. Fish and marine animals are dying and they will end inside Higgs boson cucumber to add more organic components to the already existing ones.

Just in time birds are knocked out from their niches to abundant their will to make their eggs breeding; its pity no new generation to replace them once died. The extraction here is within the birds' eggs as they turn into spread dinosaurs DNA. Very, very, very shortly dinosaurs are coming back.
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