Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Higgs Boson Mediation

Mediating Higgs boson is something easy for some people and something miraculous for others. In this post I would like to share my hard work to make my word listened by the rest of the world. I am sure that approaching Higgs boson as a subject is not an easy task even to the most brilliant scientists on earth.

What’s making Higgs boson mediation more complicated is when someone like me with no background in physics comes up and says “I discovered Higgs Boson”. I remember when I said to my surroundings that I discovered Higgs boson hidden inside the “Rugosa Corals”; I was treated as crazy and I should go to mental health to check on my brain if its still working properly, but as you see I am still writing words concerning Higgs boson and simply I am the most knowledgeable man on earth about it.

The people whom are building a giant accelerator have all means to manage the world’s Media; they have the power to publish anything they want to publish at anytime, and they can convince anybody in the world about any matter of physics, just because they read theories in physics and they are making experiments on them. In contradiction there is a man in the other side who is claiming Higgs boson discovery and trying very hard to make his words listened by everyone in the world; these words are the words of truth.

Maybe these people think that victories make brains, I am telling them that brains create victories; how can we celebrate a victory and it’s creator brains are still challenged. Let’s calling a third party; scientists and wise people to have their say about who had been bringing enough proofs that he is the Higgs boson discoverer. Otherwise the world is still carrying visionary and powerful people who can warm the Media to say what’s going on planet earth.

I am calling for an international conference to have place in order to discuss the beginning of the new era of life; as its still at it’s early stage, the world has to prepare it’s agriculture, industries, education and technologies for the coming challenges. Just few examples of these challenges; collecting olives when there is none olives, fishing when there is none fish, informing students with wrong information and flying a plane with no communication. I think Media will struggle to cover all of Higgs boson files.

Finally, mediating Higgs boson should start now and not later and it should have the highest priority as every second passing counts. I am also calling the readers of this blog to share it’s contents with their family, friends, colleagues and communities as its simply the truth which is coming up.
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