Friday, 14 November 2014

Higgs Boson Cornflaxation (2)

Due to the high speed in the climate change happening on earth a title of cornflaxation should be honored by today’s post; there are more than fifty serious changes which should be investigated intensively to understand the new climate order.

Just to remind you that cornflaxation is a mix of many elements to produce a new element which will be the symbol of the new era of life. Within this post I would like to present five elements which will lead the picture of planet earth in the next few months.

The trees' foliage has to be mixed with green trees' leaves, this mixture is from one tree to another tree or on the same tree; some branches are naked, others have green leaves and others are pushing their twigs. The picture of Autumn-Spring will dominate the planet earth for the next two years at least; this picture which I am raising is a picture of challenge to prove that I am Higgs boson discoverer.

The next two years will be dominated by a mixture of volcanic ash with water; volcanoes are warming up to shoot their ash very high into the sky to mix with clouds then fall as rain full of acids. The picture is grey to black powder coming on to cover many countries and to contaminate everything.

The third cornflaxation which I am interested to indicate is the mixture of heavy rains with icebergs in the North Pole; I am not ignoring the low depressions in the north side of planet earth because they are pushing warm air and clouds further north. Rains in Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia are already settled to be constant during the most of the year, even in Siberia and Alaska precipitation is taking a non negligible part in mixing with ice.

Sinkholes are magnificent places where many elements are mixed; the most known elements are methane, sulphur, chalk, and calcite. And the most dangerous ones are the ones which have a very high level of methane because their combustion is stronger.

The last cornflaxation of which I would like to finish this post with is constituted of algae, pieces of wood, trees' leaves, trees' branches and other elements. These elements abundant on beaches will decompose to form organic and inorganic objects not known to humanity yet. The picture below is showing the fifth cornflaxation.

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