Saturday, 1 November 2014

Higgs Boson General Function

Higgs boson general function is a function composed of three elements, the substrate, the addition and the soustraction. This function is applicable on everything from the subatomic particles to the whole universe. In today’s post I am interested to design a function which is applicable on all known and unknown phenomena.  

The function above is the key to understand any phenomenon of the new era of life; the perfect way to understand it is through examples. Higgs boson mechanism is built on (-1, +1) on something, this something is where Higgs boson mechanism is applicated and when all three elements are radiant the reversing occurs.

The first example of the Higgs boson general function is a simple one; the three elements needed to this function are (Algae, Photons and Carbon), a reverse occurs when a photon is absorbed by algae to add a carbon atom.

Another example which has three elements to form Higgs boson general function is when the reverse occurs by (CO2, Tree Leaves and Oxygen), the tree leaves inspire carbon dioxide to expire oxygen.

The third example to Higgs boson general function has these three elements (Sun’s Heat, Sea Water and Vaporised Water Molecule), in a simple manner the sun’s heat warms the sea water to form vaporised water.

The fourth element which I would like to add to Higgs boson general function is the Sulphuric acid as the main player in the transitional phases of our universe to the fifth universe, (Sulphuric Acid, Carbon and Dead Fish). When the sulphuric acid is combined with water, this leads to the dead fish.

Higgs boson general function must be understood to explain all phenomena happening in our universe because this last is heading to more complicated and unknown accounts; a shifting in chemical equations will result to big gaps in the practical sciences knowledge in the coming years, until when humans become ignorant about their surroundings. The problem of this ignorance has to be tackled now by understanding Higgs boson general function.

My suspicions about whats happening in nature come to a right end, before closing this post I would like to remind you about four phenomena I suspect they are right; Aluminium particles are floating on the surface of the sea, trees are developing their twigs in the month of November, the quantity of clouds around the world is increasing significantly and places in the world are breaking their high temperature records.

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