Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Higgs Boson Resolution

Talking about Higgs boson resolution is completely different from what technologies had achieved until today concerning the picture moving formation. I am excited to add this post just because it has an excellent vision of what a pixel has within it? 

Higgs boson pixels are not like the known pixels; they are made of quarks and their size is similar to the 500th part of an electron. Also we can say that  they are (1) trillionth part of the known pixel.

A pixel is built on three elements; the deepness, the right side and the left side exactly the same as DNA. The deep element always take the bright color, the right element take the dark element and the left take the color itself.  Nature is full of Higgs boson pixels’ elements; it is noticeable in any creature like flowers, trees, sky, soil, sand...etc. The colour has always it’s dark side and bright side, the picture below is showing the (3) elements of Higgs boson pixel.

The three elements of Higgs boson pixel are made of quarks; the first element which is the deepness is made of the bottom quark and the anti-bottom quark, the second element which is the right element is made of the up quark and the anti-up quark and the third element which is the left element is made of the down quark and the anti-down quark.. In all matter the (6) cited quarks which constitute the three elements of Higgs boson pixel existence is the matter itself.

I want you to have an idea about Higgs boson pixel how it does look like; because it is composed of three quarks and their anti quarks; the drawing below is showing it’s shape

The most existing quarks in all matter are from up quark, down quark and bottom quark and their anti quarks. But still a question is always in my mind; from where the basic colors come from? Because there are three quarks and three anti quarks each of them has a color and by combining them its possible to get all known colors.

Eyes colors are the closest colors to Higgs boson pixels simply because an eye is a group of tiny fibers close to Higgs boson fibers; that’s why eyes are the most reflective to colors in nature, by this statement I would like to end this post.
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