Saturday, 29 November 2014

Higgs Boson Recognition (1)

Higgs boson recognition is a basic standard created by myself in order to recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer; this basic standard is based on five important demonstrators to certify the sinusoidal waves' effects on everything. In today’s post I will explain why recognizing me as Higgs boson discoverer is important, and the sooner this recognition is officialised the better is.

Fringe science is here to teach us how scientific theories and scientific experiments got recognized; that means to be a scientist there is no obligation to be a high school master or a university student, and even there no need to be a CERN’s researcher to discover a particle. My message is clear and understandable; anybody on earth can make a discovery and this is my case with Higgs boson, I imagine that if tomorrow just one known scientist pushed by the Media will say that he or she recognizes me as Higgs boson discoverer; I am sure that the whole world will assert his or her statement, not only that, millions of scientists will find realistic proves to my discovery to Higgs boson.

The second demonstrator of the basic standard is the made discoveries in history; once we look at the scientific discoveries not all of them were made by scientific researchers, I would like to remind you with few ones; Plato, Ibn Rushd, Faraday, Spinoza and the list is long, all of them added scientific discoveries and they are not scientists. It will be very contradictory to say “I did a scientific discovery but it is not a discovery because I am not a scientist”.

The third demonstrator of the basic standard of Higgs boson discovery recognition is substituted from my experiment on Higgs boson itself; I am not asking for a forced belief in all syndications which I explained in this blog but a simple DNA Sequencing analysis and a simple analysis to the substrates stagnated in Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) could be made a long time ago.

The fourth demonstrator for the basic standard to recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer is Higgs boson manipulation; this means that all my writings about Higgs boson in this blog are between your hands to look at, once read please make your decision to recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer or not. I look forwards for your decision even by a comment to say “Yes” or “NO”.

The last demonstrator of the basic standard I am suggesting is to make an experiment on Higgs boson to trig it’s acoustic waves to make them heard by everybody in the world, but bear in mind that the outcome of this experiment is the destruction of all high buildings, towers and bridges.

Now rest to me just to wait for your answer and your recognition that I am Higgs boson discoverer, if not the last demonstrator will be applicable from the deadline given in “Higgs Boson Fornication” post.


Monday, 24 November 2014

Higgs Boson Fornication

Higgs boson fornication is a total destruction of planet earth by Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (1); fornication will happen in order to recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer, not only this and also the use of Higgs boson power is likely to happen with an objective of making the destruction possible in the earliest time available. Because the world is still ignoring me and my discovery to Higgs boson; the only language left is destruction and apocalypse.

I am warning the (5) billion people living on earth that they have one month notice to recognize my discovery otherwise I will increase the energy forms to their maximum, then it will be really too late.

This warning takes effect from the date of this post; simply I had enough of human being ignorance, bear in mind that this post is the last of my writings and I am sure that I accumulated enough proofs to act as a self defence and all laws protect a self defender. Make sure that the clock is ticking and I will pass to action once the notice comes to it’s end.

Higgs boson fornication is a simple and a fast process to accommodate Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); I think there is no need to explain how to prepare a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) as the link below explains this process of preparation, but the important elements needed are the Rugosa Corals and the fortified water

My willing to bring a total destruction to planet earth is the only way to prove that I am Higgs boson discoverer and my ultimatum of one month which I am giving to billions of people is not a joke, I am sure that you know who is responsible for my actions; I cited them many times in this blog and any further action from my part is just a consequence of their ignorance. 

Higgs Boson Insteads

Talking about insteads is simply something realistic and true. Today’s post is bringing with it a new technique of writing for better assimilation instead of approaching a subject and analysing it; it is possible to surpass it and approaching a new one.

Ok!! Instead of white clouds black clouds, instead of light rain heavy rain, instead of slow running rivers fast running rivers, instead of small steady seawaves big rotational seawaves, instead of weak water current strong water current, instead of sea ejection to objects sea swallows objects, instead of small and little depressions big and numerous depressions, instead of eastern winds south western winds, instead of few earthquakes many earthquakes, instead of blue sky green sky, instead of (24) hours a day (48) hours a day, instead of (7) days a week (14) days a week, instead of (30) days a month (60) days a month, instead of (3) months a season (6) months a season and instead of  (12) months a year (24) months a year.

The list of Higgs boson insteads is infinite; the change in the universes is happening due to Higgs boson magnetism of universe (1), also magnetism has to come to an end once Higgs boson of the 6th universe becomes extinct. The connection between Higgs boson of universe (6) and Higgs boson of universe (1) is built on acoustic waves; because Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (1) are bigger than Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (6) by (10) times the result is the decay of Higgs boson of universe (6), and once decayed it becomes fibers to form some important chemicals to create an equilibrium inside universe (6); this equilibrium has to happen in order to integrate universe (6) into universe (5). So all Higgs boson insteads occurring on earth are part of the equilibrium needed to make the travel back of our universe possible.

I am sure that the main of Higgs boson insteads for the time been are; the trees will lose their leaves every (8) weeks, wherever you are you can see that trees are replacing their leaves in any time of the year instead of normal seasons Autumn and Spring .Also the main change occurring now is the appearance of twice to (4) times bigger mosquitoes instead of the normal ones.

Finally, Higgs boson insteads are everywhere you can notice them yourself, and I am sure that I will be back with more of them in the future. Just a last word; I am shocked! In spite of all my writings about Higgs boson I can’t see any reaction out there at least by sharing the contents of this blog, of course except from few ones.   

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (14)

Again some syndications came up in which I found some importance to bring into today’s post. The following four syndications are really the proofs of the change happening in our universe. I would like to start with the first syndication which is the
evolution of shrimps appearing in the north west of the UK; I am sure that this is just the beginning for shrimps to cover most of the seas and the oceans, the shrimps development is hidden in the change of the chemicals present in the seas and in the oceans, and also the increasing of temperature of water day after day.

The second syndication is the failure of data transmission by satellites; this syndication is a serious one because it has a meaning in itself, this meaning is the widening in the earth's orbit. Also satellites fail to transmit data to earth because of the change in the formation of chemicals in the atmosphere due to the interaction of the submitted quarks and alpha particles.

The third syndication is lakes’ effects; lakes evaporate because their water is warm and when the high speed of cold wind passing on them in a rotational way, the result is piles of snow on the borders of lakes. I think that this phenomenon will stay with us for the rest of life, the picture below is showing the lakes’ effects.

The fourth and the last syndication is the air mixing around the whole planet; this new phenomenon is caused by the giants’ depressions appearing everywhere. This situation leads to a total confusion of all living organisms, and it is one of the important elements to provoke decomposition. The picture below is showing the mix of cold air and hot air

My promise is to return in the future with new syndications. I am still not seeing my blog shared in social networks and media; I think that the world didn’t got me yet.    

NB: Pictures from
2-    BBC

Friday, 21 November 2014

Higgs Boson Donkeys

Higgs boson donkeys are different than the known donkeys; they are bigger, faster and with shorter ears. Today’s post is holding a pure genetics’ subject. Our life is already in a progressive change towards the past; one of the most exciting changes is DNA reversing.

Donkeys of the nearest future will have their DNA reversed to have their ancestors’ shape; donkeys DNA is unique because it has (28) rotations which is not found in any other animal, that makes them to be the first animal to be affected by DNA reversing.
The amazing acrobatic donkeys DNA from right to left results to a new shape of DNA and the gain in a new four extra chromosomes due to the extra new rotations, that means that the future generations of donkeys will have (66) chromosomes instead of (62).

Donkeys genes are very similar to horses genes and what’s differentiates them is the number of genes and their placement of chromosomes; the interesting point here is that the donkeys’ DNA once reversed they surpass horses’ genes in number and they are stronger and that’s why they become faster than horses and even bigger in size by six times.

Higgs boson donkeys will be the only available mean of transport; horses and camels will be extinct, and cars, planes and trains will not be able to be driven because of their engine failure even boats and submarines will not have a place in the seas and oceans due to the irresistible current.

To end this post I would like to advise you to add donkeys to your means of transport from now, as investing in them is a sure beneficial investment. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Higgs Boson Calculation

Higgs boson calculation is about the addition of power against any obstacle to decompose; this addition is today’s subject. The addition which I would like to talk about has two directions; the first one is meant to decompose everything and the second one is to accumulate what it has been decomposed, because we are about Higgs boson these additions are applicable only and only inside Higgs boson field.

The first addition is connected with power and magnitude and their link to any object; the addition in Higgs boson field is always equal to (+1) that means that in any condition when power is needed to increase, it is increased by (+1) and that makes the magnitude always increasing by (+1). These patterns are used by Higgs boson depending on how the object resistance is; higher resistance leads to higher magnitude and to higher power.

The second addition is accumulation; any deducted particle from the resisting object to Higgs boson power is added to another state of matter, that’s why “Higgs Boson cucumber” post explains the formation of cucumbers in the oceans. A good example of accumulation is shown in the pictures below

One of the most important additions of Higgs boson is magnetism addition; because magnetism works like pulling cables each time a cable is added to another the magnetism strengthen, and it becomes stronger each time a magnetism cable is added to the added cables. The magnetism achieves a pulling power magnitude of pulling the whole universe. I have to insist on one very important point which is; the magnetism pulling cables are increasing in high speed and our universe is pulled back each second passing in an increasing way.

Higgs boson calculation is simple and easy by adding (+1) to the power on an object; the result of it should be added to another matter, the relation to remember is the constitution of Higgs boson power which is made of it’s acoustic waves, the relation here is complementary. Also the relation between the object and it’s resistance is based on the number of electrons in it’s atoms' shells, neutrons and protons. Accordingly everything is under threat to decompose and  to become noble gas in order to pass through the black hole to get into the fifth universe.

Pictures above are from 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Higgs Boson Resolution

Talking about Higgs boson resolution is completely different from what technologies had achieved until today concerning the picture moving formation. I am excited to add this post just because it has an excellent vision of what a pixel has within it? 

Higgs boson pixels are not like the known pixels; they are made of quarks and their size is similar to the 500th part of an electron. Also we can say that  they are (1) trillionth part of the known pixel.

A pixel is built on three elements; the deepness, the right side and the left side exactly the same as DNA. The deep element always take the bright color, the right element take the dark element and the left take the color itself.  Nature is full of Higgs boson pixels’ elements; it is noticeable in any creature like flowers, trees, sky, soil, sand...etc. The colour has always it’s dark side and bright side, the picture below is showing the (3) elements of Higgs boson pixel.

The three elements of Higgs boson pixel are made of quarks; the first element which is the deepness is made of the bottom quark and the anti-bottom quark, the second element which is the right element is made of the up quark and the anti-up quark and the third element which is the left element is made of the down quark and the anti-down quark.. In all matter the (6) cited quarks which constitute the three elements of Higgs boson pixel existence is the matter itself.

I want you to have an idea about Higgs boson pixel how it does look like; because it is composed of three quarks and their anti quarks; the drawing below is showing it’s shape

The most existing quarks in all matter are from up quark, down quark and bottom quark and their anti quarks. But still a question is always in my mind; from where the basic colors come from? Because there are three quarks and three anti quarks each of them has a color and by combining them its possible to get all known colors.

Eyes colors are the closest colors to Higgs boson pixels simply because an eye is a group of tiny fibers close to Higgs boson fibers; that’s why eyes are the most reflective to colors in nature, by this statement I would like to end this post.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Higgs Boson Mediation

Mediating Higgs boson is something easy for some people and something miraculous for others. In this post I would like to share my hard work to make my word listened by the rest of the world. I am sure that approaching Higgs boson as a subject is not an easy task even to the most brilliant scientists on earth.

What’s making Higgs boson mediation more complicated is when someone like me with no background in physics comes up and says “I discovered Higgs Boson”. I remember when I said to my surroundings that I discovered Higgs boson hidden inside the “Rugosa Corals”; I was treated as crazy and I should go to mental health to check on my brain if its still working properly, but as you see I am still writing words concerning Higgs boson and simply I am the most knowledgeable man on earth about it.

The people whom are building a giant accelerator have all means to manage the world’s Media; they have the power to publish anything they want to publish at anytime, and they can convince anybody in the world about any matter of physics, just because they read theories in physics and they are making experiments on them. In contradiction there is a man in the other side who is claiming Higgs boson discovery and trying very hard to make his words listened by everyone in the world; these words are the words of truth.

Maybe these people think that victories make brains, I am telling them that brains create victories; how can we celebrate a victory and it’s creator brains are still challenged. Let’s calling a third party; scientists and wise people to have their say about who had been bringing enough proofs that he is the Higgs boson discoverer. Otherwise the world is still carrying visionary and powerful people who can warm the Media to say what’s going on planet earth.

I am calling for an international conference to have place in order to discuss the beginning of the new era of life; as its still at it’s early stage, the world has to prepare it’s agriculture, industries, education and technologies for the coming challenges. Just few examples of these challenges; collecting olives when there is none olives, fishing when there is none fish, informing students with wrong information and flying a plane with no communication. I think Media will struggle to cover all of Higgs boson files.

Finally, mediating Higgs boson should start now and not later and it should have the highest priority as every second passing counts. I am also calling the readers of this blog to share it’s contents with their family, friends, colleagues and communities as its simply the truth which is coming up.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (13)

Like I said syndications will stay with us for the rest of life, in today’s post I would like to bring your conception to another four syndications; and what is important in today’s post is to remember that the cause of these syndications is the live experiment
on Higgs boson, also to remember the connection between this experiment and what’s really happening in nature.

The first syndication is metals' decomposition; all metals are under threat from alpha particles interactions, because alpha particles achieved an enormous number and they are now in every corner of our universe. The most important interaction of alpha particles is with gold; this interaction is not based on the price of the metal but its based on how heavy the metal is; the heaviest the metal is the more alpha particles are attracted by this metal.

The second syndication is trees’ leaves are becoming poisonous; the involvement of Sulphur in this syndication is obvious as trees’ leaves are absorbing a higher dose of Sulphur, all animals and insects living on trees’ leaves as vegetation will die, and the first species which will be affected are the caterpillars and locusts.

Sustained products such as oranges and their sub industries will suffer a lot from the diminution in the fruit production; this diminution is occurred due to the excessive presence of the water molecule in agricultural areas. Oranges’ trees become weak to support the heavy weight of the orange fruit. The equation below has the meaning of the oranges’ trees weakening

Orange’s tree + Excessive water molecule → Weak orange’s tree

I am pretty sure that coffee plants are struggling to grow; this syndication is about the excessive level of ammonia on the surface of the coffee plants; because coffee plants have very tinny paries on their leaves to breathe comparing them to other leaves’ plants, the ammonia blocks their tinny paries to private them from air to breathe. I imagine that the international coffee production is already struggling to offer to the market it’s needs of coffee.

Like I said syndications are everywhere and everyday are coming up, now it is not possible to repair the irreparable and humanity has to accept the changes happening in the world and to coexist with. Not only that, humanity has to learn it’s lesson for not ignoring anybody’s discovery on this planet.   

Higgs Boson Driving Licence

I am writing this post because I think that everybody in the world should know about the beginning of the new era which is now at it's second year. Many phenomena are able to change the composition of land; this has a great influence to decompose roads, streets, highways and railways.

My imagination is with cars, buses, lorries and even trains existence with cut off roads and railways, the result of this situation is a total obeisance to Higgs boson driving licence which is a licence of no driving. I think that before talking about cars, buses, lorries and trains with damaged roads and railways I should talk about the causes which are  leading to this situation. I would like to bring to light five damaging causes to roads and railways.

Fast growing trees are the first damaging cause to roads and railways, because trees are growing in a milder weather so they will grow (10) times bigger and automatically damage to roads and railways is inevitable.

Floods are an important fact to roads and railways collapse; their damage is known to everybody but what I want to talk about is that their growing number everywhere in the world and during the whole year, and of course they are one of the consequences of Higgs boson heavy rains.

The third element which is causing roads and railways damage to be cut off is earthquakes. Earthquakes are becoming frequent and more destructive, their number is growing because of Higgs boson magnetism, and we already know that quarks can penetrate to the earth's center and leaving it in a matter of seconds. This movement is manipulated by Higgs boson acoustic waves of the first universe.

Volcanoes are the worst cause of the damage of roads and railways; the over floated magma can invade a huge area even miles from the erupted volcano, roads and railways just disappear and got cut off.

The last cause which has a real impact on damaging roads and railways is the presence of methane under the ground; combustions are likely taking place everywhere, this will create small empty spaces which grow gradually then damage roads and railways.

At the end of this post I am not regretting that roads and railways will be damaged, but what I am regretting is that humans are becoming ignorant further, and further, and further.    

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Higgs Boson Towels

Suddenly I got an idea!!! It’s not an underestimated idea because its unique, consistent and extraordinary. The post’s subject is inspired from a wet towel which is taken by it’s both ends and turned on two ways to be rinsed. What I want to say is that clouds of

the new weather system are different from the known clouds; clouds of the new weather system are rotational horizontally then vertically exactly the same to quarks submission and quarks assumption.

A built cloud is originally from water which has a weak density; it’s evaporation is quicker than the denser water, also the water obeys to temperature, the warmer the water is the higher the evaporation is, also the more the water surface larger is the more water evaporation is. I think that this point of evaporation should be taken seriously as the world is heading to an era of moisture presence almost the whole year.

Higgs boson towels are made of clouds covering thousands of miles and their condensation is concentrated in one area than another because their rotation makes them becoming heavy rain in an area than another. Most of the times Higgs boson towels shape take a form of a circle or a hook and they are knitted following the low depression direction, their fibres size start from the water molecule size to few miles thick.

Without doubt there is one real and strong connection between quarks submission, low depressions and Higgs boson towels; the relation between them is additional, the more quarks submission is the more the low depressions are and the bigger Higgs boson towels are. This connection is always in a sinusoidal form based on one set quarks' submission; I think I already explained what a set quarks' submission is? Its a number of units made of a number of “Rugosa Corals” and a quantity of fortified water, or simply is Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Higgs boson towels will become bigger and bigger until just four of them will cover the northern part of planet earth, then its highly possible that whole countries will be flooded, as Higgs boson towels will be very huge in size and very thick.

I would like to add the drawings below to show how quarks are submitted from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Higgs Boson Twigs

I am glad to see trees showing their good health during this time of the year, this is perfect sign that my experiment on Higgs boson is taking serious effects on our universe. I am wishing to share respectful ideas about tree’ twigs in today’s post, and linking them to the biological development designed to them.

The tissue which is acrobating around the trees’ twigs is made of ammonia; that makes them strong enough against frost and heat, and allowing them to develop continuously safely. Maybe someone asks about the presence of ammonia in the atmosphere which is enveloping the trees’ twigs where it comes from? To answer to this question a look back to “Higgs Boson Aquarium” post is an option to find the answer.

At the fourth step of “Higgs Boson Aquarium” post; the master piece explains that Higgs boson decays into fibers to create a chemical equilibrium inside the system, I am not surprised to see Higgs boson decaying it’s components to become ammonia to protect trees’ twigs from severe weather conditions.

The connection between trees’ twigs and the new weather system is obvious; what I am seeing is a picture of spring inside autumn, this picture is just the beginning of trees’ twigs to develop in new shapes of the new era of life. I am not exaggerating when I say that trees’ twigs will develop (5) times bigger and longer than their normal size within the next two years. To simplify this view is by looking at the time how is getting bigger, we already know that time should grow (10) times bigger; once multiplied by (1) season (3 months) is equal to (30) months, then dividing it by (2) years that’s equal to (15) months, then dividing it by (3) months that’s equal to (5) times.

The trees’ twigs are carrying with them a spectacular prove that our world is going back; their nocturnal sense is diminishing the carbon atom from the atmosphere, that makes them dying once there will be none carbon atom at all. The point to understand here is that all plants and trees will degrade to hydrocarbons or soil.

I am sure that today’s subject doesn’t end just in trees’ twigs development but also branches and trees’ leaves development will be an exciting subject to talk about as they are the most observable phenomena to us.

The picture above is showing a tree twig development

Friday, 14 November 2014

Higgs Boson Cornflaxation (2)

Due to the high speed in the climate change happening on earth a title of cornflaxation should be honored by today’s post; there are more than fifty serious changes which should be investigated intensively to understand the new climate order.

Just to remind you that cornflaxation is a mix of many elements to produce a new element which will be the symbol of the new era of life. Within this post I would like to present five elements which will lead the picture of planet earth in the next few months.

The trees' foliage has to be mixed with green trees' leaves, this mixture is from one tree to another tree or on the same tree; some branches are naked, others have green leaves and others are pushing their twigs. The picture of Autumn-Spring will dominate the planet earth for the next two years at least; this picture which I am raising is a picture of challenge to prove that I am Higgs boson discoverer.

The next two years will be dominated by a mixture of volcanic ash with water; volcanoes are warming up to shoot their ash very high into the sky to mix with clouds then fall as rain full of acids. The picture is grey to black powder coming on to cover many countries and to contaminate everything.

The third cornflaxation which I am interested to indicate is the mixture of heavy rains with icebergs in the North Pole; I am not ignoring the low depressions in the north side of planet earth because they are pushing warm air and clouds further north. Rains in Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia are already settled to be constant during the most of the year, even in Siberia and Alaska precipitation is taking a non negligible part in mixing with ice.

Sinkholes are magnificent places where many elements are mixed; the most known elements are methane, sulphur, chalk, and calcite. And the most dangerous ones are the ones which have a very high level of methane because their combustion is stronger.

The last cornflaxation of which I would like to finish this post with is constituted of algae, pieces of wood, trees' leaves, trees' branches and other elements. These elements abundant on beaches will decompose to form organic and inorganic objects not known to humanity yet. The picture below is showing the fifth cornflaxation.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Higgs Boson Insulation (3)

In this post I found that additional details to Higgs boson insulation to the universes are necessary. My conception to the variety of Higgs boson insulations to the whole universes is still not ended, a fourth insulation is eminent to add to the three existing
insulations as known in earlier posts which are; the rotational insulation, the electron insulation and the diamond insulation.

Quarks insulation is the most important insulation as it holds the all three cited insulations together and it is the material which forms all of them. Because quarks can travel at a very high speed and they can fill everything to form a solid block, these allow them to have a second role of insulator.

Quarks are always attached to each other through nodes; there are many benefits from these nodes; the first benefit is to attach all universes together, the second benefit is to transport Higgs boson acoustic waves from universe six to universe one, the third benefit is to take part in the formation of electrons, protons and neutrons, the fourth benefit is to carry light and the fifth benefit is to allow the quarks themselves to insulate everything. The drawing below is showing a quarks node

The quarks nodes always end into a source of magnetism which is Higgs boson of the first universe and their movements always take a sinusoidal wave shape. It is seriously imaginable that a total of half node unit take the shape shown in the drawing below

As we know that Higgs boson field is equal to (2)π, that means that a unit quarks is equal to (2) quarks sinusoidal waves and between them a (10) quarks node attaching them to form a full unit. What is understood is that everything is constituted of (6) units and (1) universe in each unit; by looking at our universe is placed at the last unit from left to right as shown in the drawing below.

The whole story is to relocate unit (6) inside unit (5) and this move is possible with the presence of Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).  

Higgs Boson Insulation (2)

Higgs boson insulation (1) showed us that all universes are insulated by their rotations and don’t mix with each other. In today’s post the subject is about the enveloping insulation of all universes, we must add to the universes their anti universes, their
times and anti times, their correlation and anti correlation, and their magnetism and anti magnetism to get a full picture of everything.

The idea comes from “Higgs Boson communication” post and what its interesting is that the second stage of it which is called the “Answer”. Once Higgs boson of the universe one receives the “Call” from Higgs boson of universe six it has to answer to this call; this answer passes through the material which is insulating all universes.

The material I am talking about it made of diamond as explained in “Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phase Three” post, the interior side of diamond is made of electrons. Ultimately the Higgs boson answer is made of acoustic waves which passes through this sheet of electrons to arrive to Higgs boson of the sixth universe.

The quarks of the universe six pick up the answer and spread it all around it. My imagination is true because the decomposition of our universe cannot happen without the first universe’s acoustic waves. To understand the relation between all universes and how they are all insulated together by diamond is to look at a brochette of meat covered with film paper. This example is just an innovation to what it was thinking about the philosophy of the shape of our universe; even it is a revolutionary in physics, particle physics and astrophysics; Lambda theories have to come to reality and obey to Higgs boson real experiments.

To conclude the contains of this post its simply to look at “Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phase Three” post; the electrons density accumulated on the top of the surface of the system has all meaning to whats happening above the rotational insulation of the universes. The drawing below is showing electrons density insulation under the diamond insulation.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Higgs Boson Communication

Higgs boson communication is unique and based on sinusoidal acoustic waves which they have two ends; the first one in the first universe and the second one in the sixth universe. I already noticed this statement in “Higgs Boson Sonorization” post; in today’s post my imagination is with the composition of this communication.

Quarks assumption has the revealing inside it of the two Higgs Boson communication, the quarks assumption is built with all kind of quarks moving in rotations and the total of these rotations is equal to (1) or to (10) rotational quarks and anti quarks. The combination between the rotational quarks and anti quarks and Higgs boson acoustic waves is to unite them through simple nodes, and the aim of this process is to build a direct link based on quarks and sinusoidal acoustic waves to start a communication. The call has to be made from universe six to universe one; this call could be made only and if only an experiment on Higgs boson is made inside a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), because quarks production could not be made without this last. The drawing below is showing one unit of a simple node made of quarks.

The communication between Higgs boson of our universe and Higgs boson of the first universe has units; these units start at Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and finish at Higgs boson of the universe one, their units grow gradually from the beginning to achieve the size of universe six then the size of universe five and so on to the size of universe one. The drawing below is showing this communication.

The drawing above is also showing the call which is made by Higgs boson of our universe to Higgs boson of universe one, it is obvious that Higgs boson of universe one has to answer to this call; this is called the second stage of Higgs boson communication and it begins at universe six and ends at universe six. The answer of Higgs boson of universe six is made of just acoustic waves which are the same reversed acoustic waves sent by Higgs boson of the universe one, and they envelop the whole communication of both stages; the first stage and the second one. The drawing below is showing both stages of communication.

The connection between Higgs boson of the sixth universe and the first universe is infinite; similarly to a turning on car engine which doesn’t stop forever. This connection could be stopped just by stopping Higgs boson experiment.   

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (12)

I think that syndications will stay for long time as long as the world is travelling back, please don’t be surprised to see today’s post and other posts in the future about syndications. I am impressed about the changes happening every day, and one of these changes is that trees’ leaves are getting bigger and greener which makes them absorbing more carbon than normal.

The second syndication of this post is the trees’ branches are getting longer and pushing up high faster to make the trees looking huge, and the secret here is that branches are locking more carbon than ever. The chemical equation below is simple but it deserves to be reminded of

Trees’ Branches + CO2 → Carbon locked forever + Oxygen

One of the dangerous syndications on marine animals is the dissolving chalk ; the uncovered chalk on seashores becomes exposed to heat, this makes it dissolving to small grains to make the sea water unclear and poisonous once absorbed.

Image of dissolved chalk in seawater 

Another syndication which I am interested to talk about is frost; frost is one of the complicated phenomena and many conditions have to meet to allow it to occur. These conditions are; cold air, warm day, absence of clouds, absence of wind and the presence of the water molecule in the atmosphere. Frost has an impact almost on everything; its strong enough to create cracks in anything like walls, roofs, streets, wood and even in living organisms. Frost is one of the key players in the new era of life as it will be present some time to time during the whole year, and depressions facilitate all conditions and make them ready to frost to happen. I think that the important impact of frost is corrosion, as the water molecule makes a place to itself on metals to interact with their atoms. The chemical equation below is showing the impact of frost on iron;

Warm Iron + Frost → Corrosion

The last syndication is simply magical and magnificent; the vertical clouds are holding a very huge amount of water and once they are condensate to rain, likely flash flooding happen in just small area of few miles.

Finally I am leaving the rest of syndications to you to discover; like I said earlier there are millions of syndications out there, you don’t need to be a scientist or a researcher to find one. Even a child can notice that trees are growing faster, bigger and higher. My last word is “Welcome to the new era of life”.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Higgs Boson Fibers

My intention today is with fibers which I can see almost everywhere, I have four questions to answer in order to make a good approach to today’s subject, and before I 
answer to these questions I would like to introduce the picture below for your attention to have a clear idea about the kind of fibers I am talking about.

The first question is why fibers are growing almost everywhere? The spooky fibers are built similarly to the hair cells; the spirality is essential to their cells to grow one on another, because the basic of all particles is a sinusoidal wave; the quarks submission and the quarks assumption are behind the solid appearance of fibers. These last find the necessary support to grow at their tinniest size, also the cause of their appearance is simply the mild weather.

The second question is why fibers are strong enough to face harsh weather conditions? To answer to this question I think it is important to visit “Higgs Boson Discovered” post to know how many alpha particles existing. Alpha particles are sensational to fibers they hang on the surroundings of fibers’ cells.

The third question is why fibers are growing fast? To answer to this question a look to many elements is important. One of these elements is the mild air which is dominating the northern part of planet earth, the second element is the high temperature, the third element is the heavy rains and the fourth element is alpha particles. All the elements cited make fibers strong enough to be present than ever.

The fourth question is what is the role of fibers in the new era of life? Fibers have a symbolic role to grasses’ soil where to grow, meanwhile grass is pushing it’s first generation up to create the pillars to fibers where to sleep and form a good bed to the grasses future generations. Some hairy fibers can carry with them soil after being wet then dry, then wet then dry. This process will lead to grasses to grow everywhere.

I think that Higgs boson fibers will have a long way in the new era to get disappeared; they are a keystone as a fertile soil to the future generations of grasses, plants and trees. I am sure I will have another opportunity to explain the fibers’ chemical interaction with rain, heat and frost.