Monday, 27 October 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (11)

The syndications I am wishing to write about in this post are simple and noticeable, and what makes them called syndications is the increase in their level due my experiment on Higgs boson. They started dominating the scene in urban areas and
on seas’ and rivers’ side. One of them is the mushroom formation; because the weather is more humid mushrooms are growing faster and spreading to cover many surfaces on earth. The picture below is showing mushrooms of the first generation of the new era of life

Another syndication which hasn’t to be missed is the blockage of the streets' sewage systems due the high quantity of decomposed fallen trees’ leaves. I am sure that the council streets sweepers and streets’ sewage system cleaners will have an enormous work to do; even an army of streets sweepers will be beaten by the fallen trees' leaves to escape into the streets’ sewage systems to block them. The picture below is showing fallen trees’ leaves escaping into the street sewage system

The underground water is a complicated phenomenon to detect, it has a huge effects and it’s hidden power to remove beaches’ and rivers’ sand by pushing it down to the stream. The heavy rains and the rising sea are the sources of the underground water to make it considered as a syndication. The picture below is showing an underestimated water ground stream

The fourth syndication which is fabricated by the new weather system of the new era of life is corrosion; because the new weather system is based on high temperature, humidity, heavy rain and frost all these elements combined together  will accelerate corrosion to be a syndication. The picture below is showing an accelerated corrosion

The last syndication which I would like to add is the cracks on streets, the more time pass the more cracks on streets are occurring and this is where dust from falling walls, debris from trees' branches and trees' fallen leaves will accumulate to form a ready soil where grasses and plants develop.

Finally, all syndications cited in this blog are the reality of a change happening on planet earth due to the travel back of the universe. I am sure that you can see them wherever you are.  
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