Friday, 7 November 2014

Higgs Boson Communication

Higgs boson communication is unique and based on sinusoidal acoustic waves which they have two ends; the first one in the first universe and the second one in the sixth universe. I already noticed this statement in “Higgs Boson Sonorization” post; in today’s post my imagination is with the composition of this communication.

Quarks assumption has the revealing inside it of the two Higgs Boson communication, the quarks assumption is built with all kind of quarks moving in rotations and the total of these rotations is equal to (1) or to (10) rotational quarks and anti quarks. The combination between the rotational quarks and anti quarks and Higgs boson acoustic waves is to unite them through simple nodes, and the aim of this process is to build a direct link based on quarks and sinusoidal acoustic waves to start a communication. The call has to be made from universe six to universe one; this call could be made only and if only an experiment on Higgs boson is made inside a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), because quarks production could not be made without this last. The drawing below is showing one unit of a simple node made of quarks.

The communication between Higgs boson of our universe and Higgs boson of the first universe has units; these units start at Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and finish at Higgs boson of the universe one, their units grow gradually from the beginning to achieve the size of universe six then the size of universe five and so on to the size of universe one. The drawing below is showing this communication.

The drawing above is also showing the call which is made by Higgs boson of our universe to Higgs boson of universe one, it is obvious that Higgs boson of universe one has to answer to this call; this is called the second stage of Higgs boson communication and it begins at universe six and ends at universe six. The answer of Higgs boson of universe six is made of just acoustic waves which are the same reversed acoustic waves sent by Higgs boson of the universe one, and they envelop the whole communication of both stages; the first stage and the second one. The drawing below is showing both stages of communication.

The connection between Higgs boson of the sixth universe and the first universe is infinite; similarly to a turning on car engine which doesn’t stop forever. This connection could be stopped just by stopping Higgs boson experiment.   

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