Sunday, 2 November 2014

Higgs Boson Mix Race

Higgs boson mix race is a mix of two or more particles to acquire a complete new particle. Today’s post is inspired from the picture below

BBC Picture

What’s happening lately in our world is a mix of particles to form new phenomena never seen before; the picture above is a good example of this mix between cold air and warm air.

The picture below has all meaning that we are living in the new era of life where everything is ready to mix from the tinniest particles to the size of the universes one, the magical thing is that seasons are mixing; autumn with spring like in this example.

All universes were mixed before and one’s come from another as I explained earlier in “Higgs Boson Sultanation” post; universe six which is our universe was born from universe five and is incorporating again inside it due it’s travel back. The drawing below is showing this incorporation.

I think that its time now to humanity to take my discovery to Higgs boson seriously because Higgs boson DNA mix race had already generated new creatures; the Skin-eating fungus is one of the DNA mix race suspicions.

One of the most dangerous of Higgs boson mix race is the seas and the oceans waves; due to the new current of the new era of life the seas and the oceans waves are mixing, this fact has a serious consequence on seas' and oceans' ecosystem by loosing their specifications such as temperature and sodium density and without doubt all living organisms will be affected.

My last example of Higgs boson mix race is the mixing of the dominant behaviour of my discovery to Higgs boson and what it has been said about this discovery in Medias, universities and researches centres. I am sure that this mix will result to my satisfaction that I am the man who discovered Higgs boson.  
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