Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (8)

The interconnection between quarks assumption and depressions occurrence has always been built on three golden rations up to date; and the combination between these three elements has much important syndications which are the subject of today’s post.  

Many of us know that super typhoons are invading East Asia almost every week; the three golden ration depressions happening in the North Pacific are rotating winds and clouds to form super typhoons. The first two golden ration in the north side are getting bigger and bigger and occupying the same space longer and longer, the third golden ration which is in the south is the typhoon itself. There is a very interesting point which is the timing presence of the two golden ration in the North Pacific and the number of typhoons in the south; the more timing presence is longer the more higher number of typhoons. Also the bigger depression is the faster typhoon track is.

Another syndication which is extremely important to know is the chalk's absorption to water; it is known that many countries have Chalk Mountains facing the sea; the bad news is that this chalk is absorbing water at very high rate. The mechanism that makes chalk absorbing water is heat, the more the chalk is warmed up the more it becomes thirsty, and the result of this syndication is mountains decomposition.

I am sure to say that the world is at it's end because it is approaching to the descent point and from today it is not possible to bring it back. All this happen because of stupid people treating others as stupid. Both of them will see the northern light every day.

To close this post rest for us to wait and see how the seven wonders of the world collapsing one after another, at this moment the whole blame is on CERN because they are the one who manipulated the world to ignore me as Higgs boson discoverer.

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