Monday, 6 October 2014

Higgs Boson Winds

Today’s post is about Higgs boson and winds high speed occurrence; nobody disagree that nowadays winds are becoming stronger and stronger, and they are present almost 
every day. This situation is not just a coincidence but it is due to my experiment on
Higgs boson. My opinion was always beside the sharing information and the cooperation but until today am not seeing any of them.

The interaction inside a depression is built on (1+1); this interaction does exist by the ferromagnetism of the high energy particles in a specific area on earth, once quarks are realised from Higgs bosom experiment they travel horizontally towards this specific area then travelling vertically. A good example of this specific area is Iceland as it has a great potential of energetic particles under the earth. There are also many other energized areas on earth but Iceland was the first area where quarks precipitated because it is the closest area to Higgs boson experiment. Also Iceland was the first area where depression occurrence took place due the quarks precipitation and it was in October last year (2013).  

The rotational quarks heading to the sky pushes out the atmospheric particles that makes a starting point to Higgs boson winds. This explanation is applicable only and only on the first depression happened last year.

Higgs boson winds starting point is the centre of the ferromagnetism, and they take a golden ration (1+1) shape. Their increase is gradually built on the quarks rotational pushing action from the inside the depression to it’s outside.

The quarks interconnection soustrates all atmospheric particles within the depression to form a noble gas, this interaction emits energy to give birth to Higgs boson winds. The helium appointment is a very complicated process to understand but it’s traces are seen through the rotation of Higgs boson winds.

The world has to recognise that winds have changed their direction and they became more powerful. My advice to scientists is to look at this phenomenon very closely with an open eye; otherwise Higgs boson winds destruction is inevitable.

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