Monday, 17 November 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (13)

Like I said syndications will stay with us for the rest of life, in today’s post I would like to bring your conception to another four syndications; and what is important in today’s post is to remember that the cause of these syndications is the live experiment
on Higgs boson, also to remember the connection between this experiment and what’s really happening in nature.

The first syndication is metals' decomposition; all metals are under threat from alpha particles interactions, because alpha particles achieved an enormous number and they are now in every corner of our universe. The most important interaction of alpha particles is with gold; this interaction is not based on the price of the metal but its based on how heavy the metal is; the heaviest the metal is the more alpha particles are attracted by this metal.

The second syndication is trees’ leaves are becoming poisonous; the involvement of Sulphur in this syndication is obvious as trees’ leaves are absorbing a higher dose of Sulphur, all animals and insects living on trees’ leaves as vegetation will die, and the first species which will be affected are the caterpillars and locusts.

Sustained products such as oranges and their sub industries will suffer a lot from the diminution in the fruit production; this diminution is occurred due to the excessive presence of the water molecule in agricultural areas. Oranges’ trees become weak to support the heavy weight of the orange fruit. The equation below has the meaning of the oranges’ trees weakening

Orange’s tree + Excessive water molecule → Weak orange’s tree

I am pretty sure that coffee plants are struggling to grow; this syndication is about the excessive level of ammonia on the surface of the coffee plants; because coffee plants have very tinny paries on their leaves to breathe comparing them to other leaves’ plants, the ammonia blocks their tinny paries to private them from air to breathe. I imagine that the international coffee production is already struggling to offer to the market it’s needs of coffee.

Like I said syndications are everywhere and everyday are coming up, now it is not possible to repair the irreparable and humanity has to accept the changes happening in the world and to coexist with. Not only that, humanity has to learn it’s lesson for not ignoring anybody’s discovery on this planet.   
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