Friday, 21 November 2014

Higgs Boson Donkeys

Higgs boson donkeys are different than the known donkeys; they are bigger, faster and with shorter ears. Today’s post is holding a pure genetics’ subject. Our life is already in a progressive change towards the past; one of the most exciting changes is DNA reversing.

Donkeys of the nearest future will have their DNA reversed to have their ancestors’ shape; donkeys DNA is unique because it has (28) rotations which is not found in any other animal, that makes them to be the first animal to be affected by DNA reversing.
The amazing acrobatic donkeys DNA from right to left results to a new shape of DNA and the gain in a new four extra chromosomes due to the extra new rotations, that means that the future generations of donkeys will have (66) chromosomes instead of (62).

Donkeys genes are very similar to horses genes and what’s differentiates them is the number of genes and their placement of chromosomes; the interesting point here is that the donkeys’ DNA once reversed they surpass horses’ genes in number and they are stronger and that’s why they become faster than horses and even bigger in size by six times.

Higgs boson donkeys will be the only available mean of transport; horses and camels will be extinct, and cars, planes and trains will not be able to be driven because of their engine failure even boats and submarines will not have a place in the seas and oceans due to the irresistible current.

To end this post I would like to advise you to add donkeys to your means of transport from now, as investing in them is a sure beneficial investment. 

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