Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Higgs Boson Manipulation

Manipulating Higgs boson is like throwing two dices and any two sorted numbers are the total of one number. Today’s post is concentrated on the energy forms and what can we get out from them. Simplicity is the key to succeed and to achieve good results from experiments of the combination of the energy forms, also another important key to add which is the combination of the elements added to water in order to fortify it.

It is not possible to make an experiment on Higgs boson without the Rugosa Corals as they are the first stone in the whole story of Higgs boson discovery, the only thing I couldn’t understand is; what is strange and what is exceptional that Rugosa corals are Higgs boson itself? I am sure that they are living organisms constituted of particles. Nobody knows which particles are forming them? But my experience and my experiments showed me that they are Higgs boson.

Sustainable substrates make chromosomes ready and fresh to compose new living organisms of the new era of life; Higgs boson has the power to split DNA and to reverse it to form a DNA which had already existed in the past. Chromosome shaping is one of the abnormal of Higgs boson specialties; it is the first time that Higgs boson is put in a situation of going back and not forward. I am sure that old chromosomes started to bound on the planet earth; we can see that frogs of the past are pivoting in nature and also monkeys of the past are appalling.

I have to tell to the world that all mountains, hills and prairies will decompose and turn into sand then swallowed by the sea; helium, frost, rain, sulphur and heat are the most decaying to everything, and they are easy to produce and to manipulate.

To end this post it is necessary to come up with Higgs boson quarks manipulation; as we know quarks mass is different from the bottom quark to the top quark and reproducing quarks and realizing them is Higgs boson mission possible. Also quarks assumption is holding the secret of the string theory, and one of the basic quarks assumption at the first stage is shown in the drawing below.

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