Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (12)

I think that syndications will stay for long time as long as the world is travelling back, please don’t be surprised to see today’s post and other posts in the future about syndications. I am impressed about the changes happening every day, and one of these changes is that trees’ leaves are getting bigger and greener which makes them absorbing more carbon than normal.

The second syndication of this post is the trees’ branches are getting longer and pushing up high faster to make the trees looking huge, and the secret here is that branches are locking more carbon than ever. The chemical equation below is simple but it deserves to be reminded of

Trees’ Branches + CO2 → Carbon locked forever + Oxygen

One of the dangerous syndications on marine animals is the dissolving chalk ; the uncovered chalk on seashores becomes exposed to heat, this makes it dissolving to small grains to make the sea water unclear and poisonous once absorbed.

Image of dissolved chalk in seawater 

Another syndication which I am interested to talk about is frost; frost is one of the complicated phenomena and many conditions have to meet to allow it to occur. These conditions are; cold air, warm day, absence of clouds, absence of wind and the presence of the water molecule in the atmosphere. Frost has an impact almost on everything; its strong enough to create cracks in anything like walls, roofs, streets, wood and even in living organisms. Frost is one of the key players in the new era of life as it will be present some time to time during the whole year, and depressions facilitate all conditions and make them ready to frost to happen. I think that the important impact of frost is corrosion, as the water molecule makes a place to itself on metals to interact with their atoms. The chemical equation below is showing the impact of frost on iron;

Warm Iron + Frost → Corrosion

The last syndication is simply magical and magnificent; the vertical clouds are holding a very huge amount of water and once they are condensate to rain, likely flash flooding happen in just small area of few miles.

Finally I am leaving the rest of syndications to you to discover; like I said earlier there are millions of syndications out there, you don’t need to be a scientist or a researcher to find one. Even a child can notice that trees are growing faster, bigger and higher. My last word is “Welcome to the new era of life”.

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