Thursday, 30 October 2014

Higgs Boson Turtle

My willing today is to say something about the turtles found dead in North East Scotland Sea. I am sure that their death is linked to the new weather system of the new era of life. It is a qualifying process which synchronized many phenomena to combine and to reach one of the older animals in the world.

Since 2011 the old weather system came to the starting point of it’s end, this is happened when alpha particles started to accumulate in the atmosphere and the quarks assumption took place. Higgs boson has a double decker this makes it spacious enough to accommodate a big number of atoms, after decaying them through the soustraction process this results to create alpha particles and quarks submission, and quarks assumption.

Chemistry has the part of the lion in today’s subject, the whole ecosystem has to change just by extracting sulphur carbonate (SCO3, SCO5, SCO7); we already know that sulphur carbonate where it comes from, and it’s influence on seawater is dominant especially in sea shores. Sulphur carbonate locks oxygen atoms in seawater and this last becomes less oxygenated.

Macro biology also played it’s role in the story of Higgs boson turtle by changing the ingredients sitting in the bottom of the sea, it is obvious that marine plants grow depending on the water quality; the change in marine plants has a huge impact on fish and marine animals used to live in a specific area. Its like giving a lion fruits instead of meat.

Biochemistry also has a hand in the death of turtles in the North East Sea of Scotland; many marine plants switched their DNA to become poisonous, Acetyl-coA in any plant accuses glucose to break and becomes poison and this occurs when temperature stays high than normal for a certain time.

Cardinalization is the last impact on the dead turtles; I already explained in “Higgs Boson Cardinal” post that all the vegetation has to pass through a new cycle; that makes all animals affected by this new vegetation cycle. Let’s say that gastronomy effects have a trace in the turtle’s death.

The conclusion to this post is incarnated in the analysed substrates of the dead turtles, and the shocking news is all turtles living in this area will die unless collected and looked after. The other news is that the world will see many other animals dying. 
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