Thursday, 20 November 2014

Higgs Boson Calculation

Higgs boson calculation is about the addition of power against any obstacle to decompose; this addition is today’s subject. The addition which I would like to talk about has two directions; the first one is meant to decompose everything and the second one is to accumulate what it has been decomposed, because we are about Higgs boson these additions are applicable only and only inside Higgs boson field.

The first addition is connected with power and magnitude and their link to any object; the addition in Higgs boson field is always equal to (+1) that means that in any condition when power is needed to increase, it is increased by (+1) and that makes the magnitude always increasing by (+1). These patterns are used by Higgs boson depending on how the object resistance is; higher resistance leads to higher magnitude and to higher power.

The second addition is accumulation; any deducted particle from the resisting object to Higgs boson power is added to another state of matter, that’s why “Higgs Boson cucumber” post explains the formation of cucumbers in the oceans. A good example of accumulation is shown in the pictures below

One of the most important additions of Higgs boson is magnetism addition; because magnetism works like pulling cables each time a cable is added to another the magnetism strengthen, and it becomes stronger each time a magnetism cable is added to the added cables. The magnetism achieves a pulling power magnitude of pulling the whole universe. I have to insist on one very important point which is; the magnetism pulling cables are increasing in high speed and our universe is pulled back each second passing in an increasing way.

Higgs boson calculation is simple and easy by adding (+1) to the power on an object; the result of it should be added to another matter, the relation to remember is the constitution of Higgs boson power which is made of it’s acoustic waves, the relation here is complementary. Also the relation between the object and it’s resistance is based on the number of electrons in it’s atoms' shells, neutrons and protons. Accordingly everything is under threat to decompose and  to become noble gas in order to pass through the black hole to get into the fifth universe.

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