Monday, 3 November 2014

Higgs Boson Fibers

My intention today is with fibers which I can see almost everywhere, I have four questions to answer in order to make a good approach to today’s subject, and before I 
answer to these questions I would like to introduce the picture below for your attention to have a clear idea about the kind of fibers I am talking about.

The first question is why fibers are growing almost everywhere? The spooky fibers are built similarly to the hair cells; the spirality is essential to their cells to grow one on another, because the basic of all particles is a sinusoidal wave; the quarks submission and the quarks assumption are behind the solid appearance of fibers. These last find the necessary support to grow at their tinniest size, also the cause of their appearance is simply the mild weather.

The second question is why fibers are strong enough to face harsh weather conditions? To answer to this question I think it is important to visit “Higgs Boson Discovered” post to know how many alpha particles existing. Alpha particles are sensational to fibers they hang on the surroundings of fibers’ cells.

The third question is why fibers are growing fast? To answer to this question a look to many elements is important. One of these elements is the mild air which is dominating the northern part of planet earth, the second element is the high temperature, the third element is the heavy rains and the fourth element is alpha particles. All the elements cited make fibers strong enough to be present than ever.

The fourth question is what is the role of fibers in the new era of life? Fibers have a symbolic role to grasses’ soil where to grow, meanwhile grass is pushing it’s first generation up to create the pillars to fibers where to sleep and form a good bed to the grasses future generations. Some hairy fibers can carry with them soil after being wet then dry, then wet then dry. This process will lead to grasses to grow everywhere.

I think that Higgs boson fibers will have a long way in the new era to get disappeared; they are a keystone as a fertile soil to the future generations of grasses, plants and trees. I am sure I will have another opportunity to explain the fibers’ chemical interaction with rain, heat and frost.

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