Friday, 10 October 2014

Higgs Boson Cucumber

It is with a magical touch by Higgs boson all sand on the beaches disappears deep down into the sea; not far you will not see any sand anywhere on the seasides this is called sand kidnapping process. The question is where all sand gone? My willing in
this post is to answer to this question. I am sure that I have to bring to light at least ten points in dynamics to understand the disappearance of the sand from the beaches, also hypothesis should be done and theories in hydrodynamics should be looked at.

The first and the major dynamism responsible for the disappearance of the sand from the beaches is the heavy rain; it is obvious that cooling water always takes it’s way down and once its on the beaches it takes the sand with it.

The second dynamism is heat; stony calcium got cracked by heat that makes fissures widening which allow sand to go through it further down.

Thirdly, winds speed, high tides and rotational waves all are participating in the disappearance of the sand in the beaches.

The rising sea level has a huge impact on sea sand disappearance; the more the pressure level is high the more the sand horizontally movement is intense. Also earthquakes are a powerful up hills absorption, the sand find it’s way straight to the bottom of any surface each time an earthquake happens. There are thousands and thousands of earthquakes happening under the sea which we don’t feel but their effect is so big on the sea bed, on the sea shores and on the sea sand beaches.

We shouldn’t ignore gravity; the moon also has an important role in moving the sea sand towards the bottom. My imagination is with the sea bed and with the magma which is under it, it is warming increasingly and it is emptying what the sea bed is holding on it to the lower level, then to the lower then to the lower.

The last and the most influential dynamism which switched on the sea sand disappearance is the quarks submission. Submitting quarks from earth to the outer atmosphere is one of Higgs bosom mechanics; it does make all particles vibrating. The drawing below is showing quarks submission phenomenon.

To finish this post I would like to remind you that the sand is building somewhere in the oceans to form cucumbers' like inside the water.

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