Thursday, 13 November 2014

Higgs Boson Insulation (3)

In this post I found that additional details to Higgs boson insulation to the universes are necessary. My conception to the variety of Higgs boson insulations to the whole universes is still not ended, a fourth insulation is eminent to add to the three existing
insulations as known in earlier posts which are; the rotational insulation, the electron insulation and the diamond insulation.

Quarks insulation is the most important insulation as it holds the all three cited insulations together and it is the material which forms all of them. Because quarks can travel at a very high speed and they can fill everything to form a solid block, these allow them to have a second role of insulator.

Quarks are always attached to each other through nodes; there are many benefits from these nodes; the first benefit is to attach all universes together, the second benefit is to transport Higgs boson acoustic waves from universe six to universe one, the third benefit is to take part in the formation of electrons, protons and neutrons, the fourth benefit is to carry light and the fifth benefit is to allow the quarks themselves to insulate everything. The drawing below is showing a quarks node

The quarks nodes always end into a source of magnetism which is Higgs boson of the first universe and their movements always take a sinusoidal wave shape. It is seriously imaginable that a total of half node unit take the shape shown in the drawing below

As we know that Higgs boson field is equal to (2)π, that means that a unit quarks is equal to (2) quarks sinusoidal waves and between them a (10) quarks node attaching them to form a full unit. What is understood is that everything is constituted of (6) units and (1) universe in each unit; by looking at our universe is placed at the last unit from left to right as shown in the drawing below.

The whole story is to relocate unit (6) inside unit (5) and this move is possible with the presence of Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).  

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